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  1. ninfo

    [SOLVED] Cpu or Gpu for the long run?

    Which one should be priority when building for a future proof gaming pc? I'm talking 5+ years without upgrades For example 10700k + 2070 Super or 3600x + 2080 Super
  2. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] Which graphics card is better for my system ?

    RTX 2060 or RX 5700 These both come in around the same price so I was wondering which is better for streaming and which is going to be better for the time to come
  3. S

    Question Futureproof Ryzen Build

    Hello, I am a semi-professional gamer in my country and i had recently won a tournament prize for about $1500 (21.3 Mil Indonesian Rupiah) and i would like to upgrade my PC with the current specs: i7 3770k MSI Z77-G43 Patriot Viper 16GB 1600mhz RAM HIS ICEQX2 R9 290 WDC Blue 1TB 120GB...
  4. F

    Question B450 Tomahawk or X370 Gaming Pro?

    Where I live the 2nd gen Ryzen motherboards increased in price by a lot compared to the previous B350. Because of this and a considerable drop in price of X370 motherboards it's actually more expensive to buy lower end B450's than a full size X370 motherboard. Right now the X370 Gaming Pro is...
  5. C

    Express VPN using my Router is EXTREMELY SLOW!!!

    I have an older Netgear R6300. Installed the DD-WRT firmware manually to run the Express VPN off of it. Very slow speeds. I talked to technical support forever, and they said there is nothing they can do that DD-WRT and my old router is the problem. They convinced me to purchase a new...
  6. G

    Xbox Software Preview Adds Automatic Updates, Improves Achievement Tracker

    The preview build features automatic updates, an improved achievement tracker, and, as so often happens with pre-release software, a whole host of frustrating-but-manageable bugs. Xbox Software Preview Adds Automatic Updates, Improves Achievement Tracker : Read more
  7. L

    HDD unreasonably slow

    Hello once again Last month I had a problem where my new HDD (whole new PC) started being very slow, to the point where it would max out at 10 KB/s. I figured it was the drive being d.o.a. so I sent it back. Now I have a new drive, 3TB WD Red, which after I installed it was showing the same...
  8. xFeaRDom

    [Price Check] i5-4590 + H81M-PLUS + 2x8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM

    Hello Community, First time posting in this thread-area, and just wanting to check the pricing on a USED i5-4590, H81M-PLUS and 2x8GB DDR3 RAM (Same specs, same brand but different models), the DDR3 RAM is 1600MHz, and I'm not too sure on the CAS. Just wanting an average price from people who...
  9. Apratap930

    Please Help Me With my Laptop, or I'm gonna kill myself !!

    Hi Tom's, I bought My laptop (ASUS X550LD XX082, specs here- [url=http://www.flipkart.com/asus-x550ld-xx082d-notebook-4th-gen-ci7-8gb-1tb-free-dos/p/itmdvyg4krwqgaes]) about 18 months ago, and I never played any game because of my senior high school studies. But now I started playing Call of...
  10. N

    FIRST BUILD :) - PC Boot but monitor no signal

    Hi guys! First of all let me start off with my parts: -Intel Core I3-6100 3.7GHz -MSI H110M Pro-VD Micro ATX LGA1151 -Kingston HyperX Fury (1 stick of 8g so i can expand) -Kingston SSDNow V300 series -Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 -EVGA 500w 80+ ATX Power Supply -TP-Link TL-WN881ND -Asus VS228H-P...
  11. S

    Which component died?

    Hello there! Today my mothers PC (that I built) wouldn't start up. Well, it would start up, but would turn on and off all the time, and it wouldn't get any image on the monitor. When I press the power button everything works: the HDD makes sound, all the fans start spinning, the light on the...
  12. R

    HDD question help

    Hey folks, I'm building my second PC and ran into some problems. Basically I thought id be able to plug my old set-up into my new mobo and install windows and be good to go. Well as I found out in my last post... it just doesn't work like that. I have a second HDD in my current rig and was...
  13. D

    BSOD, New to pc's please help

    Hey guys i apologize in advance if this is the wrong section, i couldnt find a help section. I Built my first pc 6 months ago, been very proud of myself that its been running perfect untill now, earlier i was playing WoW, all of a sudden i got a BSOD. I have not downloaded anything in weeks...
  14. S

    HTC One M9 Debuts, Flashes Style, Promises Performance

    In what was not at all a surprise, HTC announced is M9 smartphone today at Mobile World Congress. The HTC One M9 is the successor to the One M8 and thus is the new flagship device for the company. HTC One M9 Debuts, Flashes Style, Promises Performance : Read more
  15. J

    Proper resolution not listed after re-install.

    Hi internet My parents' laptop was getting really slow, so i decided to re-install Windows. When they bought it, it had Windows 7, so i thought that it would be a good idea to upgrade to Windows 8.1. When we booted the laptop up however, we had an error (which i don't really remember) and we...
  16. U

    I think this will be my last

    [sorry this is long and might even get removed depending on how the mods see it] Windows based PC. I currently have in my basket on Apple UK's site (unless they've removed it from my basket) a Macbook Pro w. retina specced how I want it. The question of how long can I last with Windows 8 as my...
  17. RobCherry

    why does my ram say its 800mhz when its actually 1600mhz ?

    so my ram is 1600mhz, its patriot black viper ram, i have 4x4gb sticks. but when i check programmes like cpu-z or speccy they show it running at around 803mhz?? but in my bios the ram is set to 1600mhz? why is this?
  18. M

    Will the Asus R9 270 fit into my mother board? Quick!

    The 270 from my understanding is a pci express/pci 3.0. My Mobo has PCI, PCI ex1, and PCI ex16??? I want to buy my things to build by today!
  19. E

    Need help/advice Streaming on my gaming computer

    Hey guys. I'm flirting with the thought of livestreaming my games. I would love to hear what you guys have to say. Is it possible on my computer to stream and game on the same pc? Do i need some improvements? I was thinking about buying a AVerMedia Live Gamer HD C985. is it worth it? Heres...