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  1. I

    Build Advice Budget desktop workstation for UE4/UE5 game development and scene renderings in Blender ?

    Hi, guys! I'm saving up for a powerful workstation that can help me with UE4 game development as well as designing and rendering 3D scenes in Blender as well as doing motion graphics in After Effects. My current gaming laptop isn't enough and starts slowing up when I run Photoshop and After...
  2. filipdev

    [SOLVED] CPU &GPU logging

    Hello, I'm making a game and I have friends who are going to beta test the game in February and I want to know is there any kind of software or whatever that will work in the background when they install the game and it will create log files (txt. maybe) with informations about the CPU and GPU...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] Building Advice for Game Dev / 3D Modeling?

    I'm looking to build a PC to do Game Dev (and gaming) as well as 3D modeling. I've been using my 11 year old PC but it's sadly having heating issues and is likely going to die soon. So I've decided to finally build a new PC. I would mainly be running things like Blender or ZBrush for modeling...
  4. D

    i5 3570k stock clocks with Hyper 212 EVO temp question

    Hello all :) I've often come to this site for advice but this is my first time making a post. Firstly my ambient room temp is about 22c. I recently installed a Hyper 212 EVO for my 3570k cpu (stock clocks). My idle temps are around 30-32c and I did a 100% load test with BurnInTest for 10mins...