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  1. J

    Question Lower Back Issues - Gaming Chair Recommendation/Experiences

    I have a fractured vertebrae (old), a herniated disc, and two bulging discs (new). Recovery is underway but can be hampered by poor posture and lightly padded seats, as I'm unfortunately learning. I'm 6'0" and 205 pounds, and during the week play video games an hour or so a night. Weekend...
  2. themiziko

    [SOLVED] Need advice on picking new gaming chair :)

    So I currently need to buy a new gaming chair. I need to pick a good chair for max. 400$, for someone small (157 cm) preferably from DxRacer, but any other brand is also good as long as the chair will be comfortable and durable (I don't want it to be destroyed in just 2 years :D) And of course...
  3. M

    Sound stops when screen off

    My pc turns off sound from media players when i turn my screen off..i use speakers connect in sound card but when i close the screen music stop...plz help
  4. P

    Fiber cable with a router? Help!!

    So me and the spouse just moved into this countryside house that has fiber internet cable, it works super fast with the computer but there is no wifi there. The house owner who we are renting from is as tech savvy as we are.. do we get a normal Asus router and just plug the fiber cable in? Will...
  5. Wayfall

    GPU fan issue

    Hi Community My brother asked me recently to help him pick out a GPU he could afford (I also helped him find a 550w EVGA PSU to replace his dying non-branded PSU). He wanted to be able to play decently modern single players games at 60fps 1080p such as Thief and Skyrim. We ended up getting...
  6. V

    Should I Just Upgrade the CPU or a Complete Upgrade?

    Hello, I'm trying to decide if I should just upgrade my CPU or just do a complete upgrade. I plan on getting the ASUS STRIX GTX 1070 pretty soon. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Approximate Purchase Date: CPU, MB and RAM are about 4-5 years old. Budget Range: Around $500, if possible...
  7. 5

    AMI Bios problems

    I have a Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P mother board with an AMI bios. When I click F2, F8, F9, or F12 nothing happens. I just cloned my HD to an SSD. Now I get “Inaccessible boot device.” I have been able to change some of the bios settings by hitting delete on boot. I have tried connecting only the SSD...
  8. T

    Lacie External Hard Drive Stopped showing up on my Mac, but my partition "Lacie Share" does

    I got this 3 TB Lacie "Porsche designed" external hard drive a few months ago for use with my Mac laptop. I created a partition so I can also use it to interact with PC's. It has been working perfectly for months, then suddenly no longer showed up on my Desktop or in My Computer; but the...