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  1. BurberryCheesecake

    Question High ping on one game only

    I am from PH and the servers that I play on Sandstorm are either from SG or Taiwan and since Nov 2021 I've been able to play on 40-90 ping up until 3 weeks ago where my ping is constantly above 300. I tried to reset my router and reinstalled my network drivers to no avail. How do I know what the...
  2. Ethereality

    Question Display issues with old game

    Hi everyone, I tried playing this old game from 2002 called Soldiers of Anarchy but I'm having some issues with the display. Strange flickering colors and patterns as can be seen in the video I took (link down below). View: I already switched the compabtibility...
  3. vikaskumar2299

    Question Why games are scaling widescreen even if laptop screen resolution is 4:3?

    I have a potato laptop with Intel UHD 620 graphics and a 940MX GPU. So if you know, you don't have NVIDIA scaling options in the NVIDIA control panel when you are not using any external monitor. It shows only a limited options. So I can control scaling using Intel GPU settings only. I tried...
  4. nitharshan95

    Question Pc turns off

    I plugged two monitors and while using computer suddenly my pc turns off, I have no idea about the issue. :(
  5. mrkerryn

    Question Performance issues in newer games

    Hello, I've always got no problems with any games in terms of FPS, like steel division, witcher 3. etc.. (always about 60 fps) But I recently bought a game called Post Scriptum which I tought will be fun.. But after I started playing it, it became a nightmare.. I have contstantly under 20 FPS on...
  6. SenatorPC1989

    Question Is there a difference between 60 FPS in 60Hz monitor vs 75hz and 120hz and 144Hz ?

    hi if my pc just run 60 fps in game , What is the difference between a 60 and 75 and 120 and 144 Hz monitor? for example my vga is gtx 1650 and monitor resolution is 1920*1080 my vga cant run more than 60 fps in many game in full hd So do I need to get a monitor above 60 Hz?
  7. Jaunval

    Question Why does my mic cut under high gpu usage?

    When my gpu uses above like 60 maybe 70% my audio will cut for for a second or 2 and then come back but my mic will not work. I have to leave and rejoin the discord vc to fix this. Any ideas? Specs: ryzen 5 3600 rx 5600xt asrock b450m steel legend 16gb xpg ram 3200mhz but running lower because...
  8. LuciferCannibal

    Question Upgraded to the 6900xt, now getting stutters in games.

    Hey everyone, Im super stumped on this and I cannot find out the issue for the life of me. I recently brought the MSI 6900xt as an upgrade from the RTX 2080 Super, I used DDU and Revo uninstaller to completely get rid of anything Nvidia related so no clashes will happen. I played Resident Evil...
  9. GalacticGeek_

    [SOLVED] Is 8GB RAM reallly that bad ? or is it something entirely else wrong with my PC? (Halo infinite and Warzone is unplayable).

    PC SPECS : OS :Windows 10 CPU: Intel Core i3 9100F @ 3.60GHz RAM: 8.00GB Single-Channel @ 2400MHz MOTHERBOARD: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. PRIME H310M-E R2.0 Graphics Card : 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER Storage: SDD and a HDD SDD (OS is installed here and halo infinite) ...
  10. B

    Question why my cpu is so hot?

    it's been a few weeks that I've got this problem that my CPU is so hot in low usage like in 20% it goes even to 80 degrees but when I play games like rainbow six in high quality or rdr2 and there is no problem when I play the games I get upper 100 fps and the CPU usage is around 100% but the...
  11. G

    [SOLVED] Optimal vs Adaptive vs Maximum Performance ?

    Hello! Few days ago I watched a few videos and read a couple of topics where people recommend setting the Optimal parameter in Power Management mode instead of Maximum Performance. People who recommend it say that there is nothing terrible about it for games and it may even be better for...
  12. I

    Build Advice Budget desktop workstation for UE4/UE5 game development and scene renderings in Blender ?

    Hi, guys! I'm saving up for a powerful workstation that can help me with UE4 game development as well as designing and rendering 3D scenes in Blender as well as doing motion graphics in After Effects. My current gaming laptop isn't enough and starts slowing up when I run Photoshop and After...
  13. T

    [SOLVED] internet disconnects when playing games

    i was at college for a few months, and came back for thanksgiving break. now that I'm back, my PC disconnects from the internet whenever i'm playing a game. It ONLY happens when a game is open, such as Valorant or COD: Warzone. It is connected by ethernet to my wi-fi extender upstairs. Might I...
  14. A

    Question Prebuilt PC BSOD and crashing games while playing games

    Hello everyone I was wondering if someone could help me out with my prebuilt. I built it about 2 years ago and it has been running great for the whole time. Recently I have been having a lot of BSOD and game crashes out of nowhere. Some of the times I will get BSOD that have stop codes like...
  15. David Marko

    [SOLVED] what should i buy to increase my game fps

    Hi, i don't know bout PCs so i have no idea what components is increasing fps and which doesn'ţ. Cpu - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.19 GHz Ram - 16.0 GB (15.8 GB usable) Gpu - AMD Radeon RX 550 Any recomendations would be greatly appriciated.
  16. E


    Hello, I have one question. When I play Assassin's creed Odyssey as it runs "smoothly" with 40-60fps on medium settings 720fps, the game drops to 15-20fps at random, bus usage jumps from 20% to over 65 and the GPU and CPU ms jump from 20 to 50-60. But the gpu usage stays at 95-100%. I am using...
  17. owsie

    Question RTX 3080 unable to run games in 4:3 aspect ratio ?

    Been seeing this issue posted around the internet since <2015 with no fixes. Unable to tab out of any game, then re-enter. It gives a black screen, then a flash of what the game is, then throws you back out to your desktop. Have the same settings I used to use on my old system: Perform scaling...
  18. D

    [SOLVED] Split TV & Game audio between TV & Headphones?

    As the title states I want to split Audio. I have my pc connected to my GPU via Display Port and a HDMI connected to the same GPU to my TV, I "extend these display's" under 'Display Settings' and play my shows and stuff on the TV, while I am free to game on the Monitor. The TV audio source is...
  19. John Nagy

    [SOLVED] What specs of internet and pc would I need to host a server with 1000+ players?

    Hi, me and my friend are developing an MMORPG and are looking to get a dedicated server to host the game instead of paying extremes from server hosts. If anyone could help with what we would need with specs of the system and required internet speeds that would be amazing! Thanks!
  20. N

    Question Game "couldn't start"

    From one day to another I received this error and no game starts anymore. Already tried running them as an administrator. Screenshot
  21. Sajbot

    [SOLVED] PC restarts when playing modern games

    My PC has been restarting itself since I bought i (two years ago)t. This happens when I play non-old games. The PC restarts itself somewhere between 5 to 40 minutes into playing a game. Here are some games where this occurs: Tribes of Midgard, Hearthstone Battlegrounds, Starcraft 2 And some...
  22. S

    Question Why my screen turns to a random color when I am opening a game?

    Hi guys! I just bought a new pc (used) and I have a problem with it. I have tested 3 games and for two of them (Trackmania Nations Forever, Trackmania 2020) I noticed that when I open the game, after a few seconds-half a minute the screen turns to a random solid color (pink, blue, purple...
  23. Brendon KR

    Question Mouse sticking in games with new monitor

    System details: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 core 3.60Ghz GE Force 3070 32 GB Klevv Ram Windows 10 Dell Alienware aw2521hfl 240hz Logitech G203 Lightsync mouse I got a new monitor today (details above) and suddenly my mouse (details above) is sticking whenever I try to play games. It will move around...
  24. tgSparc

    [SOLVED] Random disconnects from game servers without network background activity.

    So this little thing is driving me crazy, for the past few weeks I've been unable to game on my desktop because I will disconnect from every game 5-10 minutes in (LoL, SC2, Warzone..). I tried just about anything, nothing seemed to work. Untill today, when I left a twitch stream open and tried...
  25. ranjithsamuelking

    [SOLVED] thermal throttling in AMD ryzen 5 3550H while gaming, with stuttering issues

    I have a entry level gaming laptop With amd ryzen 5 3550H @2.1Ghz And gtx 1650. I started noticing stutters in games frequently, and I found that themal throttling is why that happened, the cpu temperature is above 90*C, The real problem is , the game RDR2 gives 43 fps while cpu running at...
  26. inflare

    [SOLVED] Dust build up in pc

    I've had my pc for maybe 5-6 months and during those 5-6 months i haven't cleaned it and right now the performance in games is really unplayable. I've tried everything updating drivers, resetting my pc nothing is working so i'm wondering if the dust in my pc could affect performance
  27. vimu1506

    Question Cities Skylines Game

    My laptop is Lenovo Ideapad 3 15iil05 Core i3 10th gen processor and 8gb ram witj integrated gpu. Is that okay to play cities skylines in my laptop? I have no lot of experience about pc gaming.
  28. Renard8]

    [SOLVED] "Hunt: Showdown" and "Escape from Tarkov" suddenly started crashing ?

    They used to work just fine but recently I cant even get into a game in Escape from Tarkov.It starts loading for 5min+ and just crashes it even buggs my discord.It used to do that on the big maps but now it does it even on the smallest map.I didnt have problems with Hunt too but I played for...
  29. inflare

    Question Game runs smooth for a few minutes then fps drops drastically GTX 1650

    My specs: I5-10400f GTX 1650 8 GB RAM 256 SSD 1TB HHD i have updated drivers, downloaded previous drivers, rollbacked updates, even reset my pc. nothing has worked please help!
  30. SplitValMiner

    Question My PC shuts down after launching certain games.

    First ill tell when i first noticed the issue. First time was when i installed CORE Games because i was curious.Then after double clicking the icon on desktop the Core games started and imedeately after starting up my pc shut down and started booting up few seconds later,i just ignored this and...
  31. Question Low FPS in almost all games on MSI GL63-8SC laptop ?

    I tried playing valorant but I got average 70 fps with a lot of stutters, sometimes dropped to 20 in teamfights, csgo was around 160-200 fps, but oneday I opened csgo and somehow it was capped at 120 fps, I didn't change anything, and I tried to make it uncapped, but nothing works. Here's my...
  32. I

    Question How do i uses this Auto Hot Key?

    Now i'm trying to use this AutoHotkey thingy, for a sorda speedrun on a game, i can't get into much details about the game i'm talking about but lets just say I have this caracter that needs to open a box and take out the content in it, to do that you must press X key to open the box and then Y...
  33. StelphRoot

    [SOLVED] Suggest me some best and lightest game recorder software ?

    I just want to record Valorant gameplay at 720p60fps. I've already tried Obs,, bandicam, fraps, wondershare recorder, shadowplay, mirillis, action, dxtory, fbx, but none of them worked well for me(missing frames, in game lag, jitter in clips) Pc specs: Intel i3-9100f Asus prime...
  34. Einkornwolf

    Question BSODs + Weird Graphic Glitches / Game Crashes -- I need help...

    Description: Over the course of the last few Days I noticed my PC having some weird issues. It spontaneously crashed with a BSOD ( Multiple Error-Codes: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT; PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA; and 1 more I cannot remember ), I also noticed that in Games, i got some weird graphic glitch...
  35. Jonathan Tan

    Question Monitor blacking out when alt+tab from games

    My monitors are blacking out for 3 seconds when I alt+tab out of my games or use the windows key to minimise my games. Can someone help me it's really annoying! Thx
  36. Recker Code-1

    [SOLVED] GTA 5 stuttering and lagging .

    I have HP pavilion laptop it has i5 8th gen 8300H processor and 7200rpm hdd with 8gb of ram 2400mhz. While playing GTA my game stutters and lags after 15min of gameplay so lowered the settings of the game to Normal and all advance settings are off the gameplay resolution is 1200*960 but still...
  37. Govanni

    Question is there any method to transfer battlefield v files from origins to steam instead of downloading it ?

    My friend has battlefield v on origins store .. and i bought it in steam recently so i don't want to download the 90 gigas so is there anyway that i can transfer the game so i won't have to download the game from steam ?
  38. Chriatiaan

    Question Background audio stutter while gaming ?

    Hi all! I have noticed that when I am gaming, my background apps (discord, itunes, etc.) audio starts to stutter and lag. It’s mostly the background apps but the game audio is also affected sometimes. When I exit a game, the apps audio is fine. I have tried restarting, updating windows drivers...
  39. [SOLVED] Online games disconnects randomly

    Hi! Being a total beginner in network protocols, I would like to understand why I get disconnected in multiple different games. I've done some troubleshooting, and apparently the disconnection occurs somewhat randomly (few min to few hours). At this time, I get disconnected from the game, but...
  40. Grimmbo

    Question PC crashes when second monitor is plugged in ?

    Up untill about a few weeks ago My setup ran just fine with dual monitors, but then it just randomly hard crashes the whole computer as if its struggling to run. It seems to only crash when i boot up a game though. even one as low as roblox will just hard crash it. I can have as many windows of...