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  1. I

    Question What dac/amp should I get to pair with a pair of ath m50x?

    Going to be ordering a pair of audio technica ath m50x headphones and wanted to know what dac/amp I should pair with it? I will be using them for strictly gaming.
  2. Intel Fanboy 772

    Question Looking for budget headphones with exchangeable cord.

    Hello all, more than 4 years back I did one of best headphone purchases in my life - I took original Razer Electra. And it still works, I replaced cushions, cord also customized headband and reused leather from old leather jacket. It survived falls, water, you name it. Sadly it does have few...
  3. K

    Question No audio in certain games.

    Okay so most games I play are fine but then I get on Rust and it is like my audio is nonexistent. I have tried changing the settings in and out of game, I have tried updating drivers, and I have also tried it with other headsets. Please help!! In case you are wondering I am using Windows 10 and...
  4. A

    external hdd showing more used space than actual?

    My pc runs on win 10 32 bit. I have a 1TB external hdd of toshiba. it has some videos whose size is around 90gb. but in properties menu it is showing a total of 240gb is used. i checked that if there is any hidden files, but no, there is no hidden files. i also scanned the hdd with antivirus...