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  1. N

    Question Where to connect ASUS Q connector on motherboard?

    Hi, I am currently trying to connect my Front panel connectors. The thing is, my motherboard came with a Q connector. I have a ASUS X470- Pro. The Q connector is plugged in where it’s supposed to, but it has nothing to get power from. Please help, I don’t know what to do!
  2. L

    Question front panel audio connector

    im not too clued up with pcs i know abit but not alot i recently purchased a new case for my px and iv managed to put all the cables in the right place except the front panel audio cable , the pins on the motherboard do not match up with the cable what can i do ( the whole purpose of me buying a...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Building a custom pc, but cant seen to figure out the Front panel connectors!!

    Hello, person passing by i just started building my PC but i cant seem to figure out where to put the front panel connectors. Im using a motherboard that i took from a DELL PRECISION T1500 and i did not think to take a look at the front panel connectors!! so any help on where to place them would...
  4. K

    Question Front panel connectors

    I’m using the asrock b450m pro mobo and the front panel connectors for my case don’t exactly specify where they should go with positive and negative. My motherboard shows only a +pled when there’s a positive and negative, and the manual says nil about it or even show what is positive/negative...
  5. BUST_ER

    Question I'm using a M5A78L-M PLUS USB Asus motherboard and I'm lost on the front panel connectors

    I tried starting up my new build but these panel connectors have me confused, I put them in and it didn't switch on, Gpu has power to it and the back of the mobo lights up when the ethernet cable is put in, this is brand new also. The only point I was lost on was these pins and where to put the...
  6. I

    Question more usbs

    Hi i need to buy new case and i found one that is good for my components but it has 2x usb 2.0 and 2x usb 3.0 and my motherboard supports only 1x usb0 and 2x usb 3.0. So is there any way to connect them all?
  7. O

    Question Why is there not standarization with front panel headers to the motherboard

    I've been building computers for a long time. One of the things that still amazes me, after all these years, is that case manufactures and motherboard manufactures haven't created a standard header for the case front panel wires. They are still are spit into individual reset switch, power...
  8. cmlj1996

    Question Front Panel Connector Issue

    Hello. Doing my first solo build right now and can’t seem to enable the front panel on my case. I’ve installed my original pc’s mobo, cpu, Ram, and hdd. I’m unsing a new EVGA 850w psu and a new cooler master h500 case. The mobo, a biostar b250 gts version 5.1, doesn’t seem to like how I arranged...
  9. eightydee

    Last attempt before RMAing GTX 970

    So here is the story, I had an ASUS Sabertooth P67 with a GTX 560ti which was overclocked. Upgraded to GTX 970. Booted up and played a game than rebooted. Upon rebooting, nothing happened. I just happened to order a new mobo (MSI Z170A M3 and an Intel i7 6700K) So I wasn't to worried. My friend...