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  1. D

    New Gpu not working

    Hey guys hope you all are doing well. I recently was playing a game and the gpu crashed once i restarted i had no signal on the hdmi port. I then tried to fix by reinstalling drivers but it did not detect my gpu. A friend recommended that i purchase a new gpu. Which i did.i replaced my old gtx...
  2. D

    Is I58400 Bottlenecking?

    Ok so, I'm new to PC building and I've recently built my first one ever. Everything is fine except some weird benchmark results. For some reason, my I5 8400 is always at 100 % in intensive games like, for example, AC Origins (High, Very high presets; 1080p or 900p), which causes a lot of fps...
  3. 5

    Why does my old Toshiba Equium keep switching itself off

    Computer keeps switching off
  4. H

    Your are my last hope , artifacts when I install gpu driver

    Little background story, Pc specs: Amd fx 8320 no overclock Radeon r9 290 7200rpm hdd 750w evga power supply 16gb crucial ddr3 ram Asus m5a99x evo r.2 mobo I was working on a video editing project, my pc started to act weird, colored lines freezes then reboot, I uninstalled my gpu driver ...
  5. xoutostrela

    Fans and Power

    Hey guys so I wanted to ask you a few things.. I have 3 fans inside my case.. Two of them are 120mm and 1 80mm. The 80mm can have 1500 rpm. The 120mm can have 1300 rpm. My PSU didn't have alot Molex connectors so I got a molex splitter and made the 1 molex to 2 molex.. So my 2 120mm are on this...
  6. A

    Does cost diffirence mean quality-performance?

    Im saving up to buy a Gt1050, but i found a XFX HD 7850 thats a bit cheaper. Both have the same specifications but im wondering if diffirence in cost means diffirence in performance.
  7. J

    how to download fortnite ona acer laptop

    it is not work so I can play it
  8. D


    I am having issues with these two BSODs. Read this carefully before answering, please. So first issue is that my PC starts to boot and when comes to Windows 10 loading screen, shuts down. When i power it back on it boots up normally. Then, i once had a INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR right after the...
  9. A

    Need to know if I can upgrade this laptops GPU

    Hello everybody I just bought a laptop from the pawnshop with a gtx 460m in it for 120$ and its pretty terrible. The model is the toshiba qosmio x505 q896. I was wondering if i could upgrade the card with something like a 940mx or a 950 mobile if possible so I could get better frames in games. I...
  10. D

    FPS drops without typical problems

    I am experiencing unusual FPS drops in a game that my system has previously been able to handle easily (League of Legends). Typically I can get 100-140 FPS - way above what I need since I have a 60Hz monitor. Here recently I've had 23-50 FPS while playing LoL. I'm monitoring my CPU...
  11. D

    Keyboard not responding

    I have a Toshiba Satellite S855-S5381 laptop. My keyboard stopped working. The num lock light is on but none of the keys are responding. Can you help?
  12. G

    AMD Radeon Adrenalin Driver 18.3.4 Improves ‘Far Cry 5’ Compatibility

    One of 2018’s first AAA games, 'Far Cry 5,' debuts tomorrow, and AMD is greeting it with a new driver. AMD Radeon Adrenalin Driver 18.3.4 Improves ‘Far Cry 5’ Compatibility : Read more
  13. W

    No lights, no power ASUS ROG gaming laptop

    Gaming laptop I own is no longer working. It will not turn on and there are no battery lights to signal anything. It always stays plugged in and had my mouse and headset connected to it when I slept. It was working fine this morning but no longer will turn on. I do not have any warranty left...
  14. J

    Multiple monitor help

    I have a Radeon Rx 580 w/ 1 hdmi port... MOBO mai B 350m with DVI , HDMI, VGA, ports...... I wish to use 3 monitors (1 Tv...hdmi)(2 vga/dvi)..... the mother board won’t recognize any monitors at all but the GPU will.......... I’ve heard you need a driver or disable the GPU to use the motherboard...