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  1. Y

    Question All fans spin then they all stop, PC doesn't boot ?

    I bought a pre-built on Facebook about 5 months ago and the Pc ran fine. I started having performance drop due to CPU heat issues. So I recently upgraded my CPU Cooler to Corsair H150I and Case to Corsair 4000D When I would push the power button all case fans and RGB light up for half a second...
  2. thomasst

    [SOLVED] €1700 mid-range PC build - final thoughts?

    Hello, So after much deliberation, which I started in the thread here, I've assembled what should be the final list of components for my mid-range build that I intend to use for 1080p gaming, some light photo editing, analog audio ripping, media storage, and other usual desktop tasks. And I...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] New PC Build for Gaming - Think it could be better

    So I'm looking at building a new gaming computer in the mid-high end range. I've put together a list ( but I feel like for the price, I could probably get a better build (or a similar build a bit cheaper), so I'm looking for some help...
  4. I

    [SOLVED] Gaming PC Build advice

    Hi guys, First time posting - thanks in advance for any help and advice you can give me. This post might well be a bit long but I want to cover everything in it! Im looking to build a PC to game on.. play on Xbox currently, mainly FPS (COD Warzone atm). I have an LG Ultragear 27-GL850-B...
  5. D

    Discussion Help me choose a laptop

    1. What is your budget? The upper limit is 1400 euros. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15.6' display 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1080p maybe 1440p in the future. I probably wont go for 4k. 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? It...
  6. A

    Question im considering one of two builds:

    1: Corsair Carbide 275R Corsair TX650M Gigabyte z390 gaming x gskill trident z 16gb GTX 1660super i7 9700f Crucial 1TB SSD n/a be-quite rock slim pe quite pure wings 2 2: Corsair Carbide 275R Corsair TX750M B450 steel Legend G-skill tridentz 16Gb Radeon 5600XT Ryzen 7 3700x Crucial 1TB SSD N/A...
  7. Z

    [SOLVED] Upgrade 2010 System or Build a New one? For Gaming and Casual Video/Photo Editing

    Hi all, This might be way out of the question, but thought I'd ask. I've currently been gaming on an gaming laptop for the past 5 years now and it's starting to hit it's limit when playing COD warzone (all low settings) getting around ~40 fps and doing average playing Overwatch (all low...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] What should I change in my build?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a new workstation/gaming PC. Here is the Parts list. CPU: Intel I7 9700k (should I change my setup to AMD or get the 10th gen I7 or keep it?) - $379.99 Mother Board: MSI B360 GAMING PLUS ATX LGA1151 Motherboard - $97.99 Ram: CORSAIR - Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB -...
  9. F

    [SOLVED] Need help with my First Gaming Build

    So i am going to buy my first gaming PC but i don't know what parts to get and need your help. My budget is 1300 for the PC itself. I plan to game in 1440p and 1080p high- ultra settings. I will have 2 monitors so u know what kind of power you'll need from gpu (monitors will be 144hz and 27inc)...
  10. Imerci

    Question Building Comp for Streaming/Gaming

    Alright boys the time has come. After many a hour in the hard works I finally feel confident to begin my assembly. I require recommendations for streaming games like apex legends. I want to be running stuff like apex with good fps and space to do other things on other monitors. Im currently just...
  11. TheDom_93

    [SOLVED] Gaming set-up, but no gamer look ~ $1500

    Hey All, thank you so much in advance. I'm flexible on options, could be pre-built or not. Any brand is fine. What I want to avoid: RGB, all the bells and whistle of the gamer look. What I'm aiming for: Maximum longevity within the budget. VR-Ready is very welcome. Doing Digital design such...
  12. G

    [SOLVED] It’s time for a PC rebuild. Suggestions needed.

    Hello all! It is thanks to this forum and to many of you that I got into PC building and gaming. I love this community, you guys help me build an amazing PC back in end of 2015 start of 2016. She has treated me well with little to no issues. However as time has gone on I have upgraded a...
  13. Z

    [SOLVED] Can somone help me find a good prebuilt PC for around 1500 - 1900 dollars?

    I want to be able to play the newest games at high settings with good framerates. I also want the PC to last several years. Some alternatives I've found are: