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  1. R

    [SOLVED] FX 4300 Fan Speed

    So I am currently water cooling an AMD Fx4300 (i know its bad im upgrading soon) and I know that the temperature readings are socking for the FX series processors. Currently my fans run at full 1800RPM constantly but I have found an option in my bios to take them down to 500RPM. This speed is...
  2. L

    Question How can I make my PC better for gaming?

    Hi there, I was wondering how i can upgrade my pc to make it better for gaming. I have some idea about computers but not the best. I know the biggest problem is my CPU and was thinking of maybe upgrading to the FX 8350, although i know these are very outdated now i cant afford to get a new MOBO...
  3. wal3edmahmood

    shall i switch on XMP ?

    Hello, My XMP on the bios is not enabled and i was wondering by switching it on will it give me a performance boost ? my cpu and rest isnt overclocked at all. everything is on stock . by enabling XMP ( profile 1 ) will it harm my ram & cpu ? confused here:( Cpu- intel i5 4590 ram - 2x4gb ddr3...
  4. B

    2nd Laptop Hard drive not seen in Bios

    Hello I installed a 2nd hard drive in a Gateway NV7915u laptop from manufactured in April 2010. It came with windows 7. I am now using windows 8.1. The laptop came with 2 SATA hard drive slots. In the bios there are 2 settings in SATA mode AHCI or IDE. AHCI is the default. In AHCI it shows one...
  5. danielgamer96

    FX 9370 or FX 9590 - Games and edit .

    Hey ! Which processor AMD I buy ? Fx Fx 9370 or 9590 ? Being that I 'm going to play and make editions of videos and do not want to spend a lot ... I want to put a motherboard - GA- 990FXA -UD3 Rev 4.0, and I will put a gtx 970 together, thank you!
  6. A

    Best way to cool this system?

    Hello everyone. I am wondering how you would go about keeping this system nice and cool. This includes the case fans and the CPU cooler. I am going to try to keep the cooling under $120. Here is the set up. GPU: GIGABYTE GV-N970G1 GAMING-4GD GeForce GTX 970 4GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0...
  7. G

    bf4 lag spikes and low fps

    when i play bf4 i get low fps and lag spikes. my specs are fx 4130, r7 260x, 4gb ram. i seen people get like 50 fps on high with fx 6300. but i cant even get 30 fps on low. with mantle.
  8. E

    New build desktop: Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key.

    I bought it all of them in parts and assemble them, I checked my SATA cable is clearly plugged to my motherboard into HDD same thing as my hdd sata cable plug was clear.. I push the power button, gpu and motherboards is all green lights and I got this message "Reboot and Select proper Boot...
  9. M

    Going triple monitors but have to resort to HDMI to DisplayPort adapters, will adapters affect monitor performance?

    I will get the BenQ EW2440L triple monitors because of their good value. I can't find another 24", very thin bezel monitor at the $200 AUD range. However, they only come with D-Sub/ HDMI/ HDMI(MHL) connectors. The graphics card I'll be using is a Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming Windforce SLI, which...
  10. D

    Is the cool master 212 evo or plus good enough for i7 4770k and will it fit in my case

    Hey guys/girls! I'm kinda confused ATM... so i'm looking to get a CPU cooler for my i7 4770k. Right now i'm using its integrated graphics, and when i open world of Warcraft it gets all the way up to 90c so obviously the stock cooler is not cutting it. I've been looking at the cool master 212...
  11. Q

    Putting Together Gaming PC for Friends

    Hey guys, I am in the process of attempting to convert a few of my old console buddies to PC, and am trying to put together a good budget build for them. They aren't really down to spend more on a PC than if they were to buy a next gen console, and it has been a challenge trying to put together...
  12. C

    First build, need a decent budget PC

    Hello, I'm looking to build a budget PC. Unfortunately, I'm pretty new to this, so I have no idea how to go about it, and need some help, so I'd like to ask you guys to help me put together a decent budget PC. My limit is $600, and it would need to include everything; core pieces, OS, and...