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  1. M

    Static noise with new motherboard

    Recently i bought new Mobo: Gigabyte Z370-p. After the first boot there was a static noise. When i move my mouse then i makes strange noise. Tried booting to BIOS, no static in there. There is static in my mic also. I tried all the tips, but nothing helped. Grounded pc, soundcard, new Psu...
  2. S

    PC broken please help

    I took out the cpu, replaced it with new cpu, didnt put fan back in because i wanted to check if the cpu worked before i did a bunch of work. booted up fine first time, then i turned off because it was making a strange sound, turned back on and in red letters it said something about cpu failure...
  3. A

    Why can't I change my default media player?

    I go to choose an app for each file type and I change it to MPC-HC x64 and it won't change. Round 2 - I tried to open a file with a right click and open with and I chose a different app. The next screen shows the apps I've used and the ones it suggests and I choose MPC and click on Always use...
  4. A

    Corsair HX620W in 2018?

    Hey guys! I am currently building a Ryzen 3 build (A very budget build to re-use my HD7950 since I got a cheap GTX680 that is also working but with 4GB of RAM) and I'd like to give it to my girlfriend. I bought a used HX620W (Yes, I know, It is very old) but it looks brand new! And it only...
  5. S

    Unique Home Network

    So I have access to multiple Hotspots that come an go from my residence. They are the only source of internet, but there is always at least 1 Hotspot there. I currently have a Cradlepoint MBR95 that selects the Hotspot to use based on availability and priority. I want to add a Netgear R6400...
  6. S

    NZXT kraken x52 pump failure!!

    Hello i gave my kraken x52 and he said he install it and the pump was not working and the pc was unable to boot cause the temps i placed it back in my pc and it works just fine at 30c.Kraken x52 have a sata connector, he connected it to a sata splitter rather the psu sata itself do you think...
  7. M

    No Boot, Gigabyte Intel Z68 ATX DDR3 2133 LGA 1155 Motherboards GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 LED phase green green yellow red

    Hi! So one morning while turning on my computer to do work, it started to boot up then power down and continue to do this over and over. I have a i72600k on a Gigabyte Intel Z68 ATX DDR3 2133 LGA 1155 Motherboards GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 with Cosair Vengence DDR3 1600 and currently using integrated...
  8. A

    Will replacing my CPU cooler be worth it?

    [Moderator note: edited to break up wall of text.] I am using a core i7 7700k, and the cooler attached is a Thermaltake gravity i2. I purchased the computer pre-built, because at the time it was on sale and I was getting my CPU and a GTX 1080 for about $1000. I don't have any issue with...
  9. K

    The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck

    So I had this issue once a few days ago while actually using my computer, playing a game, and the computer just shut down then restarted on it's own maybe 5 seconds later. This time, it happened 4 hours ago, while I was sleeping and computer was idle. I went through all my Windows Event Viewer...
  10. apiltch

    How to Get the Windows 10 October 2018 Update Right Now

    Microsoft's latest Windows build is rolling out slowly via auto update, but with a few simple steps, you can download and install it manually today. How to Get the Windows 10 October 2018 Update Right Now : Read more
  11. D

    RAM speed lower than it should be

    Hello, so I've downloaded CPU-Z and realised that my RAM speed is 800MHz when it's supposed to be 1600MHz. When I entered the BIOS, it says that the speed is 1600MHz. So I guess my question is, if there is anything I can do to boost RAM speed? What can be changed via BIOSs AI Tweaker? My...
  12. F

    Is it safe having the “Documents” folder on an external hard drive?

    Is it safe having the “Documents” folder on an external hard drive? I’m thinking of having an external Seagate 2TB hard drive to store most of my documents and a few other things too. I’m not planning on traveling a lot, but I’d like to bring it if I’m going over to a friends house or a music...
  13. J

    300 mbps Download Speed Dropped to 70 mbps Download Speed Out of Nowhere (Wired Connection)

    Hello, Previously, I was getting download speeds of 300-400 mbps but now I am only getting download speeds of 70-75 mbps. I've come to the conclusion that the cable (cat 6) is definitely not the issue because I've connected it to multiple devices and they've had the appropriate speeds and I...
  14. C

    CPU For 4K Video (8300)

    Hi, Can the Intel Core i3 8300 3.7Ghz 8MB Cache run 4K videos smoothly? Can its Intel UHD Graphics 630 handle it? Is an Intel Core i5 8400 2.8Ghz 9MB a more preferable choice? Thanks
  15. F

    New Pc and Which Graphic Card

    I am buying dell optiplex 990Mt so which graphic card would work best under 2gb pc is i7 2nd gen
  16. B

    Looking for a processor to match a GTX 1060.

    I am looking for a CPU upgrade for my setup. I am currently using an AMD FX-6300 with a GTX 1050 ti. I am ordering a GTX 1060 6gb soon and I am in need of a good processor. Specs + Links ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motherboard: AM3+...
  17. K

    My pc keeps starting and then shutting off

    I've just build a new pc. Almost switched everything out from my old pc, besides psu, ram and storage. I have tried to switch ram slots many times. Tried to boot without GPU, but still same problem. And im pretty sure that all sticks are correct, but not 100%. My thought is the CPU, that it...
  18. D

    cant change bios

    Hey everyone, I am having a massive problem right now and being a knowledgeable person I have attempted so much to sort this out but I just cant. I am trying to simply update my Foxconn 45gm BIOS from the 2007 one to a 2008 one so that I can use my new core 2 duo e6320 cpu, I have downloaded...
  19. randomewok4

    Good budget PSU for RX 570

    I am going to upgrade my friends PC right now he's got : -I7 7700 - 16gb DDR4 - Integrated GPU - el cheapo PSU (350w) And I want to upgrade him to a RX 570 4gb (it's on sale right now) but don't know what PSU would be good. My options based on shopping are limited though so my main options are...
  20. Superlp12

    Line out on back of pc

    Pretty confused on headphone connection. On my previous z270(gigabyte gaming 7) motherboard, it has a separate output marked headphone for which Plug in my headphone. If i plug it into the front line out, there will be no sound. On my current z370(gigabyte z370 gaming7), there is no separate...