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  1. eibelbilly

    [SOLVED] Thermal throttling fx 6300

    I've been playing fallout 4 and my CPU gets really hot and after a bit starts to down clock and throttle with the stock cooler and there is no overclock what's one of the best coolers under 130 that I can get to keep it cool and later overclock
  2. xrique007

    Question FX6300 Overheating and shutdown in seconds

    I just bought deepcool gammaxx 300 and tried to overclock my FX 6300 at 4ghz but it was overheating at 90c so I was changing my case fans position but I forgot to connect 4pin connector at the top and ran for a minute or two after that I turned it off and connected it an started my pc again but...
  3. O

    Question FX-6300 (AM3+) to Ryzen 3 1200 (AM4)?

    Hello everyone! So im wondering and thinking of upgrading my PC, my question is that should I upgrade FX-6300 to R3 1200? (38€) I know that Ryzen has faster single- and multicore speed, but im playing kinda heavy games like Division 2, Fallout 4 and 76, Apex, WWZ etc. so is Ryzen lacking cores...
  4. A

    Discussion RX 580 crashes while gaming

    Hello I just got a XFX 580 8GB. Its a really nice card and works fine with the games I have tested it with, but most of the time it crashes. I get static(grey with dots) and black screen flashes or simply games screen freezes while the sound its still playing.( If I manage to close the games...
  5. TheCrimsonPugilist

    [SOLVED] Trying to figure out the best upgrade path for my build. Need assistance.

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for advice on the upgrade path to take with my build. There are a few different options I'm considering that are making this decision difficult and I would really appreciate your input. Here are my specs: AMD FX 6300 @ 3.5 GHz Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO EVGA...
  6. C

    Question GTX 960 - GTA V - Low GPU usage while playing GTA 5

    PC specs: 970A-DS3P FX 6300 GTX 960 12 GB RAM Windows 7 64-bit While playing GTA 5 / FiveM my GPU usage is at 5 - 25%. I tried changing settings to ultra, except from the game looking better, GPU usage stays the same and frames are still stuck at around 30. Anyone had similar problem? Please...
  7. RLarcosPES2

    [SOLVED] 400W PSU and GTX 1060 3GB Compatibility!

    Can this PSU support this GPU on a system with many old hard drives? Specs: CPU - FX 6300 4.1ghz @1.3875 volts RAM 16GB 1333mhz Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-78lmt-usb3 or something like that I don't have the PC with me to be exactly correct. The point is this is a low end motherboard and I can't...
  8. R

    [SOLVED] FPS drops, FX 6300 at 4.4mhz and a GTX 960.....

    can someone tell me why im getting fram drops in fortnite from like 120fps down to below 40fps and it tends to jump about, its so frustrating
  9. E


    my pc lags very much even when im not playing games or running something needy in particular because apparently the CPU usage is stuck at 100% at all times, what can i do to fix it? specs CPU : FX 6300 8GB RAM DDR3 CORSAIR RX 580 8GB WINDOWS 7 64 BIT GIGABYTE GA-78LMT
  10. I

    Question PC keeps restarting while playing games

    Hi guys. I have just upgraded from an RX 470 to a RX Vega 56 Strix and have encountered restarts while playing or in game menu. I have a Corsair VS 550W PSU (5 yrs old) and a FX 6300 @ 4.2 GHz. I am using a Cooler master Hyper 212 LED as CPU cooler. The CPU temperature looks fine while running...
  11. F

    Question Troubles with cpu and psu please help!

    I have been having troubles with my pc when i open games,(rocket league wich is not a very demanding game) my pc turn off bcs of the temperatures of the cpu then i fix that changing thermal paste, but then the problem is when im in the game the pc freezes and i have to turn it off manually so i...
  12. A

    Question IMac stuck on lock screen.

    IMac is stuck on lock screen and not accepting password for login, the mac is on a windows domain, only way to get around it is by restarting the imac.
  13. A

    what are the step/ process in rebooting a laptop

    hi.. I buy a new laptop (lenovo ideapad 320 window 10) 5 months ago and it stack for almost 2 months at my drawer... when I try to turn on my laptop the screen goes black/blue .. any help on how to fixed it.. what is the step by step or process to reboot it.. thanks..
  14. W

    Asus Laptop freeze after reset

    Hi guys I have an Asus X550JX just been reset as I want to give it to my cousin. However, after he does the usual account set up, the laptop freeze and cannot do anything. So we decided to turn it off and turn it on again, but after logging in the same thing happen it just crash but we still can...
  15. K

    External 4 TB won't extend stuck at 2 TB in disk management after format

    I formated an external drive. It lost all the data but the drive worked. Tried data recovery to no avail. I went ahead and formated the external and it added a MBR. Then I was left with two sections, a formated and an unallocated. Pretty much half and half. I tried to extend the first partition...
  16. P

    Want to sell the system I built, please help

    First of all, the specs... CPU: Intel - Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler: Cooler Master - Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing Motherboard: Asus - Z170-A ATX LGA1151 Memory: G.Skill - Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2133 Storage: 3xWestern Digital - Caviar Blue...
  17. J

    4 year old custom built pc won't turn on

    Self built desktop PC has worked fine for about 4 years. Woke up this morning, and power led was blinking per usual when asleep. However, pressing the power switch did not wake it up. Holding power down did not turn off/restart. Just kept blinking. I unplugged it and tried other outlets, but...
  18. henrytcasey

    AT&T WatchTV Arrives: What $15 Gets You

    AT&T's new streaming service WatchTV is made for those who want live TV, want to pay the least for it and don't need a ton of channels. AT&T WatchTV Arrives: What $15 Gets You : Read more
  19. M

    Computer in boot loop after attempting to flash BIOS

    I recently built a pc using the ASRock AB350m motherboard with a Ryzen 2200g Cpu. I had to update the bios so that the mobo could support the CPU. So I went to flash it and it said successful. I pulled the stick out as it restarted and then it just turned on and turned off over and over again -...
  20. J

    What case/motherboard/PSU should I buy...?

    Hello, I want to buy a new case/motherboard/PSU but I dont know what to buy, any recommendations?