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  1. noldzkisu


    Hi guys badly need your help, My PC always crashes when playing games (Summoner Wars: Chronicles) after installing latest drives on my motherboard. I already checked my RAM via Memory Diagnostic Tool but there were no issues at all. I already checked my SSDusing LatencyMon and everything is...
  2. Cuzzi

    Question PC Restarts with two ram sticks plugged in

    So ive had this computer for just under a year now, and lately it started randomly crashing. Going from at first only crashing on demanding games such as Cyberpunk 2077, to now crashing on the windows home screen. Ive tried many things, ive once had XMP profile and Turbo Boost turned on, turning...
  3. Ravioli717

    Question Games crash to desktop without error message after a few minutes of playing (AMD build)

    I recently installed an RX 5600 XT to my PC which seemed to caused games to crash to a black screen with sound still running, so I decided to uninstall the adrenaline software and reinstall the driver without adrenaline. However, now games will just crash to desktop without any error message or...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] PC Crashing in very unique cases

    My PC is crashing on loading into 2 specific games. Tera, and Modern Warfare. I'm not sure why, but I've flashed my BIOS to newest firmware and reset all the settings to default, removed and installed latest GPU drivers, stress tested my power supply with no issues, stress tested the hell out of...