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  1. T

    Question Plugged a powered USB plug into laptop, now it won't work

    I have a powered USB hub, I found a power supply that I thought was for the powered USB strip, I plugged it in and then plugged the USB strip into my USB port on my laptop. It immediately shorted out. After doing some research I found that this was NOT the correct power supply and it had much...
  2. PrimalReign

    Question Only plugging in 24 pin to mainbaord

    Hi, I recently got a new mainbaord, the Gigabyte Aorus Elite. It together with the RAM and my nvme arrived together today and l wanted to show off all of my RGB goodness to my dad. Convincing him that I knew what I was doing I only plugged in the 24 pin into the mainbaord thinking this would...
  3. S

    Question New PC build will not POST. Please Help!

    I assembled my PC and tested it with no graphics card. Mobo RGB lights worked, fans spun on, and keyboard received power. Everything seemed good. A few days later, I inserted the graphics card (GTX 750i) and powered on. Everything is still fine but no display because I forgot to plug in the...
  4. S

    pc keeps restarting on startup

    So my PC keeps turning on and off everytime I turn it on. Its an amd chip, and the effect is similar to when it's posting. All the hardware lights up, fans turn on, and then shuts down. This repeats 5 times before turning on fully. Keep in mind, I only press the start button once. Does anyone...