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    Question Suggestions for upgrading my PC ?

    Hi, I couldn't work and play games effectively due to my outdated CPU :disrelieved: I am a Designer and a passionate Gamer. I mostly use multimedia software like Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, 3ds Max. Now i have started learning Game Designing & Animation tools such as Blender, Unity...
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    [SOLVED] AlrABest CPU for what I have already

    Hi all, After some advice regarding the best CPU within a budget to complement what I already have to finish a build. Already have an overclocked GTX 960 Family member has purchased a ASUS B450 Motherboard and 16GB DDR4 RAM to go with it. We have a limited budget for a processor but I don't...
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    [SOLVED] Which CPU to choose?

    Which CPU would you pick with an RTX 2060 6GB. Budget is 110, options are primarily Ryzen 5 1600 or i3 9100f but suggestions are welcome.
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    GTX 1070 and Asus PB328Q problem

    Hello guys, my Asus PB328Q monitor won't run 75Hz via HDMI or DVI cable. I read somewhere that 75Hz is only supported via display port. My GTX 1070 however only has 4xHDMI and 1xDVI port. Can I do something about it? Thanks, Tomas
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    Single GTX 9801440p capability

    Hello all, been lurking here for awhile. just built my first computer, so i'm still learning as we speak. i'm down to one last part; the monitor. i know i want a 27", and leaning towards 1440p resolution/144hz. my question is: is my card good enough to play the following games at max settings...
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    New computer freezes completely

    Recently built myself a computer, which runs fine until some point at which the entire machine freezes and produces a buzzing sound. temperatures are all fine (below 40c) and the load can be as minimal as watching a video online. any reason why or any way to fix it?
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    Hard drive in RAW format when plugged to SATA mobo but NTFS when plugged to USB mobo

    Hello, I have a 2Tb WD red hard drive which contains all my movies. It was formatted as NTFS on windows 7 and has been filled using a sata to usb 2.0 adapter while I was waiting to build my htpc. Now the htpc is built and running windows 7 on separate hd but when I connect my hd to it using the...
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    Games not filling my screen.

    Since going to an HDMI cable on my PC I noticed that the display was not filling the screen entirely (one inch border around the window). I used the CCC to set scaling to 0% and that did the trick for my OS. I have noticed that when I play some games it will revert back to having the 1"...