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    How to get 1080p 144hz from second monitor connected to laptop

    Hello all, So here is my situation. I have a Gigabyte Aero 15x (new one with 1070 Max-Q and 8750H) and two monitors: Asus PG278QR (1440p, 165hz) and Asus VG248Q. I have the PG278QR plugged into the mini displayport on the laptop. I was wondering how to get the VG248Q to run at 1080p 144hz...
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    New Dell G7 Wifi issues

    I've bought the G7 7588 this past Saturday. Made a clean install, so no bloatware, and updated the drivers via SupportAssist and Intel... But, my WiFi connection? Absolutely horrendous. I live out in the sticks, so my internet isn't the greatest (average 2 down on a good day), so the connection...
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    Ryzen 7 2700X + Gigabyte AX370M no POST

    So I just purchased the new R7 2700X and I installed it on my new Gigabyte AX370M Gaming 3 Motherboard. But when I try to boot the system, everything turns on, but there is no sign of a POST. I don't know why it does that. I can't update my bios because I don't have another Ryzen CPU, but the...
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    8700k and integrated GPU

    hello all, i have a question, im planning to build my audio production (daw) system, and since i dont need any fancy gpu, im using the integrated one, now the issue, ASROCK z370 pro 4 has nice outputs, but where is that integrated gpu is it on the cpu itself? in that case intel graphics 630, or...
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    spilled water on razer blackwidow keyboard

    So I spilled about a fifth of a cup of water on my razer blackwidow chroma keyboard while it was on and I pressed a key to make sure it was working and it responded ok. Then I immediately unplugged it and flipped the keyboard upside down to remove the water and then I let it dry overnight. When...
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    Will a graphics card affect CPU perfomance

    i7-8700k Gigabyte z370xp , 1x16g ram GTX570. I just want to ask if the graphics card is affecting the perfomance of the cpu ? I do video editing Pinacle studio do freeze while editing.
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    which is better?

    is it better to choose nvidia gtx 650 or asus gtx 750?
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    Whats is the difference?

    Hello, What is the difference between a workstation and a good pc to work with after effects, maya, c4d and premiere? Could you please clarify me?
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    i5 3570 or Ryzen 3 1200 Which one to go for?

    Hey, i currently have a Basic PC. Specs are given below. Intel Pentium G2030 Asus H61MC-S 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM 500GB HDD 450W PSU As of now i have finished my studies and free for a year. So i usually play games, use photoshop etc... But as all of you know it is a basic pc and can't handle...
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    Dual OS on laptop info

    Hello Tom'sHardware I am buying a new laptop for college, I'm using the services of PcSpecialist to pick all the individual parts for the laptop. They put it together and send it over. Though I have a question concerning whether it's possible to have both the MacIOS and Windows operating...
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    i5 6500 gtx 1070

    In bf1 my gpu usage is only at 45 percent while cpu is always at 100 percent. Fps is fine when I tweak settings on all configuration. I have 8 gb of ram as well. I was wondering why the game is always so stuttery and choppy when fps is fine. Thx for the help
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    Double click speed is messed up, I think my mouse is broken

    The last few months I've noticed that sometimes my mouse double clicks when I did not. I have a razor laptop and my mom bought the death adder to go with it, however I do travel a lot so I think it may have gotten slightly damaged in one of the many times I've taken my laptop with me. I believe...
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    Microphone won't work in apps.

    Basically after the latest windows update my mic doesn't want to work in third party apps. And before anyone asks yes I have tried to fix it heres a rundown- reset windows audio-mic is not broken-sounds>recording>select mic>greem bars are present- latest realtek driver-latest nvidia driver- mic...
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    Overclock Ryzen 2600x with the included fan

    I was wondering if I can safely overclock the ryzen 2600x with the included wraith spire cooler fan, or if I should get a better cooler if I want to overclock it.
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    gtx 1060 6gb is running slow

    hello i have a problem with my gtx 1060 that i got about 4 months ago... it is under performing in all games and its making me mad when i got the card i could run farcry5 at max with 60+fps but now and lowest settings 1600x900 i dont even get 30fps. also i used to have a gtx 750ti 2 years ago...
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    MSI Afterburner shows me 5005 Mhz on my GTX 1080 MSI Gaming X

    MSI Afterburner shows me 5005 Mhz on my GTX 1080 MSI Gaming X Screenshot: I made a screenshot while playing Quake Champions. but in specifications on MSI website written that: MEMORY CLOCK SPEED 10108 MHz (OC Mode) 10010 MHz (Gaming Mode)...
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    Drives randomly dropping out (once per boot cycle) I/O error

    Ok, this one is a bit of a puzzler. Background I have 4 hard drives, one boot (SSD), 2 western digital reds, and an old seagate. I boot my computer up, play around some, and then, suddenly, all of my non-boot drives give i/o errors. I can still access my C (boot) drive, but using explorer to...
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    My LED CoolerMaster case fans aren't lighting up, but they are spinning

    As the title states, my lights on my fan aren't turning on, and I'm not sure why. I've recently switched to a new case (CoolerMaster masterbox pro 5) which came with 3 120mm front case LED RGB fans. I moved all of my pc components from my old case to this one, but the LEDs won't work, which was...
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    TYAN S7012 and SATA III Adapter

    (Sorry for my bad english) I recently bought a Tyan S7012 S7012GM4NR Motherboard for USD$40 on eBay and I noticed that it only has SATA II. Is there any PCI-e adapter to SATA III compatible with this motherboard?
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    Does the Corsair TX750M come with a power cord to plug into the wall?

    I bought this PSU and I can't find where it says whether it comes with a power cord or not. If not, which power cord do I buy for this PSU? Are they all the same? I bought this on Amazon from Corsair btw. Thanks.