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  1. K

    Question Pc randomly froze

    So I was wathcing a video on youtube when my PC was randomly frozed. You know, the typical voice is gliching nothing responding one. I had to use the power button holding trick to shut down my pc. I tried to start it again and it wasn't finding the boot drive, several times. I even tried to...
  2. mhinori

    Question Pc froze. Display port and HDMI no signal.

    My PC had been working just fine until earlier today. I’ve had the PC for about two years now. Asus Rog Strix x470-F gaming mobo EVGA 1080 R7 2700x I was on twitch when all of the sudden my PC froze. I held down the power button to turn it off, waited a bit, and hit the power button to turn it...
  3. M

    Question Freezing and Code 43 on GPU driver ?

    Hi, a couple days ago i was watching some youtube videos and my pc froze so i had to shut it down holding down the power on button. When i turned it on again MSI Afterburner wasn't detecting my GTX 1080 and my Nvidia control panel was gone so i went and check in device manager and my GPU was...
  4. Daantje123

    Question Computer freezes but sound dus work

    I bought an gaming pc a few weeks ago. Since we work home a lot lately it is on almost the whole day. After a few hours it freezes. But if i run netflix or listen to music, the sound stutters for a second but then it does still play while the screen is frozen. The only way to get out this is to...
  5. F

    [SOLVED] No bsod, computer freeze randomly

    So my pc keeps on freezing and sometimes restarts randomly and it it froze I have to use the restart button to restart it, i'm clueless I asked in many places ppl cant seem to help me or they just stop responding maybe because they are clueless like me. The freezing happens randomly 1.while...
  6. K

    Question Windows 10 freezes and will not reboot

    Hello So I upgraded my pc few weeks ago. I installed a new motherboard, cpu, ram. Gpu and ssd stayed the same. So the issue started when I was surfing around the internet and suddenly my windows froze. I could only move my mouse but when I moved it windows did the beep sound when its usually...
  7. J

    Good wired but terrible wifi speeds

    I have a 2 in 1 modem/router combo from Spectrum, wired I am getting over 100 down but wifi signal is bad and usually around 10 down even when close to the router. What options do I have to increase my wifi speeds? Would wifi range extenders be worth the investment or would they not make a...
  8. H

    Is a Evga 600bWatt power supply good for my pc?

    I have a gtx 1070 i7 7700k 4.2 ghz cpu 16gb ddr4 ram and I want to be able to overclock and play any game I want. Is this psu good enough?
  9. T

    Surround sound with only 3 jacks on the Sound Blaster Z ???

    As many of you may know the SB Z has one jack for front L/R, one jack for rear L/R and another for center/sub....!? I don't understand, am I supposed to use a Y adapter to get two speakers on left and right (L/R) single jacks...questionmark.gif Any opinion at all would really be a help and...
  10. C

    Is a Cooler Like the h100i GTX Worth It

    I'm building a new pc (specs listed below) and was wondering whether i should go with an air or liquid cooler. The 2 main options i am debating are the referbished h100i gtx at $79.99 and the phanteks PH-TC12DX_BK at $49.99. Will I get significantly better OC's and acoustics by spending the...
  11. R

    Help me with a CPU. I don't know much about PC building and was taken avantadge of by craigslist PC ad.

    I had like 300$ and some guy on craigslist put this CPU together with a new MB and my old video card (280x) by MSi. Took me to fry's and bought a case and PSU and cooler. He put the 7850 k kaveri cpu with my video card and I want to know if it is possible to get a better cpu to let my...
  12. V

    are these totally compatible?? (amd build)

    this is my dream build xD :D feel free and tell me for changes i can doo... my budget is 1000-1200EYRO!! i have already 1165 CPU: AMD FX-8350 4.0GHZ 8-CORE BOX CPU COOLER: COOLERMASTER HYPER 412S...