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  1. N

    Question SD card slot are not working on a Windows 10 Tablet

    Hi there! I recently acquired a Windows Tablet PC (Fujitsu Q506/ME). When I first got it it had an installation of Windows 11, and on it the physical buttons on the side which are the SD card slot, the front and back cameras and the rotation of the screen did indeed worked. I installed Windows...
  2. wobbleidz

    [SOLVED] SAS drives not detected by Proxmox on Fujitsu Primergy RX300

    Hi there, I just bought a Fujitsu Primergy RX300 S7 and 6 new SAS HDDs. Installed Proxmox and plugged the HDDs into their bays. Everything works fine in proxmox except it cannot detect my SAS drives, only the two SSDs I installed on SATA ports for running OS. The SAS drives do pop up when...
  3. L

    Question FUJITSU Esprimo P400 Sata restriction?

    Hi, I have a Fujitsu Esprimo P400 mini tower, but the four Sata sockets won't allow four decides, only three. It's a mixture of behavior... The forth device would not be recognized or the forth device would be recognized, but an existing Sata device would be made unavailable. I'm wondering...
  4. C

    Question Fujitsu Desktop Bios Lock Removal

    I recently got a cheap Fujitsu d566/85+ Second hand desktop that seems to have a bios lock, I’ve been reasearching ways to remove but with no luck yet, I’ve tried all the usual remove battery and cmos jumper. anyone had any experience with this issue or a solution. Please help, thanks.
  5. S

    Question D3222-A12 : How to unlock supervisor mode?

    Hello, how do I unlock the supervisor mode for my mainboard? When I press F12 I can enter the BIOS only in "user mode". Fujitsu Esprimo E920 with D3222-A12 mainboard. Best regards, Steven
  6. Diesel_.

    Question Problems with Fujitsu Primergy TX200 S6 ?

    I have been having problems with my pc recently. I bought a mobo from ebay(10k+ positive reviews, its an actual german store) Its a d2799 mobo, with a 3x8GB(kingston ktm-sx313k3/24g) ramkit, and a hynix ram. I tried with 2x xeon l5638 and xeon x5570 cpus, pc turns on, recognises everything...
  7. L

    [SOLVED] Which Monitor is Better?

    There are two monitors that i found with Pivot options. Fujitsu B24-9 Dell Professional P2317H Can anyone please tell me. Which one is better : specifications Which one is better : design, qualiy Which one would you buy. And why. Money is out of question. 😀
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Xeon mod on my Fujitsu Esprimo P2560

    Hey, I have an old Fujitsu Esprimo P2560 here and I'm wondering if I could mod a Xeon E5620 with the Sticker and use it on the PC. I don't know if the Chipset is correct or if the Bios on my Fujitsu Esprimo P256 is blocking the Xeon. Please help
  9. H

    [SOLVED] Need help with finding an Ultra-ATA/100 2.5" adapter for FUJITSU MHT2030AT.

    I want to recover files from my old dead laptop but the hard drive has Ultra-ATA/100 2.5" disk interface and doesn't work with my current pc. What kind of adapter should i buy? Picture of pins; View:
  10. S

    [SOLVED] My laptop shuts down every 30 minutes and i cant figure out why and i need help

    So i just got this used laptop FUJITSU LIFEBOOK AH502 I3-3310M With 4 gbs of ram and it always shut down at exactly 30 minutes i tried the following i also tried with a different laptop battery 1-Reformat the hard drive fresh os Windows 10 2- Reset bios settings 3- Install new cmos battery...
  11. K

    [SOLVED] Fujitsu Lifebook AH512 won't boot to bios

    As you can see by the title, I have a Fujitsu Lifebook that will not boot to the bios, or anything as a matter of fact... I have tried: Connecting to charger with no battery in it. Reseating the RAM. Using different RAM (Yes it is still DDR3). Hard reboot. Changing the CMOS battery. Testing...
  12. hubabuba100

    Question Computer randomly restarts without any notice

    Hi! I have a Fujitsu M470-2 Motherboard with its factory PSU (A 1000W one), two Xeon X5660 CPU's, 24GB of ECC DDR3 RAM and a RX570. For the last two months, my computer started to shut off randomly like there was a blackout and restarted without any error messages in the bios. I looked at the...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Is Fujitsu 250W 2 x 12V Rails 15A enough for GTX 1050 Ti?

    Dear Sirs, I have the Fujitsu Esprimo P520 system running on 250W Proprietary Power Supply with 2 x 12V Rails 15A only capable to supply continuously 250W (max 17A 280W for 15 SEC) at peak. PSU Model is D12-250P1A (S26113-E5611-V70-1). I have currently Intel Core i7-4770, 1 x 8 GB DDR3...
  14. K

    [SOLVED] Touchpad does not work in Windows 10

    Hello guys, I have a Fujitsu Lifebook e744. I had deepin OS and all was working fine, now I have Wndows 10 installed all looks good but my Touchpad does not work. It doesn't appear in Device Manager. I did all windows update and I installed Synapatics but still nothing the driver does not...
  15. E

    Question Fujitsu beep code

    Hi there. My Fujitsu Lifebook SH560 broke. I turned it on andbit displays nothing. Power indicator is on. Then, it beeps. It's 1 long, 2 short, a pause/break and another 2 short (1-2-2???). The BIOS is Phoenix 1.13. So, I tried removing the CD drive (since it's removable), but something else...
  16. M

    Question PSU for Fujitsu 16 pin connector

    Hi! I looked for a long, long time for a solution but I didn't find any. I got a Fujitsu PC. With a custom PSU with 300 watts. Now look on this parts: .) AMD RX 580 Red Devil .) i5-2400 .) 8GB RAM This can't fit with a 250w PSU! So, 600 watts PSU and go on - be quiet! is my answer. Now this...
  17. S

    Question RAID 1 in an old Fujitsu P420?

    Hi all, My first post here! So I recently picked up a super-cheap P420 off ebay. I was initially going to add a GTX 1050 IT OC to it and make it a backup machine should my main computer fail on me. But I decided to use a different HP desktop instead. Today I had the idea of putting two HDD's...
  18. UncleFelow

    [SOLVED] Thoughts on the Fujitsu f500s SSD series?.

    Fujitsu looks like a well known brand but I can't find any review on this SSD series.. It's cheap on AliExpress with cheap shipping.
  19. A

    Question old Fujitsu board cannot save any BIOS settings

    Hi, I am using this old Fujitsu board (model D3061) in an ESPRIMO P700. Works like a charm, unless I want to change something in the BIOS settings: I can enter the BIOS with F2, I can make changes (in my case to disable the low-power mode and then enable powered USB ports when turned off). But...
  20. S

    Question Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo D8830 Overheating or not?

    Hi. There are not so much information about this laptop over the net, despite it is very old. So I will be very appreciate if someone who still own this model. For some help. Here are thermal sensors readings after several hours of browsing, WMP and chat-client in background. Are them OK or not...
  21. W

    Question Intel X9100 Dead or Incompatible?

    Hi All. I have an old Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Xi 3650 which I absolutely love. It has been with me for a decade and I will never get rid of it. It has the current Specs of Processor : Intel T9600 2.8Ghz RAM : 8GB (2x4GB DDR3) GPU : 512MB nVidia GeForce 9600M GT (OC to 755/920/1650) SSD x 1...
  22. S

    [SOLVED] i5 3470 stuck on 3,4ghz instead of 3,6ghz

    I have an i5 3470 with a Fujitsu D3162-b12 board (snagged with from a very old workstation cheaply) and I noticed that despite it having turbo boost on and despite it being able to reach 3,6ghz it is stuck on 3,4ghz. Now this isn't a big deal but I was wondering just why? I don't have a lot of...
  23. T

    Question Bottleneck

    Hi , I have a question that I gave it a thought and I want to hear a professional's opinion about it. Does my pc has a bottleneck? PC Configuration : CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 2700 3.4Ghz GPU - Nvidia RTX 2060 Zotac AMP Twin-Fan 6gb RAM - Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB DDR4 3000MHz CL15 SSD - Samsung...
  24. P

    Need to know how to permanently sync audio with video in an mp4 file

    I have a video I recorded on my phone in 2017 of my daughter meeting with a princess in the hospital. The audio has been 2.2 seconds off from the video ever since it was imported to my PC. I can't seem to find any way to actually permanently sync up the audio with the video. I've used VLC...
  25. B

    [SOLVED] Usb this folder is empty

    Hi. I have very important files in usb. How to make them visible, or recover usb if it failed?
  26. D

    [SOLVED] No monitor signal during boot

    Hi, about a week ago i've performed a clean install of windows 10 on my computer. Formatted everything and installed a new operating system. Everything ran smoothly for approx. Few days. Then the other day i noticed that after my computer went to sleep, and i moved the mouse to bring it back, it...
  27. benjamin_a_hu92

    System comparison - which to buy?

    Hi guys! There are two build, and i need help which to plan to buy. Please answer from experience or knowledge, not just "BECAUSE it is better/or not", thank you! I am looking for a good non-bottleneck build for an RTX 2080, which is i already have. The builds are the following: BUILD ONE -...
  28. H

    [SOLVED] Water cooling question.

    Hey guys, Just wondering if I need anything else then other then these two things to have a successful loop? Thanks for reading.
  29. T

    Black screen need help!

    I reset my Dell computer during a Dell update (it said do not reset) and since hasn't been able to get past a black screen, any ideas? Did I fry my motherboard? I tested the hard drive, and video card and can't think of what else it can be, I also took out the battery on the motherboard and took...
  30. L

    USB Devices randomly dropping

    Throughout the day my microphone (Blue Yeti) Mouse (Logitech G502) and mousepad (MM800) have been disconnecting for a second or two, then reconnecting. It's always the same devices and they are fine most of the time. It seems to happen once every 2 hours or so. Edit: The mouse disconnects...
  31. E

    Can't transfer files to an external hard drive

    I've been using the Maxone portable external hard drive with 250 GB in order to transfer my old pc files into a new pc. The problem is that whenever I try to transfer files to the external hard drive, it doesn't transfer the files at all. There have been multiple things that I have come across...
  32. O

    Need help with my psu and gtx 660 ti

    Hey guys, I’ve been having tdr issues with my galaxy gtx 660 ti 3gb and I think my psu is the answer, it’s 460w and the 12v rating is much less than the minimum. So I got a thermaltake tr2 rx 550w and the 12v rating is 19A, my graphics cards minimum is 24A, please tell me if this is alright, as...
  33. Y

    What PSU For this system?

    I don't have much of a budget and need a PSU for my build: -CPU Intel i7 8086K -MotherBoard ASROCK Z370 Pro4 -CPU Cooler Hyper 212 EVO -RAM T-Force Vulcan 16GB DDR4 -I will also buy a GPU later not sure between 1060 or 1070 Here are some power supply's I found good deals on -Corsair VS550...
  34. B

    new pc no longer boots to bios

    I just built a new pc and had an issue installing windows from a usb drive, so I removed the hdd and connected it to my old pc. installed windows on it and booted from it. put it back into the new one and I only got a black screen. I reset the hdd and the bios still doesn't come up, I reset the...
  35. C

    laptop keyboard right arrow key not working ?

    right arrow key when pressed do not move to right,that is it's not working.
  36. S

    GTA V crashes as soon as opened

    Hello guys, First of all thanks in advance for the help you may provide. Laptop specs - ASUS ROG GL552JX Intel i7 - 4750HQ 16GB ram 3TB HDD Nvidia 950m 4GB Graphics I recently got a new windows 10 update. My GTA V is not cracked and no mods are installed. I tried running it normally the way i...
  37. apiltch

    GPU Prices Plunge: GTX 1080 Ti Now $526

    With Nvidia announcing its new Turing cards, prices on the old Pascal-powered GPUs are falling rapidly. Here are some of the cheapest right now. GPU Prices Plunge: GTX 1080 Ti Now $526 : Read more
  38. A

    easy recovery essentials

    hi, does anybody has got any experience with easy recovery essentials? I had to purchase it to fix my laptop, because the recovery management always failed: it says : restore failed - error code=0×3 (WIMSetReferenceFile cannot set reference files) Because my computer can't be restored by...
  39. U

    Looking for formating sd card

    I m trying to format sd card but it is not. All the files returns back just after deleting. I also tried cmd but it all in vain
  40. N

    chassis intruded system halted how to fix help!

    i have new motherboard and i have plugged all cables this goes on every time I turn on the pc