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  1. P

    Question Is the Logitech G Pro Gaming worth buying? Also does anyone know if the mic is good or bad?
  2. Minato X

    Question Can you do a recommendation between the new Logitech pro x and hyperx cloud alpha

    I’m talking about sound quality, comms and comfort. I play a lot of MOBA and MMORPG game
  3. Thebro40

    [SOLVED] Need help choosing a gaming headset

    I want to easily make out footsteps and noises if they are behind me, in front of me, in the other room etc. in fps games. I want to know if the dual chambers on the Hyperx Cloud Alphas are better than the 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound on the Cloud 2 in making out footsteps and noises.
  4. T

    I only have one option, 2.1 on realtek audio manager. how can I have a surround option like 5.1? please help me!

    I only have one option, 2.1 on realtek audio manager. how can I have a surround option like 5.1? please help me!
  5. T

    Is there a way I can get my PCPartPickerList sent to a store or website that can build it for me?

    What are your thoughts on this? I am in the US and was thinking Fry's Electronics was a good place to start. I was also thinking of buying the parts myself and bringing them in to the store for further help. Here's the list of parts if you want to see it:
  6. J

    WD Blue WD10EZEX Hard Drive Gets extremely slow

    About a year ago or so I purchased a WD Blue WD10EZEX 1 TB hard drive to put into the build I was putting together. Things ran fine for a while until I started getting sluggish results after a few months and rare freezes. There were period where all was fine, but out of nowhere it would return...
  7. R

    Will an i5 4690(non-k) bottleneck the upcoming pascal gpus?

    I'm 15 and my dad promised me a gtx 970 but now he's telling me that i have to wait until march 2016, I currently have an i5 4690 with 8gb of 1600mhz ram a 1tb hdd and a 450w psu which I will probably upgrade to 750w. My question is will my cpu be obselete by then and will it bottleneck the...
  8. B

    Windows 10 AHCI drivers

    I used the safeboot method to switch win 10 from ide to ahci. It's now using ahci, but is the standard drivers fine? Do I need to get the intel ahci drivers?
  9. K

    will the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO fit in this case?

    the case: if it isn't, please provide me with a good case around a $50 price range
  10. P

    CPU upgrade sound problems

    Just upgraded my CPU from an i3-2120 to an i7 3770K, but now i am getting popping sounds through my headphones every second. I am using the integrated sound card. I have uninstalled the audio drivers and reinstalled them and that didn't work. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  11. V

    New to PC builds HELP

    So i have finished my first ever computer and i didnt have enough money to cover a purchase of windows! What is the cheapest legal way to buy a product key?
  12. 9

    Dud 780 Ti vs 980 upgrade. Is it worth it?

    Hello guys ... I am wondering If I upgraded a crappy clocking 780 Ti that has almost no OC headroom to a 980 and overclocking it how much I am going to get? Is it worth it? I am playing games at 1080p. And from what I've seen from videos on Youtube using the latest games Oced 980s wreck my 780...
  13. Siftodrumming

    Dead rising 3

    Will Dead rising 3 run ok to my rig (it is ok to me to disable some features in the graphics system like running the game on 30fps) Processor: intel i7 2600 Ram: 4gb ram ddr3 (planning to buy it) Videocard: r7 260x oc 2gb edition MOBO: ASUS P8H61 - M LX Rev x.0x (planning to buy it also) Needs...