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Forum discussion tagged with gamemax.
  1. Lazyworm369

    Question Is GAMEMAX icechill 240 recommended?

    currently saw one promotion on taobao for gamemax icechill 240 aio cooler, anyone used it before? any review?
  2. Dwika34

    Question What gpu can my gamemax gp 450 watt run?

    Hi i have a pc with the spec of: Ryzen 3 2200G 8gb DDR4 RAM GP-450 PSU ASROCK A320M HDV I was hoping I could add a gpu on it. Last time i tried to install a gtx 660 for some reason my psu cant handle the load so my computer just went into a black screen and couldnt run. I eventually sold it. I...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] Are Gamemax PSUs any good?

    So I'm currently looking everywhere I can, trying to find a good budget PSU that will support the build I plan to buy (most probably tomorrow), which is an i3-9100f. H310M Pro-VDH (With upgraded bios), GTX 1050, WD Blue 1TB and 2x4GB DDR4. Looking at my preferred page to buy components I found...