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  1. Q

    Question Front panel audio not working

    I just built a new PC with an Asrock B450 Pro4, a Ryzen 3600 and a GTX 1660ti in an Antec DF500 case. The rear audio is working, however the front panel audio jacks are not. The HDAudio connector is seated properly, and I have updated to the latest realtek drivers and the realtek manager UWP app...
  2. DivineBacon

    Question Front IO only plays through one speaker

    So I've been here a long time and would really like a fix plz. So I have speakers and a headset when i plug either in the front IO they both only play through one speaker but if i plug either in the back IO they work great. I've tried restarting and updating drivers. Not sure what to do please...
  3. C

    Question Front audio not working

    So, I bought a case for about 10 USD, it was decent out of the factory, but due to it having lost one "leg" at the bottom and some bumps here and there, there was a discount. I bought it, plugged front panel audio in Windows 10, didn't work. Guessed it was just broken. But today, I just...
  4. N

    Question Audio distortion after sleep mode

    I am currently on Windows 10 running RealTek Audio on MSI Z390 MPG Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard. Whenever I use the front panel audio after waking my PC from sleep mode, the audio is distorted and I have to restart to fix it. The distortion makes the music softer then incredibly loud. Using...
  5. R

    Gaming Laptop $2.1K Budget

    Hello people, my nephews birthday is soon and he's turning 15 so I wanted to get him a dank gift. I talked to my brother and he told me he is into gaming and stuff and needs a gaming pc! So he can play games like LoL, Witcher3, CS:GO, Minecraft, Rust, etc. It doesn't matter if it is on ultra or...