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  1. S

    Question Game location on SSD or HDD

    Hi as title, for loading the games in character screen like R6S, ghost recon wildland, league of legends and so on, should I locate my game files on SSD for loading faster or it just depends on the process of operation system so I should just install windows on SSD?
  2. MySeaGateIsDown

    External monitor for XPS l502x lags on Ubuntu 15.10

    I just purchased a Dell s2216H monitor, as my XPS l502x LCD broke. I'm using ubuntu 15.10 with default XOrg drivers on it. I connected the screen with HDMI and turned off the laptop display using the `Fn` + `F1` key and display settings respectively. My issue: At full HD resolution, the mouse...
  3. H

    No signal to monitor.

    Hello guys, I am having a problem with my display. My monitor doesn't display anything when i connected via HDMI cable, but it seems to work fine when i connect it with VGA cable. HDMI cable worked fine for the last few weeks when i have this computer built until this last few days.