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    Question old ram not working in new mobo but works in others

    recently, I'v plugged q45t-am motherboard with my old working ram 4gb 800 Mhz. When I turn it on the mobo start beeping, i tried another 2gb 1066 Mhz ram it worked fine , both rams look tha same having same pins, the mobo should be supporting 800, 1066,1333 Mhz fsb (ddr3) .So why it is beeping...
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    What Router Can Get Me the Wireless Speed I Paid For? (+180mbps)

    Okay, so when I plug my ethernet cable directly from the modem into my PC, I get around 180mbps. But I bought a cheap router, the TP Link WR841N, and that makes my maxed out comcast "blast" internet kind of a waste of money, because I barely get 60mbps wirelessly even when I am right next to it...