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  1. J

    Question Vegas Pro 12 Extremely laggy?

    Hi all, i wasn’t really sure where to ask this in the forum so I put it here, Recently I’ve started a mini project on Vegas pro 12 and what never seemed to be a problem before has appeared. Basically, the preview is extremely laggy. Like, draft quarter mode still laggy laggy. I’ve edited many...
  2. E

    I moved my users\user folder. Is it a problem ?

    So somehow completely by mistake some time ago i moved the contents of my Users\User folder to my Documents folder and now instead of having a user i have a Users\Documents folder which contains the contents of documents(saved games and other folders) and the contents of what once was the user...
  3. R

    PC case fan

    I bought a M-ATX case for my M-ATX build but can I use 3 Intake fan at the back and 3 exhaust fan at the front of my case? The reason why I thought of this because the vent on the front is only Right sided (Tecware Nexus M black case) and many people complaint about the horrible air flow due to...
  4. G

    Fortnite switches from Nvidia graphics to integrated graphics

    Hello, I have a Dell XPS 15 9550 with a 960m. All of my drivers are updated, and I have made sure that fortnite uses the nvidia card through the Nvidia Control Center. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. What happens is that I start a game of fortnite and it is fine for the first...
  5. D

    Disk partition on efi. How to change?

    I have recently just built myself a new PC. I’ve been trying to re-install windows onto my SSD however the SSD already had windows on it. So I’ve just formatted it via the windows install and now it’s telling me I have EFI and I need to change it, however in my bios (gigabyte z370p d3) it looks...
  6. D

    Cpu cabinet upgrade

    Hello everyone A quick question, I have a k380 case and planning to upgrade my cabinet..I am worried if my existing hyper 212x cooler will fit in newer cabinet model's... Could someone kindly suggest a new cabinet with plenty room to fit in my current rig. My specs are Amd fx-8350 2 internal...
  7. N

    AM3+ Wraith Cooler with a Ryzen 5

    So I just got my Ryzen 5 1600 and ASUS B350-F gaming motherboard, I removed the Stock Clips and tried to mount the Ryzen's Wraith Spire cooler, but the stupid spring loaded screws would not budge for the life of me, and I decided to remount the Stock Clip and use my FX-8370's Wraith Max cooler...
  8. R

    16 thread i5-4590 machine

    I am part of a network computing platform in which I can view the specs of other peoples machines. I am seeing a user who is running a Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional x64 Edition machine with the i5-4590 and his thread count is 16. Are there motherboards that support 4 of these CPUs that...
  9. R

    Best way to set up a h60 cooler

    What would be the best way to set up a h60 cooler. rear mount intake with 2 op mount outtakes, top mount outtake or any other way
  10. A

    PC not booting

    I just finished my computer build. I got windows installed just fine then I started on the drivers. After installing the last one my screen went black and moniter said no signal. When I shut it down and turn it back on the MSI Arensal gaming motherboard screen appears then screen goes back to...
  11. L

    Static Electricity Restarted my Finished computer

    I Finished building my Pc a while back and I have problems of restarting when something else in the house happens/turns on(Bathroom light or fan, Chair downstairs spins?, stove turned on, microwave used). But I when I went to plug in my phone charger into my pc to charge my phone it restarted( I...
  12. G

    Blue tooth accessible

    I have a radio shack 12-589 radio and asking if it has blue tooth capabilities
  13. BuckyJunior

    RX Vega 64 Draws 200 Watts, Then Throttles To 40 Watts At Load.

    Hi there, everyone. I am posting about the same issue related to my RX Vega/Pro Duo cards again, so I apologize. I now have some more information about what the issue may be. I had bad memory, which G.Skill replaced, though it took forever to receive the replacement. Anyway, my GPUs still do not...
  14. J

    Will motherboard fit into PC case

    Will ASRock B250-Gaming-K4 LGA 1151 Motherboard fit into a Aerocool CS-1101 mid tower. I'm just asking because I ordered the parts through my local pc store and when they arrived the guy at the store said the mobo wont fit into the case and so he ordered another, larger, case for me. This is...
  15. C

    Upgrade or build new?

    Hey folks, apologies as I know you all get this question frequently, but I'm not super up to date on technologies these days so looking for advice. I mainly game with this rig - CS:GO, PUBG, and would like to play Star Citizen whenever it comes out. Here's my current system: 8GB (2 x 4GB)...
  16. A

    Best SSD for Asus Z97-A?

    Hey, My mobo is Asus Z97-A: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Z97A/specifications I'm confused with all the interfaces and terms (M.2/M+B Keys/NVMe/PCI/SATA) Im looking for a 250~GB SSD, what are the top SSDs that compatible with my MOBO and that my MOBO will make the most out of them? Most...
  17. M

    Guidance on GTX 1050 TI recommended overclock

    I am really curious to hear what fellow forum users have achieved or deem max overclock on their 1050 TI graphic cards. I am currently overclocking and I'd love to have some perspective or comparisons as i can't really find a lot of 1050 TI overclocked cards I am also curious whether power...
  18. T

    New nvme drive, where's my hdd?

    I have 2 drives. A Kingston ssd as my boot drive and a 2 tb hard drive for games. I just got and installed a Samsung evo 960 nvme m.2 drive. Now both my evo drive and ssd are showing, but my hard drive is gone and not showing up on my computer anywhere. What happened? Does a nvme boot off hard...
  19. N

    i7-860 or Ryzen 1200?

    Hi, fellow forum users. So, I have a conundrum. I have a friend who is just getting in to custom pc's and is trying to build a decent gaming pc on a semi-flexible budget. He doesn't have a lot of money, so he's currently deciding between an i7-860 build, using a $20 i7 on the local craigslist...
  20. A

    will this motherboard fit in my case

    Will the asus z270-k ( prime ) atx lga1151 motherboard fit in the thermaltake versa n21 snow windowed atx Mid-Tower Chassis