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  1. BPTeam

    Question My internet kicks me off every 3 minutes when online gaming ?

    Hello, as the title says I need someone's help with my unusual case. When I am trying to play any online video game everything seems ok, but then suddenly after maybe 2/3 minutes I am getting kicked off because of "No internet connection.". At least this is what most of them say. It all...
  2. Gamer_J

    Question Triple Monitor Recommendations ?

    I am currently using a Samsung Odyssey ultra wide gaming monitor. However this is does not currently suit the needs I have when it comes to streaming, gaming and other multitasking. Even when using programmes such as Display Fusion. So I want to ask if anyone can recommend a good gaming monitor...
  3. nukinut23

    Question limited to 16gb although my pc has 32gb of ram ASUS ROG Strix GT15 G15 G15CF-IS778

    everytime i try to increase the ram from 16gb to 32gb its already installed but the computer wont boot please let me know what im doing wrong i need the extra ram for work on a java intensive program.
  4. Spdah

    Question What is the best GTX 1650 without 6 or 8 pin

    What version of GTX 1650 without 6 or 8 pin is the best
  5. B

    Question Motherboard has oil red spot ?

    motherboard has red dot could this be a burn mark or something bad?
  6. U

    Question Did I just fry my mobo and cpu after activating XMP?

    Hey everyone, this is my first time posting (and english isn't my first language) so bear with me. So, this was my config: -i7 7700 -Gigabyte GA-H110-H -Gigabyte GTX 1060 6Gb -Corsair Vengeance Lpx 2x8Gb 2400MHz -400w CoolerMaster PSU I had bought all these parts all the way back in March 2017...
  7. A

    Question Tried to oc scan but problems happened

    So I tried to overclock my new nvidia gigabyte 3060 rtx on afterburner oc. I heard it was going to take a while so I was afk on my bed while the scan was going on. About 20 mins my monitor turned off so I thought it went to sleep mode. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the monitor wasn’t...
  8. Cosmin415215

    [SOLVED] Can I trick an app to run on Windows XP?

    I want to run Growtopia on a Windows XP pc, but it is no longer supported. The only reason I think that this might be possible is the fact that the game didn't receive any updates at all outside bug fixes/new items and the developers might not have had enough attention to add new components...
  9. Wurden

    Question Schermo nero NO SIGNAL/

    Ciao ragazzi, sto riscontrando da poco un problema con il mio pc, dopo pochi minuti di gioco in full screen gli schermi diventano neri e appare scritto "No signal". Come posso risolvere? Grazie mille. Hi guys, I am recently having a problem with my pc, after a few minutes of playing in full...
  10. tridibeshdashingggg

    [SOLVED] Gamepad for Racing Sports

    What would be the best choice after the racing rigs, i know it's not the keyboard mouse. If it is a gamepad, then which one is best to use sport like racing games (forza, dirt, gt) that supports windows 10.
  11. Z

    Question Low fps but it shouldnt be

    Greetings! I bought a laptop mostly for work, but it can handle a few games, specs: Geforce mx 450 I5-1135g7 16gb DDR4 3200Mhz ram 1TB M.2 ssd 90Hz 2880x1600 display (but im playing on 1920x1200) I downloaded pubg and valorant, and I have nearly the same fps on both, around 70-90, but valorant...
  12. Krishnan 05

    [SOLVED] MX 330 performing lower than expected

    I have a dell vostro 3500 with I5 1135g7, Nvidia mx330, 8gb ram , 1tb hdd and 240gb ssd . the problem is it performs very less than the benchmarks i saw on the internet and i played using the I GPU (iris xe) and it feels better . Sometimes it gets into some slow-motion like lag in f1 2018. is...
  13. B

    [SOLVED] I need help

    I’m looking to get a more up to date graphics card. I’m just confused a little with what will be compatible with the other specs in my computer. I’m still kind of a newbie but I get the gist of most of things. I’m willing to up the power supply and Motherboard if needed. Any help would be...
  14. smicacchi

    [SOLVED] Remapping software when using controller on PC

    hey im on PC, playing warzone with ps4 controller everthing works using DS4windows i bought a USB foot pedal and i cant seem to map it to my controller with the provided software as the footpedal only maps to keyboard buttons. is there a way i can use ds4windows? or have another program running...
  15. MaxersTrash

    Question Laptop AC Charger disconnects when playing games, but not because of overheating ?

    So one day I was playing CSGO, but then suddenly my fps drops to 10 or lower, then I saw my laptop charging light isn't on anymore. It will keep on disconnecting for about a few minutes then it wil reconnect. Using MSI afterburner, I saw that my cpu and gpu usage are only at around 60-80%...
  16. N

    Question Should i focus on performance for my games or just Focus on my boot up drive to be fast

    Hello guys i would like to replace my hdd because in some games like cod it makes my game lag, When i checked Task manager my hdd was at 100% use and i am thinking about to switch to an ssd for my games not only to not lag but enjoy also faster loading times. I currently have 1 nvme ssd for...
  17. T

    [SOLVED] Acer Nitro 5 AN515-52 overheating while gaming

    So before two weeks I've peformed a repaste of both CPU,GPU and cleaned fans and chassis. And while it needed two to three days for the repaste to have and effect+ undervolt around -116.5mV for CPU and -40mV for iGPU + lowered boost clock to 3,7GHZ from 3,9 + speedstep 32(I've done everything of...
  18. AshKats

    [SOLVED] A small problem with one of my two RAM sticks

    Two years ago I got my first gaming pc, I went to a local hardware store ordered all of the components and asked them to build it for me since I was still pretty insecure about [mess] something up while building it. After 1 year and a half I noticed that after around a full day on my pc my...
  19. Mdesimone10

    Question Same amount of fps on any setting

    So ive been having an issue on gta fivem servers where my gpu usage sits around 20% and cpu usage sits around 30% when graphics are on normal. When i increase the settings my gpu and cpu usage go up which is normal, but the weird thing is the fps always stays the same and the gpu and cpu usage...
  20. Wiggly24

    [SOLVED] Mouse sensitivity changes by itself.

    When I move my mouse quickly, the sensitivity changes entirely until I set the dpi to something else and change it back. So for example, my regular dpi will be 1500, and when I move my mouse quickly, it changes to something far over 1500 dpi. I don't know why, and it is super annoying when it...
  21. Aspirationn

    Question Fps in Warzone almost cuts in half after playing a game or two.

    I have an i7 8700k, Rtx 2070 32 Gb of Ram at 2800 MHZ for now Asus Z390-E EVGA 850 GA- 800-watt gold rated PSU When I start playing warzone my fps starts averaging around 100-120 which is fine on mixed normal settings. However, after playing a game or two my fps suddenly drops as if it was cut...
  22. R

    [SOLVED] Hey

    I was just wondering if this motherboard Gigabyte B460M AORUS PRO Socket 1200, mATX Work with i5-10400F? Thx :)
  23. cHoNaP

    [SOLVED] HELP! My PC goes black

    My pc goes black when I get demolished on Rocket League (70% of the times) or when I go through Smokes on CSGO, also being close to them FPS go from +300 to 40 (3 smokes and I'm definitely screwed). If I want to keep playing I have to turn off and turn back on the PC from the PS button My PC...
  24. G

    Question Bad FPS on Games NEED HELP!!

    Hey, so how this all started is I had a 1070ti and when i played cod warzone i was getting 30-60 fps no frame cap or nothing (1070 ti should've been getting more fps). So then I bought basically a bunch of new parts thinking this would fix the problem for example a new Z390 Arous Pro WIFI...
  25. J

    [SOLVED] i5 4690K vs i5 6500

    i5 4690K vs i5 6500 what is better for gaming, I will not be overclocking. I have 2 pc's and I want to put the best parts together. The 6500 pc has 16 gb of ram dd4 and the 4690K has 8gb ddr3. I don know if the cpu's will work with both motherboards. Are one of the cpu's better at gaming?
  26. de1kamaster

    [SOLVED] streaming games

    sup, is my pc/network good enough to stream some games like cs or lol? i5 6500, gtx 960, 8gb ram 100mbps download 20mbps upload on what quality/bitrate could i stream if its even possible? or what should i upgrade?
  27. Dude_OG


    today when i was playing red dead redemption2 my pc crashed crashed and now it wont even boot.nothing is turning on.fans,lights,nothing.what happened?what do i do?how do i fix it?
  28. K

    [SOLVED] CPU usage is constantly 100%

    I have some CPU problems, i asume, because my CPU usage seems to be at 100% nearly all the when i'm playing games and it's taking a toll on my framerate. (I'm mainly refering to CS:GO here, but the same happens with Destiny 2, Warzone, Fortnite, and games where there's a lot happening on the...
  29. A

    Question How future proof is i5 2500k?

    I'm planning to upgrade to i5 2500k so you think it will handle next gen games (for like 2 years at least) if paired with 1650 super Oc or 1660? Please think and write bcz I will upgrade only if you will say 😊 Have a great day!
  30. A

    [SOLVED] Is i5 3570 better than i5 2500k, without overlockimg

    Hello, I'm buying a new cpu and I'm not able to understand which one is better, the i5 3570 has higher hz but 2500K is ranked above it, in confused, can you help me. Thanks in advance.
  31. HeroYT

    [SOLVED] Is this a Bottleneck?

    So I recently purchased a Ryzen 5 1600 AF (the 12nm refresh of the original 14nm Ryzen 5 1600) with the hopes that it would improve my gaming performance. To make a long story short, no, it didn't. I have been experiencing MAJOR frame drops in games that are heavily GPU intensive. I will get a...
  32. jamalmohdssb

    Question Massive fps drop while gaming idk why max temp it goes to 70- 75 degree C, I dont know what is the reason, Should i buy a cooling fan or something

    I own hp laptop, model number 15-da0014ne, i7-8550U CPU@ 1.80Ghz, 16gb ram, with Mx 130 4gb.
  33. AlecS2k@

    [SOLVED] New GPU Problem

    Hi all! I bought a new video card, a Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super OC(I changed the old video card because it started to show artifacts.). The problem is that after mounting it on the motherboard, the monitor displays the message "No signal", and the motherboard speaker makes 1 beep, 3 short beeps, 2...
  34. omkar yepre

    [SOLVED] heating problem of i5 9400 f

    i have i5 9400 f with rtx 2060 8 gigs of ram on a stock cooler .. my cpu temps while playing just cause 4 go upto 85 degrees celcius .. as of measured on specy ... is that a problem ... i fear heat on my case .... my case is cm k380 please help!
  35. N

    [SOLVED] PC is running slow out of nowhere

    I am running a: GTX 1660 i5-7400 16 GB DDR4 RAM All of my components are fairly new, and my computer was working perfectly fine until I updated the driver for my old graphics card (1060) and everything started running slowly. Even the easiest games to run refuse to work (Fortnite won't render...
  36. M

    [SOLVED] Every game crashes or ends with BSOD

    Hi. Few months ago, I decided to build my ,,dream PC. But, since than, almost every time while playing games I get a BSOD or just a game crash. It doesn't depend on which game I am playing, it could be Minecraft, Fifa, PUBG, like anything.... Sometimes crash report displays, but sometimes game...
  37. Swiizy

    Question PC Not performing as it should

    So I got my pc a little while back did some upgrades here and there but recently I noticed the FPS I'm getting went down significantly. I'm not sure why but I know that my pc should get much higher fps. It's a pretty high end system. I don't if it could be the ram or something else. I have a...
  38. A

    Question Games Suddenly Stuttering

    So recently every game I have been playing has been stuttering like crazy, even games that aren't hard to run like Minecraft, the severity of the stuttering varies per game with the worst being Minecraft and Apex Legends, Modern Warfare stutters but less often and for as little, the stuttering...
  39. MrStevo

    [SOLVED] Can i overclock my R7 360 graphic card

    Hello guys this is my system: CPU: Intel i5 2400 3.1 ghz GPU: ASUS Radeon R7 360 2gb RAM : 8 GB RAM So my question is can i overclock my gpu ? I get around 42-50 fps in Warzone so i'm furious if i could get to 60 fps by overclocking my gpu? Thanks
  40. G

    [SOLVED] PG27UQ vs PG35VQ

    I really don’t know which one to choose. Because they’re both godly monitor and if you say 27 inch is too small I don’t really care because I use scaling and I don’t really use lots of apps. So other things people said is that I can’t run 4K at 144fps and I agree with them but I have 2080 ti and...