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  1. ccoo84

    Whats The best Paid Uninstaller Besides Revo

    I'm kinda looking around for a uninstaller to keep my computer tidy, does anyone have recommendation for 2018?
  2. K

    New pc Issues

    I recently built a new pc and set everything up, ethernet, windows 10, monitor almost everything. I went onto edge to go install the drivers and I searched for my driver's in bing, but after I searched it I couldn't click on anything, in fact after I searched my edge stopped working. So I...
  3. L

    Really need help please

    I would like to know if is possible to format the computer TOSHIBA SATELLITE CLICK 10 LX0W- C64 ( I FORGOT THE PASSWORD) HELP ME PLEASE
  4. J

    Easy solution to see if someone’s remotely viewing your computer via shared network? Please help, I’m so clueless.

    Is there a quick/somewhat easy way to see if your MacBook has been hacked? One of my roommates is incredibly gifted at getting into anything and everything he sets his eye on; hacking computers being one of his favorite pastimes. That being said he’s had both physical access to my computer (yes...
  5. D

    Is upgrading to the 8350 worth it?

    I have a 8320 over clocked to 4.2ghz and I see the FX cpu are dirt cheap right now Anyone think the 8350 is worth getting a cheap boost from?
  6. B

    my Logitec CD 270 webcam wont show the address of video recording,how to locate that recording

    my Logitec CD 270 webcam wont show the address of video recording,how to locate that recording
  7. S

    Headphones problem probably related to motherboard

    Hello! I was talking to a friend on discord until suddenly he told me my headseat micrpohone is emiting very loud static.I tried unpluging the cables and trying another port.Same problem until i tried the headphones on a laptop.The problem wasn't existent on the laptop.I tried updating drivers...
  8. E

    Laptop Recommendation. Work (office) and WoW

    Hello. I am looking to buy a laptop or notebook for work and wow. 1. What is your budget? $650 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 14in+ 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1080p 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? No 5. How much battery...
  9. D

    New Gpu not working

    Hey guys hope you all are doing well. I recently was playing a game and the gpu crashed once i restarted i had no signal on the hdmi port. I then tried to fix by reinstalling drivers but it did not detect my gpu. A friend recommended that i purchase a new gpu. Which i did.i replaced my old gtx...
  10. D

    Is I58400 Bottlenecking?

    Ok so, I'm new to PC building and I've recently built my first one ever. Everything is fine except some weird benchmark results. For some reason, my I5 8400 is always at 100 % in intensive games like, for example, AC Origins (High, Very high presets; 1080p or 900p), which causes a lot of fps...
  11. 5

    Why does my old Toshiba Equium keep switching itself off

    Computer keeps switching off
  12. H

    Your are my last hope , artifacts when I install gpu driver

    Little background story, Pc specs: Amd fx 8320 no overclock Radeon r9 290 7200rpm hdd 750w evga power supply 16gb crucial ddr3 ram Asus m5a99x evo r.2 mobo I was working on a video editing project, my pc started to act weird, colored lines freezes then reboot, I uninstalled my gpu driver ...
  13. xoutostrela

    Fans and Power

    Hey guys so I wanted to ask you a few things.. I have 3 fans inside my case.. Two of them are 120mm and 1 80mm. The 80mm can have 1500 rpm. The 120mm can have 1300 rpm. My PSU didn't have alot Molex connectors so I got a molex splitter and made the 1 molex to 2 molex.. So my 2 120mm are on this...