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    Will these parts fit in my case?

    I am looking for my first Desktop PC, and I am having trouble picking the case, cause I'm afraid the parts wont fit. Here are they: CPU: Intel Pentium G5600, Dual Core, 3.90GHz, 4MB, LGA1151, 14nm, 47W, VGA, BOX(With cooler) MotherBoard: ASRock H310M-HDV/M.2, INTEL H310 Series, LGA1151, 2...
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    Can a slow HDD or not enough RAM cause stuttering and decrease in fps?

    I've recently purchased a new graphics card, I tried testing it in GTA V, put all settings at max (except for msaa) at 1080p and occasionally I get some weird stutters when I'm driving fast or I'm in object densed place with lots of trees, npcs, buildings. Is that caused by my 5-6 years old hdd...
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    Motherboard PORTS Graphics

    When I see motherboard online they have their on graphic ports(I dont even see display port on it). I want to use display port but that doesnt matter coz my gpu has its own DP connection in it right?
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    Looking to upgrade my current build | Will all these parts work together

    Hello, I'm looking to finally upgrade my pc, I already have a gtx 1050 ti and 8gb of ram and would like to upgrade CPU, get a new case and add case LED'S. The trouble is I don't know alot about computer components and i thought this forum would be the best place to ask for help. These are the...
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    New GPU, no display and fans turn off a few seconds after boot

    Before anyone says it, the hdmi is plugged into the gpu, not the mobo. Last week my computer overheated, turned off, and wouldn't turn back on again. I worked out that it was my gpu that was broken as I was able to boot up the pc with on board graphics. I got my new gpu today (GTX 1060), but...
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    Extra watts for better PSU

    Using a calculator, my paid wattage for my first build is going to be 416V, I can either get a Corsair TX550M tier 2 psu, or an TX650M which is tier 1, does the high power rating mean it will use more energy, and which one should I get?
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    Do the cables matter when customizing PSU cables

    so i recently did a whole custom job of rewiring all of my PSU cables, I have a fully modular PSU, i wrote down all of the pins and which order they go in, but i took out all of the wires and i now realized that they all have different thicknesses. i put all the wires back into place but the...
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    Updating my drivers in Win10

    I am using an HP Pro Slimline 3300 (SFF) AVG's Driver Updater (Free version) tells me I have 15 out of date drivers. HP's website does not have any driver updates for anything past Windows 8. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice as to how I would go about updating these drivers? Many...
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    Gtx 970 Working beolow expectation

    My hardware seem not to function correctly since the new driver installed.
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    oem key or retail key for windows 10 and what are the dangers

    Im building a budget computer which mean I need a OS I am thinking of buying a oem key because it has a cheaper price than the retail one. question is what are the problem, hazard, and danger I will encounter if I Use the oem key of windows 10
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    Build is almost done, what GPU do you recommend?

    I am down to just picking a GPU for my build what card you recommend? Also recommend me better cards if see any! NOTE: prices are in Canadian dollar Thanks...
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    AMD Digital Display Audio

    What is AMD Digital Display Audio? I have a PC hooked up to a monitor via DVI-D so I don't know what this is.
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    Best configuration for Video editing and Programming

    Hii im looking for a good config below $500. need for video editing and for java and C programming and Gaming too. thanks in advance
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    PSU for GTX 1060 & 144hz monitor

    I currently have a low end PSU but i am planning to replace it because i now have a GTX 1060 and a 144hz monitor. Which PSU is the best for my rig? i5-4590 2x 4gb ddr3 ram 1tb storage Thanks!
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    Intel HD graphics

    I cannot find the latest drivers for Intel HD graphics. My computer is Windows 8.1 pro (32 bit) with Intel pentium g3240 (3m cache) 3.10 GHz
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    Power on but didn't boot

    When I pressed power button, Power LED and HDD-LEDs lights.But HDD-LED turned off after 3 or 4 seconed. I can hear the sound of fans,cd rom and hard disk runs. Please tell me how to slove this problem.(I hawe ASUS H81M-P motherboard)
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    Best benchmarking software

    What are the best accurate benchmarking software to know the performance of a PC when doing gaming & video editing, please?
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    ~97 FPS in League of Legends with a GTX 1080

    As the tittle says, I have around 90-100 FPS in LoL ! How the hell did that happen ? I used to have 300 fps and for the past few months the fps kept dropping. GPU: GeForce® GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8G CPU: i7 7700K OC to 4.8 GHz (delidded) WTH ???!!!
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    Is there such a thing?

    I am trying to find a piece of software that when a laptop is turned on the user is faced with a screen showing some terms and conditions that have to be agreed to before they can proceed to use the laptop. Have searched for such a thing but no luck....any ideas?
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    Is the HDD Seagate barracuda quiet?

    So I ordered one a month ago, it came broken bla bla, soon a new one is gonna arrive.I wanna know is it loud ? Because if its loud and vibrates too much I wont stand it and I'm probably gonna sell it and buy a WD Black. Is it loud? Thanks :)