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Front Audio Panel

Forum discussion tagged with Front Audio Panel.
  1. ManFTiK

    Question Front panel audio jack

    I wonder if the front panel audio jack affect other component in the case... Like if I am carelessly move my head too far away from the case reach then Will it's dammage other component in the case as well? (ex: decrease performance of the pc, causing blue screen, .....)
  2. C

    Question Front audio not working

    So, I bought a case for about 10 USD, it was decent out of the factory, but due to it having lost one "leg" at the bottom and some bumps here and there, there was a discount. I bought it, plugged front panel audio in Windows 10, didn't work. Guessed it was just broken. But today, I just...
  3. T

    I need help building a future rig!

    Hey guys, as of right now I'm selling my gaming pc (Its a pretty good rig it can play BF4 and CoD Ghosts on medium settings) how ever, I'm wanting to sell it and go back to console gaming (to many hackers) I'm just wanting to go back to console gaming for the time being (so I can actually still...