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Forum discussion tagged with Galaxy.
  1. TweakTech06

    Question Best S3 Kernel?

    Hi, I have a i9305 S3 with 2GB of ram and Android 4.4.4 installed, with TGPKernel. Does anyone know something better? With overclocking? Boeffla Kernel gives me a soft brick so that's out of the picture. Any help would be appreciated. -TweakTech06
  2. K

    Question How would i root and flash the Evolution X ROM onto my Samsung Galaxy A6 2018?

    I have a Samsung galaxy A600FN 2018 running Android 10 with Samsung's One UI 2.0. I want to flash the Evolution X ROM onto it as I'm constantly low on storage and would like to free up some space with a lighter OS and use my SD card as native storage. How would I do this? What is unlocking the...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Phone Screen Black Unless you adjust brightness

    This is going to be a little tough to explain... Starting from the beginning -- I have a Samsung Galaxy S9. A couple months ago, there was a software update which I went ahead, downloaded and tried to install. During the installation, the phone got very hot and the screen turned black with a...
  4. G

    Question S8 in 2019?

    So im looking to change my j5 with galaxy s series. Here i can buy s8 for 370usd(new ofc), is it good buy or not? Will I get all softwares updates or not? S9 is 420usd but i dont use phone too much, so i think that it is overkill for me. Both phones are new with warranty. Camera doesnt matter-i...
  5. T

    Question Is 88% battery health good?

    I recently bought a Samsung phone from a reputable phone refurbishing company on eBay and the phone came with the battery health at 88%. They accept returns and I was wondering if the battery health is too low or not?
  6. O

    Question Am4 mobo question

    I have a HP Envy 750-610. It has a basswood am4 mobo with a ryzen 5 1400. I will be upgrading it at some point in the future and plan to get a Ryzen r7 1700 and will want to OC which I can not do on this mobo. I will be using it for gaming. I'm interested to know a good cheap mobo for this.
  7. Manrajji

    Question Can I play GTA v

    Can a hd8470d run GTA v in low settings
  8. R

    Question HP part L23187 cable for internal 2" SSD - Dell alternate?

    I wish to insert my old ssd into a currently selling HP 14-cf0018ca but the connecting cable is said to be discontinued ie HP isn't selling it. HP does sell a similar laptop with the ssd so the discontinued bit is preposterous. Anybody found a workaround using a Dell cable?
  9. A

    Question Wireless mouse and keyboard that are charged with a mouse pad.

    Hey guys i'm trying to cut more and more cables from my build and after getting a wireless keyboard and headset i find myself having to charge them one after another. I'm wondering if there is a full desk mouse pad that supports charging both a mouse and a keyboard. Only see mouse options...
  10. V

    [SOLVED] Advice please on dropping off parts for a builder

    I have bought all my parts and now I need to drop them off to a guy to build. I do not know this person but he has good reviews (not sure of that means much). Do I need to make up a contract for him to sign stating that I am dropping off the parts and he's signing to receive said parts and...
  11. D

    Question Asrock itx x470

    I have never built and am so confused. Am I reading the specs correctly that I could only connect ONE case fan to this mobo??? I started worrying about this when I saw something on reddit where someone said most itx mobos only have 1 header for a case fan. What sense would that make to have it...
  12. N

    [SOLVED] Would these voltages prevent a boot?

    I'm testing voltages on my 24 pin connector with a multimeter trying to figure out what's preventing my system from booting. It's reading as follows 12v = 14.24v 5v= 5.91v 3v= 3.89v Are these normal, or do i need a new power supply? My 12v reading seems rather high.
  13. maillet

    Question my samsung 850 ssd caused incompatibilities problems with my actual machine

    Hi. Was planing to buy a new ssd since my current one causes problems with my actulal machine. they say the rapid mode cant function due to incompatibilities. i'm running with a ryzen 2700x, x470 aorus ultra gaming, gtx 1080, corsair vengeance LPX 16Gb 2933Mhz on windows 10 pro the ultimate...
  14. ThotBait

    Question Migrating OS from HDD to SSD

    I just recently got an SSD to put my OS on and a few games from my HDD, I managed to do the migration successfully but a problem has occurred when I want to put the Desktop, Documents, Pictures etc folders onto the HDD. I was changing the location for the Desktop and Pictures folders but it...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 2600 - GTX 1050 combination

    So I will be picking up a few new parts in the morning once Best-buy opens. I'm picking up the Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core 3.4ghz, the MSI B450 Tomahawk, and the Vengeance LPX 16GB 2.4ghz RAM. I'm just curious if this is a good combo for basic stuff and gaming, I don't play on max graphics cause my...
  16. I

    Question Computer Keeps Freezing

    This is a custom build PC for Blue Iris software. The cpu is a i7-9700K with 16GB memory and Gigabyte Z390M motherboard. 600W PSU. The PC is freezing up and for the life of me I have no idea why. I upgraded all the parts in late December 2018. It worked fine for about 45 days. Then it froze...
  17. Atyop

    [SOLVED] Is it worth upgrading my Phenom II X4 970 to Athlon 200ge?

    Basically I'm Happy with my phenom in terms of multitasking , I was thinking about upgrading to Athlon 200ge for the igpu and AM4 Mobo that will let me upgrade to a ryzen cpu eventually , will I loose multitasking performance ( 4 real cores vs 2 cores 4 threads)?
  18. Teker078

    Question Motherboard not powering on

    I recently bought a cpu, 12gb of ram and a motherboard from a 2nd hand seller, when it arrived the motherboard was not turning on, the seller wont give me back the money so im trying to fix it, the motherboard is a msi H81M-P33, the cpu a i5-4590, one of the rams is a 4gb (samsung) one and the...
  19. E

    Question Help checking RAM speed

    Hello, I want upgrade my RAM and I just wanted to be sure what frequency do i have, I attached a photo of CPU-Z Im not sure if I have 1600 MHz as I have just a single channel (1 slot of 8GB) and it says the frequency is about 800, so it kinda confused me. View: https://imgur.com/jhXzkHk...
  20. C

    Question Error 113 error 117 when trying to install program

    hi guys trying to install xilog plus to run my cnc milling machine coming up with error 113 or error 117 anyone help