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  1. C

    Question Blurry Content on Slack and Twitch App

    Hi folks, I have recently bumped into an issue and I have no idea what's causing it. So a few weeks back the Slack and Twitch app started to show fuzzy / blurry content when mouse is not hovering over sections of the app. From my observations is kind of random. Here is a sample of the Twitch...
  2. V

    [SOLVED] Screen Flickering and Grainy After Installing New Gpu

    Recently I had upgraded my GPU from an ASUS Geforce GTX 1060 6GB to an ASUS Geforce RTX 2070 Super 8GB. After which I noticed my screen was slightly grainy/fuzzy/static especially on darker colors. My screen also started to flicker whenever I was playing a game and got worse with the more...
  3. blade100a

    Question MONITOR HELP!!!

    Help, my BENQ GW2760S has been having an issue of turning off and on, then some days not turning on. Now, when it's on it has this rainbow circle retro effect on the entire screen, I can still see my icons mouse and desktop but it's all discolored and fuzzy. Is there a quick fix, would really...
  4. M

    Question Blurry graphics? Can't figure out why

    Hey guys, I've noticed that A LOT of my games have very blurry graphics. It differs as to how much the game blurs, and sometimes it's only specific things. Here's an example of Final Fantasy 15. View: https://imgur.com/QVetRF0 You notice in this one, it's mostly the hair, and the outline of...
  5. P

    New cpu not booting fans working

    I recently replaced my athlon x2 240 with fx 4300. Now cpu is not booting. Fans are running but screen remains blank. Also had a weird issue of graphics card fans spins and stops and keeps doing this when I was using the athlon. Is this a psu problem? Doubt it since it was able to power athlon...
  6. G

    Computer wont boot right

    I start my computer and it shows the logo but its flashing and it asks me if I want to boot in safe mode but I can barely read it. What do I do? The computer is a Compaq Presario with a amd semperon 3100+ and some kind of asus motherboard.
  7. J

    Amd Fx 6300

    Is this still a solid CPU for modern/upcoming games
  8. T

    Intel i7 4790K: Corsair H55 vs Cooler Master Hyper 212

    I'm currently running my i7 4790K with the stock Intel cooling fan and it is getting to about 90-95°C whilst gaming, which I am told is too hot. I am therefore looking into upgrading my CPU cooling. The Cooler Master Hyper 212 X seems to get some good reviews online but I'm also considering...
  9. T

    Will Raid 8TB External work if one 4TB drive is removed temporarily?

    Hey guys and gals, my computer is at the apple store with graphics problems. In order to recreate the problems I'm having, they need my video files to test. I have an 8TB drive split into 2 mirrored drives, but I feel a little uncomfortable about bringing it in, incase I drop it accidentally...
  10. X

    Crysis 3 shutdown?

    So let me describe the situation a bit. About a month ago, my father and I were playing around with my PC. We wanted to hookup a fan on my case that had never been plugged in and he had an "Adapter" to plug it into the power supply. Us being stupid (We are a lot smarter than this) plug it into...
  11. H

    i tried the following steps given there but also it is not activating

    Hello, This is heena, My laptop is dell inspiron windows 7 Iam not able to activate the wi-fi I tried all steps what all u said bt there is no wi-fi button in my laptop What to do????
  12. L

    Writing to a USB Backup drive formatted EXT3 from an 8+gig Linux box

    Hi Gurus I have a 8gig installed memory Linux desktop computer with an ASUS p5q Motherboard. When I write a 4.5+gig file from my hard disk to the external USB drive, formatted EXT3, the target file arrives corrupted. If I remove two banks of 2 gigs (bring the system down to 4 gigs), there is...