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  1. Sanic

    Question What hardware parts for gaming rig?

    * old OP, please continue downward * I’m looking to build an everything PC with a main focus on 1440p gaming and I would like your help to make sure I’m getting the most cost to performance, future-resisting and good looking with at least some RGB for a flexible budget of $2k. I’ve put a lot...
  2. LucciMane

    Question Best 17" Gaming Laptop around 1500~2000€

    Hi, I'm looking for a gaming laptop at around 1500-2000€. I will use it for work as well which is why I need a 17" laptop. I'd like something that will be able to run heavy games for a while. Looking around, I've come across the asus strix G17 series which look good and msi gp75 leopard. For...
  3. D3K1DS

    Question This build look good to you guys?

    I kinda want to change the motherboard, but honestly, this seems like a decent build. Also, the graphics card they have on that list is always sold out... any replacement ideas? Other motherboard (more expensive.. worth it?) PC BUILD Thanks