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Forum discussion tagged with G.SKILL.
  1. Thebloodwolf

    Question One memory stick not working help

    I changed all my stick for 4x8gb memory from g.skill and first my motherboard signaled me no memory was detected and after a lot of research I found out that one was not working. My question is: is it normal that all my 4 sticks are not detected when only one does not work? Motherboard: B450f...
  2. ThaShamano112

    Question Please URGENT help for Dell Optiplex 790DT ram upgrade

    Hi Guys im new here...i have a urgent question, i have a Dell Optiplex 790DT. my specs are: psu:550w Gpu:(GalaX) Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 low profile cpu: intel core i3 2130 3.40ghz So now i actually have 4gb (2x2gb)RAM installed and im planing to upgrade it to 8gb. My question is, if i buy 2...
  3. DocDom

    Question Mixing Ram

    Hello! I have a Gigabyte B450M DS3H & A Ryzen 2600. I have been using G.Skill's Aegis DDR4 2400MHz (2x8GB) RAM for some time now and looked to upgrade. I stupidly purchased another set of Aegis sticks, but these are running at 3000MHz. Booting normally, Windows only acknowledges 16GB of the...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] asrock a320m-hdv issue compatibility with g.skill F4 3200 8Gb x2

    I have a pc with the next specifications: Motherboard: asrock a320m-hdv Processor: AMD rizen 5 3400G Power: 500w reals Memory:16 gb G.skill F4 3200 C16D 2x8Gb DDR4 Hard disk: 240 SSD SO: Windows 10 x64 The problem is when I start the computer in two minutes a blue screen appears with different...
  5. christakakis

    Question RAM upgrade question for Acer Aspire 5 A515-51G

    Hello, I have an Acer Aspire A515-51G and I want some opinions before I upgrade my RAM. Right now the laptop has 8GB (4GB soldered on motherboard and 4GB switchable). I'm thinking of removing the 4GB and placing a 16GB, in order to have 20GB (which is the maximum supported for this...
  6. Tim Red Beard

    Question Can I mix G.Skill TridentZ 3200mhz with Different CL?

    Hey tech community, I got a question that I can't really find the answer for. I have some 2 x 8GB TridentZ DDR4-3200 CL16-16-16-32 sticks that are in my Z170 ASUS Hero MB, I want to upgrade it with 2 more 8GB DIMMS but I can't find the same G.Skill TridentZ DDR4-3200 CL16-16-16-32 DIMMS for...
  7. I

    Question PC Shutting Down with no errors.

    Following is my config- Ryzen 3900x Stock at 1.25v ML240R Cooler 16x2 GB Trident Royal Z 3600MHz (Hynix CJR) MEG x570 ACE SX8200Pro 512 GB MX500 250 GB 1 TB + 500 GB 7200 RPM from HGST RM1000x 1000W Al,ost all stuff bought in Aug 2019 Temperatures are good. Since a few days, PC is restarting...
  8. Question G.Skill 3600 CL16 memory performing below expectations

    Hey guys, I recently switched to AMD from my i7 4790K, I did a lot of research and bought the following: - Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master - AMD Ryzen 7 3700X - G.Skill Ripjaws V 3600MHz Cl16 (F4-3600C16D-16GVK) I set XMP to Profile 1 and all looks well and the PC worked without any...
  9. D

    Question Should I upgrade my cooling or RAM First?

    So I have been wondering which upgrade I should do first: RAM or CPU Cooling. I have a kit of Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB 2400, which is okay, but I need a little upgrade to run everything smoothly. However, my system is purely positive pressure, no exhaust fans here. I think having the AMD Wraith...
  10. S

    Question Please need help

    Hi The components in question are as follows MOBO: Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming Ram G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 (4*8) Now from what I've read, it seems there is an issue with G.skill and Gigbayte synching when it comes to RGB. However, I've uninstalled everything and related to the RGB and installed...
  11. J

    Question EZ Debug LED - DRAM not turning on/skipping

    My brand new PC has been having troubles posting every boot up and I've done everything I could with checking monitor/cables, updating BIOS and clearing CMOS with no luck. I've only realized that the EZ Debug LED CPU light turns on then off after a few seconds but then doesn't continue and the...
  12. Pedro Sipf

    Question RAM Upgrade on Ryzen 1st gen

    Hello guys, I am looking for a RAM upgrade right now and I need your help. Right now I'm running a ryzen 1600 (3.8Ghz OC) on a Strix B350-F. I'd like to upgrade from my 2x4GB 2400 kit to something faster with more capacity. While searching, I came across a 16GB 3000 kit of G.Skill...
  13. P

    Question 3200mhz cl16 or 3600 cl18?

    Hi everyone, I got question about ram. My spec are Ryzen 2700x stock but pbo G.skill 2x8GB cl16 Asus crosshair VIII hero Gtx 1080 ti So should I stick with my own ram? Or upgrade g.skill 3600mhz cl18? Thank you for you answer
  14. A

    Question Mobo damaging PSUs. One already died. I'm hopeless at this point

    About a year ago I bought a CM 80+ Gold PSU and it worked well for a few months. Then the wiring noises started and honestly they are loud and scary. I have sent the PSU back together with the GPU (because there was loud coil whine from it as well) and borrowed a PSU that 100% worked from a...
  15. antr1x

    Question Looking for memory [TRX40, Aorus Xtreme + 3970x]

    Hi everyone! Yesterday i updated my PC - replaced the motherboard and cpu to TRX40 Aorus Extreme / TR3970X. Now i want to ask your advice - what memory to buy that will work with the XMP profile (i need exactly 128 GB, no matter how many modules there will be )? Well, or at least stable at a...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Will this memory run optimally with my motherboard?

    I want to buy this ram, because it fits my needs and local retailer: https://www.gskill.com/qvl/165/168/1536228574/F4-3200C16Q-64GTZSK-Qvl But I want to pair it with my z390 gigabyte designare motherboard: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z390-DESIGNARE-rev-10#kf G.skill's website only...
  17. M

    Question Which timing is better?

    16-16-16-36 16-19-19-39 18-22-22-42
  18. SapienNoHomo

    [SOLVED] ROG B350 F-STRIX Gaming White LED

    Last night, I went to go say goodnight to some friends on my computer, but when i turned it on, right after windows startup, the fans got louder and the screen went black. I tried again, and it did it once again. I didn't think much of it, so i went to bed. When i got home from school the next...
  19. H

    Question base 3600Mhz ram won't run at 3600Mhz

    Hello folks of THF. I've been having problems with my getting my DRAM modules to run at their advertised 3600Mhz settings. Please see my setup below: Memory: G.Skill Trident Z Neo (Hynix) DDR4-3600MHz CL16-19-19-39 1.35V 16GB (2x8GB); Link: https://bit.ly/2QTy69p Motherboard: ASRock X570M...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] G.Skill Hynix VS Samsung B Die - Price to Performance

    I found a really good deal of 64gb 4x16gb 3600mhz CAS Latency 16 on Newegg: PCPartPicker Part List Memory: G.Skill Trident Z Neo 64 GB (4 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 Memory ($364.99 @ Newegg) Total: $364.99 Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-01-04...