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Game Issues

Forum discussion tagged with Game Issues.
  1. DatBoi10113

    Question Why does my CPU usage drop to .3% causing my game to freeze

    Greetings everyone! So, when I play Rainbow 6 Siege it keeps freezing. I have task manager open on my second monitor, and when the game freezes, my CPU usage goes down to .3%. It is frozen for about 15-20 seconds, then when I get back, it says that I have around 3000 ping? Is my CPU problem or a...
  2. F

    Question Games Crashing

    Okay so i have new PC i use it Pretty much Daily for the past 5 Month and now its giving me issue Firstly i completely reset my PC because im getting low Storage and i dont want to go trough my Drive to clean it up so i reset my PC After doing a reset i reinstall everything that necessary to...
  3. I

    Budget Video Editing/Streaming PC (Around $400-$550 USD)

    I have a friend that needs to do some basic video editing and livestreaming with a group of friends, as well as maintaining a YouTube channel for the same group. I asked him what type of budget he had and he said "Anywhere from $400 to about $550." I told him I can build it, and he needs to just...