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  1. T

    Question Which of the following courses will be helpful in Android Game Development?

    Hello! I am very passionate about Video Game Development but unfortunately there are no institutes teaching about Video Games in Pakistan. And I am also a poor lad. My mom earns a very little amount. She teaches in a school. I can't afford going USA for studies. Anyways I have found an institute...
  2. O

    Should i upgrade my GPU or CPU first

    I am building my first PC And i have an AMD a85600k for my CPU. My GPU is a GT 1030. As it is my first build i wondering firstly will this setup run any newer games on low/med settings. If not what should i buy next or should i keep what i have? Thanks
  3. S


    I have a H100 v2 Corsair liquid cooler and my case is cooler master force 500 ATX mid-tower case. Apparently,there is no possible to fit the coller in this case. But theoritcally it is compatible.
  4. F

    Can't seem to get i7 4770k past 4.2 ghz

    Using an i7 4770k 3.5 ghz turbo boost to 3.9 ghz. I am a overclocking newbie by the way. What I did was turn off turbo boost and set: -cpu ratio to 42 -ring ratio is auto at 3.9 -DRAM is at 1600 mhz -VCCIN voltage at 2.0V -cpu core voltage at 1.25V -DRAM voltage at 1.5V Moving the cpu ratio to...
  5. D

    Mobo or graphics card bad?

    I will try to keep this short. I built an i5-6600k with asus z170e motherboad and asus strix 980ti oc edition. WHen the card was in my z97 build i had a mild overclock on it. WHen I built into the z170 board, about 2 minutes into unigine after putting the OC on, pixelation on the screen and...
  6. SinxarKnights

    Cryorig H7 issues should I switch back to stock cooler?

    So I have been having issues with my H7 with unusually high temps that I only recently noticed. It is quite possible that it has been like this all along and I didn't realize it. So I installed MSI afterburner for some GPU overclocking. Got a solid OC on my 970. I seen it also has CPU temp...
  7. M

    Socket cover mobo

    Returning MSI Z97 5 motherboard and lost the CPU socket that protects the pins. Is there another way to get a new one. Thanks.
  8. R

    My computer has internet when I plug an ethernet cable from router and when I plug directly from modem I have no internet

    My computer has internet when I plug in an ethernet cable from router and when I plug directly from the modem I can't connect to the internet.
  9. M

    Need help choosing a Motherboard+CPU+RAM Bundle.

    My PC right now. Win7/64 bit PBLG00 Amd Phantom x4 9650 x2 DDR2 2gb ram R7850 XFX core edition 2gb ddr5 Corsair CX500M I want a Intel cpu and at least 8 ddr3 ram. Heres what im thinking to buy, However i dont know if there...