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    [SOLVED] PC Crashing to Desktop while playing games

    Hello guys, Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Recently, I have been crashing to the desktop in every game I play, at random times. I recently installed a new GPU, the GTX 1660 ti, but was not crashing until I installed new ram sticks one week later and updated to the most recent...
  2. I

    Question Pc suddenly crashing when launching games

    So suddenly the other day, like 2 days ago, my pc keeps crashing when launching games. The game freezes and when i open task manager it crashes to. I can click everywhere just without anything happening. I haven't changed anything before it happened. It just randomly started. My specs: CPU...
  3. S

    Question PC freezes while gaming (No BSOD) and other problems. Please Help

    PC specs are down below. Please Note - I have a few suspicions of the origin of the problem, but I'm not decisive or too sure on what it is, though, I'm not expert in computers. Also, sorry for the long post but I feel like all the small details may be important. Bit of Background I did not...
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    Question Keep getting blue screened and my games are crashing.

    Hey guys! recently i had to completely upgrade my pc because my motherboard died and i decided to was a better investment to buy more modern parts. The thing is my PC has recently been getting lots of blue screens (something that never happend be for changing my parts). Also whilst gaming...
  5. C

    Question While playing games randomly minimize

    Hello, While playing games sometimes it will randomly minimize. It seems to be completely random however a few times it has crashed right after a game. I disabled windows game mode, checked for virus, and updated drivers and windows but it still seems to happen. I still have the razer game...
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    [SOLVED] PC locking up during games i'm all out of ideas

    First time posting here because i am all out of ideas on what this issue could be. So my PC keeps on locking up ( freezing) while playing games more so hunt showdown and Apex the game will start up fine and i can get into the menu. the game play itself will lock up and just leave me with the...
  7. M

    Compatibility of my mobo and cpu

    Hey guys, I bought a Msi B350 Tomahawk Gaming mobo and wanted to know if it's compatible without issue's with a ryzen 1500x ? I heard some complains lately and wanted to be sure before opening them. Regards
  8. T

    Monitor for Gaming and Design??

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to get a new monitor to add to my setup. I do game quite a bit (mostly Overwatch), aswell as doing graphic design/video production. My budget is about $500AUD and under, preferably as cheap as possible. It looks like a VA panel would be perfect for me, however I can't...
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    PC won't restart properly.

    Hi, I bought a new CPU this week-i5 4690k and after install all was fine.However 4 days later something strange happened. When I press restart on my PC (Win 10) it goes through the restart process but just when it should restart and the BIOS screen should appear,it just stays black.It shuts...
  10. kempiedempie

    PC next to window safe?

    Hello, So my pc is placed next to a window, is that bad? The sun never shines trough the window because it's faced north. Thank you! PS: sorry for my bad English