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  1. zombiesoul

    Question GPU Undervolting/Overclocking

    I was using Resident Evil 2 remake to check Gpu Undervolt, after a few tries I got it to stop shutting pc off but after a few minutes of playing game crashes I have mostly everything at Max graphics settings including 200 percent image quality. So my question: if I am undervolting or...
  2. C

    Question While playing games randomly minimize

    Hello, While playing games sometimes it will randomly minimize. It seems to be completely random however a few times it has crashed right after a game. I disabled windows game mode, checked for virus, and updated drivers and windows but it still seems to happen. I still have the razer game...
  3. H

    Question Gpu fan giving a funny noise?

    Ok, so I have a gigabyte gtx 950 and a few days ago I've started to notice, that after approx. half an hour of gameplay a fan gives some funny noise, not sure it's the gpu, so I've removed it, done some dusting, and now it gives some different noise, and this time it's definitely the gpu, but...
  4. 1blackhawk

    Question Help! Any game crashes after 5-10 minutes on my new PC

    So here’s the deal: any game crashes in 5-10 minutes on my brand new custom pc. It doesn’t matter what game, Minecraft was crashing... I built the pc by myself for the first time, and it went fine until I tried playing Fortnite. I was running it on epic settings and the game crashed in 5...
  5. Kuya Faz

    [SOLVED] How long does it take to get graphics card back after they fixed it?

    can you help me guys, pls share your experience:). This is my first experience to have a defective graphics card and to use warranty too.
  6. B

    I need help setting up a gtx 1030

    I just bought a hex 1030 for a very old pc I installed it. When launching windows from the video output of the mother board it gives me a screed saying plug your video cable into grapics card and restart pc the only problem is the gtx 1030 does not have the current port that I am using and my...
  7. NDDU Julius BSIT

    Limiting the RAM usage of a game?

    Is there a way for me to limit the RAM usage of a game? I cannot afford YET to buy a DDR4 stick for my laptop.
  8. S

    Intel build good for gaming? Elder scrolls Online

    Hey all, I have a build that I am curious at how well it can game. Deciding on using my Xbox One or my PC, maybe upgrade GPU depends on this forum. Sad I know. So Here's my build Mobo: ASUS P7P55D-E Socket: LGA1156 CPU: i7-860 2.80GHz Memory: G.SKILL Ares Series 8GB Speed: DDR3 12800...
  9. koukoubagios

    Motherboard & RAM module .Please help

    Hi all , i have a Gigabyte GA-790FXTA-UD5 mobo ( ) with OCZ AMD Black Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3-1600 memory ( ) I want to remove old 4gb ram and install Mushkin Blackline...