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  1. B

    Question 1050 TI restarting PC fixes problems but...

    Greetings. I currently run a 1050 TI, and every time I turn on my computer for the first time a day, or any time after a couple of hours of being off, when I first load in games such as Fortnite, I notice an extremely reasonable amount of input/mouse lag/delay. When I restart my computer not...
  2. H

    Question No Signal form ryzen 2200g and B450M pro -m2 MOBO

    So I have just bought all the components for a pc I’m building, Ryzen 2200g MSI B450M - PRO M2 Corsair 2400 ddr4 ram 8gb (1x8) Corsair 650 watt 80+ gold PSU 1 TB hatachi 7200rpm HDD 500 Gb Samsung EVO ssd And I also put in a GTX 1060 6gb card So I reseated the CPU, Changed ram slot, plugged...
  3. Ori0n

    [SOLVED] Ryzen + Wraith Prism height

    Really simple question here with a seemingly illusive answer. What height does the Ryzen 2700X paired with the stock cooler (Wraith Prism) stand at? It shouldn't be this hard to find out, but somehow it is. Unless I'm blind and/or stupid of course. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. M

    Question Can't get OC to work with memory?

    First, I'd like to clarify, I have absolutely no idea how to OC a system, this is why i use AI Suite. and have it do its 5 way optimization, the issue im running into is my I7 5820K will oc to around 4.4ghz stable, [Have had it at that for months] however, when i do this OC my memory will...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] OEM OS vs. Retail OS

    What are the differences between an OES operating system and its retail version.
  6. F

    Question Asus X470 strix-f

    Planning to upgrade to this MB. Any views on the memory to use with it please? I am looking to install 32Gb. Also, is it best to go for 2 or 4 modules of memory please?
  7. Z

    Question Amd Ryzen Master Can't Install

    Hi everyone, I downloaded ryzen master software from web amd, after doing and following all the installation instructions, the installation finally finished, but it was very fast in the installation process. As a result the am ryzen master shortcut is not on the desktop and is not working...
  8. N

    Question Headset/mic Problem

    Hi! I have a headset and the audio work fine but the mic is weird i can't speak with anyone and when i play something on my playback audio every one that i'am in a call with can hear my playback audio so i have been sitting for a couple of hours to try to fix it but i have had no luck i hope...
  9. T

    Question What should i upgrade

    Greetings, finished building my pc in 2016 and im wondering when should i upgrade, the specs are: MB Asus h97 pro gamer RAM 2x8 gb ripjaws1600mhz CPU i7 4790k/noctua nhd15 GPU msi gaming x gtx 1070 PSU corsair rm750i I have no issues gaming at 1080p and im happy with the current performance...
  10. S

    Question Weird thermals after repaste

    I received my Alienware 15R3 with an i7-7700HQ and GTX 1060 6GB that got repasted and cleaned a day ago that has been displaying peculiar thermal readings, especially while charging. When idle it reads anywhere from 50-60°C but occasionally shoots up to the 90s for a few seconds. Additionally...
  11. S

    Question Please help lots of bsod while gaming or browsing and memtest86 showing errors

    This thing is happening since 15 days , getting random bsod errors like system service exception or irql not less or equal etc etc these bsods are occuring mostly while gaming or rendering 3d stuff and only once while browsing on Microsoft edge Done a few memtest86 tests getting around 115 or...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] Issue installing NVME M.2 on Maximus 7 Ranger

    Has anyone had this issue? The M.2 doesnt slide into place. I had no trouble installing an M.2 into a MSI board before but for some reason the ASUS board just doesnt seem to want to accept a M.2
  13. L

    Question Ram upgrade on old system

    Hello, Currently, I have this motherboard (msi 990fxa-gd65 ) and i am thinking of upgrading the ram on it. I already have 2 x Crucial 4GB DDR3-1600MHz. I saw that my motherboard has 4 ram slots, so I was thinking of adding one more 8gb crucial ddr3 ram or 2 more 4gb identicals with the ones I...
  14. A

    Question Need help with PC case, thank you.

    Hello all, I had a question about options for a new gaming PC case, I have animals in my house as well as a desk for the computer that sits low, about two inches off the ground in a cabinet. I am looking for a case that is dust and animal hair proof (I know resistant is a better word) but...
  15. J

    Question Need a quick answer.

    Hello, while I was on youtube, I accidentaly clicked Alt and Fn keybinds (not on the same time) long story. Nothing happened but should I be concerned?
  16. S

    Question CPU usage goes to 100%, computer freezes and screens go black

    Title says it all pretty much. I'll be on discord and watching a youtube video and then all of a sudden my video will stop and discord will no longer work. I'll have enough time to ctrl shift esc to open task manager and I can see that my cpu is at 99% but nothing is using it. My computer then...
  17. S

    Question HELP! Why am I getting low gpu usage in games at Ultra settings at 1080p? (RSS6, Battlefield 1, Pubg , Apex Legends)

    In Rainbow Six Siege (RSS6) at Very High settings, (75% rendering scale) the gpu usage is at 60-70% In Battlefield 1 at Ultra settings (100% resolution scale) the gpu usage is around 50% in Apex legends at high settings the gpu usage is around 70% In Pubg at Ultra settings the gpu usage is...
  18. D

    Question intel i3 8100 over heating

    Hello Looking for some advice here. Just purchased a prebuilt pc from Canada computers. Was installing some programs then had to restart the computer and when it restarted it went straight to a black screen saying CPU over temperature Error! Press F1 to run setup just curious is this normal...
  19. S

    Question T5610 compatible builds/upgrade

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased Dell precision T5610 with the following specs: Motherboard: 0WN7Y6 CPU: Two Intel Xeon E5-2630 v2 @ 2.6GHz (3.1 GHz turbo boost) processors GPU: Nvidia quadro 2000 (1GB DDR5) RAM: 48 GB (DDR3) 4x8GB + 4*4GB @ 1333 MHz PSU: 685 W I wanted to upgrade my...
  20. C

    Question Huge HDR problem, need help asap!

    I have a vizio D50x-g9 On my pc, hdr looks really good on youtube videos. Even videos of ps4 games in HDR on youtube look better than my actual same games in hdr on my ps4 pro. On my ps4, it's washed out and doesn't get as bright/dark. The only thing I've noticed that might be it is that on pc...