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  1. ClassicSwagPanda

    Question PC Fans running at high speed after fresh windows install

    Yesterday I had to do a fresh windows install as I was having some issues launching some games. Anyway ever since the fresh install my pc fans have been extremally loud. I've tried resetting bios settings in cause it was a fan profile/OC issue. I've tried manually adjusting speed using MSI and...
  2. bynarie

    Question Anyway to automate software install and configure settings

    Looking for an all-in-one solution for automating software install on a fresh windows install.. I have multiple applications and settings I like to setup when I do a reformat. Stuff like latest nvidia driver, discord, notepad++, visual studio, vs code, firefox developer, chrome, virtualbox...
  3. Ryflick

    Question PC Shuts down itself when I tried to install Windows ?

    Hey guys, I'd like to ask about my PC. Whenever I tried to boot my PC to my Windows Setup from USB Drive, the PC immediately turns off with no errors, nothing, black screen without any signs of warnings or anything. Specs : Processor i5 3470 Motherboard Gigabyte H61M-DS2H Rev 2.2 - BIOS version...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] Reuse Windows License on New Build

    I'm upgrading my mobo, CPU, and RAM and selling my old mobo, CPU, and RAM to a friend. My friend has a used PC with Windows 10 installed on an HDD. However, he is also buying a new SSD to put the OS on. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but I'm unsure of how the OS install will go. I'm unsure of...
  5. Thunder7542

    Question Bluetooth not working and wifi much weaker after reinstalling Windows 10 on new SSD ?

    I recently reinstalled windows on my ssd and also upgraded the case, ram, and psu. My motherboard is the Hp Odense2-k. (It is from a prebuilt). My gpu is the GeForce gtx 1060 3gb. After installing windows on the ssd I noticed a couple of things: The Bluetooth no longer works The wifi connection...
  6. TwinDenis

    Question Would a Dynamic Partition Keep its Data after a fresh Install of W10?

    Hello, I would like to ask if I fresh install windows 10 would that make the second partition (which is dynamic) to lose its data or would it be able to keep its data after the clean install? (if its not the main drive which would otherwise contain windows). Second Disk is 2 HDDs (2TB Each)...
  7. Herc1

    [SOLVED] What kind of issues can a clean windows install NOT fix?

    Hey, I have a question regarding software issues that could persist after a clean install of windows. Certain apps has stopped functioning, and everything I have tried, including doing a clean windows install have failed. Is there something I can do to fix software issues that doens't happen...
  8. U

    Question Low performance after changinh mobo, adding 16gb of ram and fresh reinstall windows.

    Hello everyone, so as the title says, I just changed my mobo from an OEM Acer Aspire TC-886 to a ASRock B365 Pro4, I did a Windows fresh install and I added 2 more 16gb DDR4 2666MHz sticks of RAM, for a total of 32gb. Before I changed everything games ran even better (for example Warzone ran at...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] How to do a clean install of Windows 10?

    so I have all my files backed up on an external HDD, and I have my USB boot drive. do I now have to wipe all the memory from my SSD and HDD?
  10. domortiiz

    Question windows 10 fresh install struggle

    (this is my first post ever) So I guess ill start with my specs Amd ryzen 3100 asus gtx 1650 super asrock b550 phantom gaming 4 2x corshair vengance ddr4 3200 teamgroup 256gb m.2 seagate barracuda 1tb HDD (for a laptop) corshair airflow 175 Now, my issue is that i installed my M.2 wrong when...
  11. Arazim

    [SOLVED] Help needed please! trying to install windows 10 but no drive is detected, can't install driver

    Hello guys, I'm stuck. I got a new laptop (Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15ITL05), trying to install windows 10, chose Custom installation but no drive is showing. while trying to manually select drivers (that I'm not even sure are the right ones) it says that it doesn't find any drivers. I've tried using...
  12. Apodix

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 (OEM) after motherboard + cpu + ssd uprgrade

    I'm planning on upgrading my prebuilt (hence the OEM version of windows) system soon. Adding a new Mobo, Cpu and SSD. I'm not sure if I should do a fresh installation of Windows, buy a new copy, or which order to do it in. Shall I install the new Mobo and Cpu first, then copy the install onto...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] Doing a fresh install. what to do with hard drive that has system partition on it?

    I am going to do a fresh install of windows 10 because my system partition and boot drive are on different drives. the boot drive is my SSD but my system partition is on my HDD. I am going to disconnect my HDD and only have the SSD connected when I install to stop this happening again. My...
  14. Garen D

    Question Windows 10 Fresh Install: Stuck at "Just a Moment" before computer turns off entirely.

    Hello all, As you can see from the title of this post, I'm having trouble fresh installing windows 10 on to a (New SSD) little project computer of mine. It boots up normally at first but as soon as it gets to the wait a moment phase with the spinning dots; the computer shuts off. Sometimes I'm...
  15. Y

    [SOLVED] Switching from Intel to AMD CPU and keeping HDD files

    Hello everyone, I want to switch from my current intel i5 7500 to an AMD Ryzen 7 3700x soon. I've already picked out the parts so no problems there. I looked for some info online and basically everyone suggests fresh installing windows to avoid issues. I think I will do this since basically 95%...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Fresh windows install no network detected

    Hey people. Just recently a friends' laptop had a hard drive failure due to a windows update so we decided to do a fresh install of windows (8.1 x64 bit). The installation went by fine but he accidentally made the install twice because he forgot to switch back the boot priority to the hdd so the...
  17. Jackie69

    Question Why don't I get bluertooth

    Completed fresh new install of windows 10 but get no volume or bluetooth. I know I'm missing something and that's where all of you come in. 911 please help me with this.:(
  18. buffalomcfriture

    [SOLVED] First start: fans on, lights on, no image, no beep

    Hello experts, I've got a big issue after mounting a fresh new computer and tried to start it: mobo and tower lights and fans are on, but there's no "beep" and no image on screen... I'm completely lost and I don't know where it could come from... I first thought about a contact failure then I...
  19. FaithOnHuman

    [SOLVED] Will i lose the Windows Key?

    Hey there, I got an M.2 drive and I am planning to fresh install my windows there. My current windows key i bought it from eBay for like 5€. Will it work in a fresh install or should i get a new one?
  20. B

    [SOLVED] Unknown reason for Game Crashes

    So recently I have come across a few problems with my system. At first I had PCIe slot die on me which resulted in a purchase of a new motherboard. After that I had an issue where my CPU's core 0 was stuck at 100% 24/7 and a windows reinstall fixed this. I believe that issue was due to...
  21. J

    [SOLVED] Can't install Win 10 on GA-78LMT-USB3 motherboard

    Hi all, a friend recently bought a new SSD for his computer and I went around to install windows onto it, I had my usb stick with a windows install on and I installed the SSD into the computer, but the USB stick couldn't be detected by the bios. I could still boot onto windows, which is still...
  22. P

    Question Can't boot past BIOS, even after fresh install

    Hey all, recently (about 2 days ago) my pc became unable to get past the bios screen. it was working fine the night before, yet when i tried to use it after waking up that morning it got past the splash screen and then went black. peripherals were working fine, everything. When I tried to...
  23. T

    Question Windows 10 Install gives blue screen error and freezes

    Just installed a motherboard (ROG strix z390-I, got it second hand) with a brand new cpu (i7 8700k). I have a brand new SSD (samsung 850 evo 500gb) that I'm trying to install windows 10 on. Every time I try to boot from the usb windows install drive (created with RUFUS and a win10 iso) the...
  24. X

    Question New Windows 10 install not recognised in BIOS boot options or Windows Repair tool

    Hi all, I've recently upgraded my system (pretty much all new bar the GPU and storage) and performed a fresh install of Windows 10 on an old SSD. I have 2 other drive in the system, one of which had my old Windows 10 install on it so I could transfer files after the fresh install. After the new...
  25. L

    [SOLVED] URGENT System randomly freezing occasionally and slow startup

    Hey everybody, I recently upgraded my PC to be more along with new game titles and make everything a bit smoother, I upgraded to the following system specs: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64-Bit) Memory: 16 GB Corsaire Dominator 3333Mhz Processor: i7-6700K 4.00 GHz Motherboard: Maximus Hero VIII...
  26. W

    Question Memory_management BSOD every startup

    So as title says i have memory_management BSOD every time i start my pc. And that means every morning when I wake up and the pc has been off and plugged to wall or every time get back from work and the pc has been plugged off the wall. I've tried everything that i can find for fix to it online...
  27. R

    Games constanty Crash Windows 10

    Hey I just built a new computer and I'm having troubles with random crashes to desktop and bsod's mostly just the desktop though it happens with all games that I play examples include Fallout 4, Skyrim special edition, ARK SE. I've tried everything I've been researching this for a week now and...
  28. A

    PC won’t POST

    Hi, After having my computer built for a few days I have run into some issues. I was re-doing some cable management and decided to re-seat my Graphics card into another PCIE slot and now I cannot POST. Previously, I was able to post fine. I have noticed that the two debug lights for ‘CPU’...
  29. G

    How to ensure cooler installation was successful?

    This has reference to my previous thread which remained unreplied...I got this computer all assembled and there aren't any techies around here,nearby.So as the chassis plate is obstructing to check the mobo's back,how do I ensure stock cooler is properly seated.I am newbie and looking at the...
  30. G

    I3 7100 1080p or i5 7400 768p (RX 470) ?

    So i am going to build a gaming PC but i have a difficult choice to make, i don´t have a big amount of money to spend on this so whatever i buy now is going to have to last a few years. My question is, should i get an i3 7100 / RX 470 and buy a 1080p screen or get the i5 7400 / RX 470 and use...
  31. A

    PC build for 900eur

    Hello everyone i'm from serbia i'm looking for new pc witch has power :D.I need it for my work i'm graphic designer so i have 900eur for budget i don't know much about pc. I need 1 monitor and ok keyboard and mouse. I will listen to any advice feed me. :P You can go little over budget if u must...
  32. O

    Upgrading my ram.

    I currently have 2x4gb 1600 MHz of DDR3 corsair ram in my first dual channel slots, I was wondering would it work if I got 16gb (2x8) 1600 MHz of DDR3 corsair vengeance ram put them in the first dual channel slots and moved the 2x4gb to the second dual channel slots and even if it does work...
  33. F

    Can someone help me look for a good SSD?

    I currently am looking for an SSD to put Arma 3 and possibly other applications/games on it in the future, because I have been hearing that getting an SSD can lower the chances of lag stutters. I need help finding a decent SSD that is compatible with my specs (not sure if type of SSD affects...
  34. kenrickandbros

    Will this outperform a console?

    Will this outperform a console such as the PS4? PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant: CPU: Intel Celeron G3900 2.8GHz Dual-Core Processor ($42.56 @ Newegg) Motherboard: Asus H110M-A/M.2 Micro...
  35. Potential

    Grandparents AT&T answering machine isn't displaying/showing voicemails or missed calls

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this problem that I just can't seem to solve. I recently purchased a AT&T EL52203 Handset Cordless Answering System for my grandparents and for some odd reason the answering system doesn't allow me to listen to any voicemails (says that there isn't any)...
  36. S

    NZXT S340 extra fans

    So I am building a computer primarily for gaming at 1440p and my build is: CPU: I5-6600K w/ Cooler Master Hyper 212X GPU: GTX1070 when it comes out RAM: 2x8 DDR4 2133Mhz CAS14 Motherboard: Z170-A Storage: 1TB HDD + 250GB SSD Case: NZXT S340 Power Supply: XFX XTR Series 550W 80 plus Gold and...
  37. D

    Can gtx 970 sli handle 4k gaming

    I am not as versed in with current generation hardware. Would there be any issues with a GTX 970 SLI setup with 4k gaming? Simple answer is all that I need.
  38. RAZER Gamer

    Visual Basic Maximum, Minimum and Mean numbers program

    I am currently working on a Visual Basics program to work out the Maximum, Minimum and Mean of the numbers inputted. I currently have it working with up to 50 numbers but I cannot get the Mean to work. The other problem I have is that I want to be able to enter an infinite amount of numbers and...
  39. T

    Only 2 USB ports accepted

    Hey I've got an issue involving my USB ports. I have 4 in the back, and 2 in the front, and for some strange reason only 2 of the back ones are working. I'm using USB audio, a mouse and keyboard. I recently switched to Windows 10, and now I have this issue. Any ideas?
  40. X

    Case Fan Location Help! PLEASE

    Hey there! Let me just start this off by saying I've spent the whole day researching where I should place my fans and I would actually LOVE for someone to answer this question. I will be more then grateful! :) I've just purchased two case fans for my PC, a 120mm one for the side and 80mm one...