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  1. F

    Question Is my ram causing display problems?

    The Problem: The problem started 1 months ago when I started to play Witcher 3. My PC would get unusually hot like 80+ degree Celsius. And after 2-3 hours of gaming it would crash saying "CPU Overheated". But after restarting, everything would work just fine. It was going well until I relocated...
  2. Mythicc

    [SOLVED] Not sure if I should upgrade mobo

    Hey everyone I am going to be upgrading my ryzen 7 1700x to a ryzen 7 3700. I have a b450 aorus pro wifi mobo and I'm sure if I should upgrade it. I was looking at a msi x570 mobo for 170 dollars, not sure of it would really benefit me though. Can some people comment other motherboards that...