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  1. aidfarrell70

    Question NETFLIX and other websites causing a fuzzy display issue

    Whenever I open up netflix my screen becomes fuzzy. It sometimes happens when opening amazon prime tv also. Anyone know if there's a fix for this? My monitor is 144hz if that helps. However my second mointor (which is 60hz) stays normal.
  2. A

    Question Monitor Becomes Fuzzy and Stops Working

    Hello everyone, I noticed when I came back to my computer after a break one of the monitors was fuzzy. By this I mean that it appears as if the details of every other line of pixels shifted one pixel to the right or that the image itself was copied and shifted over one pixel so that every...
  3. jradicus

    Question Fuzziness @ 1080p - Monitor issue, video card issue, or no issue at all?

    Some backstory before getting into it: I built a PC back in April of 2017 and for the longest time I was using it on my 55" 1080p 60Hz Vizio TV. I never noticed any graphics issues or fuzziness. Recently I unpacked my office and got my desk set up so I could game in there. I bought a cheap Acer...
  4. P

    Installed new cpu, reset cmos, still won’t boot.

    I bought a ryzen 5 2600 to upgrade from my ryzen 5 1400 on my b350m bazooka motherboard, i have resetted cmos but it still wont send signal to monitor.