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    Question Building A Good Gaming PC And Buying A Good Gaming Laptop

    Hey. I am wanting to make a new computer. I got a Optiplex 390 and want to upgrade it to something that will be able to have a great cpu/gpu, lots of ram and ssd storage. I want something that will be fast and work great without problems. I also want to get my niece and nephew gaming laptops...
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    Question Is I7-3770 and gtx960 strong enough to start twitch

    Hello, i am planning to start streaming in twitch. So i wonder if my rig is strong enough. My current rig is as follow CPU : i7-3770 @3.4ghz (8CPUs) RAM : 8GB VGA : GTX960 (2GB) I do not remember what are their brands unfortunately as it has been years ago. I aim for atleast 720p/60fps stream...
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    EVGA Geforce Gtx 750ti FTW & MSI z97s Krait Edition Compadibility?

    Hi guys, So I recently purchased both this motherboard and Video card. I use a monitor which only works with VGA. But the video card uses DVI and HDMI. I use a VGA-HDMI converter. Whenever I plug the Card in with this, it stays a black screen. I then plug in the VGA into the VGA port to the...