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    Question safe to xeon e5 1620 running at 84 degree C under full load?

    Currently i have a temporary workstation PC which has a xeon e5-1620 0 running a 3.6ghz before i start using it to render for days together i wanted to confirm if running at 84 degree C under ful cpu load is alright for this processor? when the system is idle the processor sits at around 50...
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    Question Ryzen 7 1800x only reaches 69C under full load. Doesn't reach its full potential/performance

    My ryzen 7 1800x doesn't get its full potential under full load. Yesterday I have let my cpu render a picture with 1-16 threads and my professor, my colleagues and me saw that these results weren't the usual and that there must be something wrong with my cpu. A friend of mine took my exact code...
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    Grey Screen Crash, need help.

    About half a week ago I was gaming like I do every day when my computer decided to crash into a grey screen, now my computer either crashes to a grey screen or the display drivers stop responding. (Display driver 378.66 has stopped responding but has been recovered.) I then proceeded to look for...
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    Fan Working Very Slowly, Makes Laptop Shutdown

    Hello everyone. I'm having a lot of laptop trouble, hope you can help. Since I got it, my laptop's fan was pretty loud, but I didn't mind, it kept everything cool and working. But about 2 weeks ago, the fans became pretty much completely silent. The fans are still working cause I can feel...
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    2x Gigabyte WF 770 2GB´s in SLI vs 1x Asus STRIX GTX 970?

    Im going to buy a gaming pc. And i have the option to choose between: 2x Gigabyte GTX 770 2GB WF in SLI for 250USD (for both) or 1x Asus STRIX GTX 970 4GB for 450USD (The prices are so high because i live in Norway) The real question is are the Gigabyte WF 770 2GB´s too old? since they got...