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  1. N

    Question KVM for Gaming Keyboard

    I am replacing my old, broken keyboard with a gaming version. I purchased a Cosair K70 because I really like the better quality, key action and lighting.. I want the keyboard to be shared between two computers and a monitor. I have a KVM that worked perfectly with the old KB but the K70 will...
  2. A

    Question Gaming keyboard response time?

    Hello, my question is about gaming keyboards. Whats the average response time for gaming keyboards? And how important it is? Also, is Thor 200 RGB keyboard worth for gaming? Cant seem to find gaming keyboard response times.(ms). Thanks.
  3. Vishal_7

    Question Help with gaming mouse and keyboard

    I use a logitech b100 mouse and amkette multimedia keyboard for my gaming sessions. More than an average gamer yes. For me it has always been an issue with the mouse is that I have a big hand so small mouse never really work well. I tried some gaming mouse like havit etc but they are really big...
  4. T

    Question Need help buying budget keyboard and mouse combo for gift

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find an entry-level keyboard/mouse package as a gift for a nephew. I've only really dealt with higher end stuff, and I don't want to get him something expensive for his first setup. I've been looking at some packages and combinations, I'd like to keep it under $100 USD...
  5. G

    some of the pictures on my SD card are viewable only on my camera

    older pics on my SD card (up to 11/2016) are viewable on my camera and can be viewed and copied to my computers... but my more recent pics (from 12/2016) are viewable only on my camera. I've tried my laptop and my desktop and neither one can show the more recent pics...
  6. E

    Are the small boost worth it in the long run?

    I need assistance deciding which parts to go with on my first build. Using it to play newer single player games like Fallout 4 and Witcher 3. Some For Honor. Also edit photos and videos. Here's the components I need: Midsized black case with front usb 3.0 ports, rubber ports to help with cord...
  7. M

    Dated speakers with new system

    Is it possible to use dated speakers with a newer receiver and record player? My son also bought a used tape deck/CD player he wants to hook up to the receiver.
  8. B

    Fan setup for fractal design focus g?

    Hi. Just interesting it's worth to fill that case with fans. There is extra fan places: 2 top, 1 rear, and 1 bottom. What fan size to use 140 mm or 120 mm? What type to use static pressure vs air flow? Brand, model? What is good for silent operation?
  9. B

    Psu upgrade problem

    I just now guarded my psu to a EVGA 450 B1. I plugged everything in and all, but when I booted it, there was an error saying that an ATA device has been changed. I searched up this problem, and I found out that I had to press F1 to go into bios and save and exit. Now, whenever I boot, I am stuck...
  10. Q

    is 90°C Temp Normal For Laptop When Gaming?

    i have an Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-780B temp of CPU and Mobo hits 90°C - 93°C is this normal when gaming? im playing Guildwars2 , nba 2k17 , Dota 2. heres a link for the image and full specs of the laptop. thx in advance guys http://
  11. J

    Computer build for revit, Photoshop and gaming

    What would be a good computer build to have a computer running revit, Photoshop, and some VR gaming. Would like to stay around 1,000 if possible.
  12. J

    Will my Power Supply Fit/Work?

    Hey guys, I currently have a TR2 600W TX 12V (don't really know what's relevant and what's not) and am looking at getting a SilverStone Strider Essential Gold 700W ST70F-ESG as I've heard my current power supply isn't the best and might fry a Nvidia-1070 which I am looking at upgrading to...
  13. G

    Install Windows to Refurbished Laptops

    Suppose you buy a used laptop with no HD. You repair the laptop. How can you install windows without having to purchase a new key? Assuming the laptop came with a valid windows key when first sold. Does the windows license die with the hard drive?
  14. D

    New RAM Sticks slowing down my system

    Hello, I have already found a lot of useful posts about memory on this board before, but my question is specific to my build, I guess. I will list the specs down below. I have 2x4gb 1600MHz ValueRAM sticks from Kingston Technology, and it seems that they are not functioning the way I had...
  15. A

    gtx 1080 vs r9 290 power requierments

    I currently got an r9 290, and i consider switching it out with a gtx 1080. I dont know what psu i got, but its large enough for the r9 290, which is, to my understanding, pretty power-hungry. Would i have enough power for the 1080? I dont know my psu, except that its silver+, and i dont have...
  16. S

    Do I really need a cooler?

    Gaming PC Build: CPU I5-4460 MB Asus H97M-Plus GPU Gigabyte RADEON R9 380 G1 GAMING 4GB GDDR5 Windows 8.1 1TB HDD Nox Nx200 XFX TS Series 550W 80 PLUS BRONZE RAM 8GB DDR3 Gskill Ripjaws X CL9 1600 (2x4) Do I need a cooler?
  17. C

    ACER constant fps drop in games.

    Hello guys I bought a new laptop from another guy. immediately disassembled it. Cleaned dust, switched to new termal paste. But when playing games like CS:GO, Dishonored, GTA IV Im getting constant fps drops. Its droping after every 10 seconds.. PC specs: Full name: ACER Aspire v5-531G cpu...
  18. J

    $550 budget pc. new to gaming. is this good for bf4 at 4k max out settings-x4 860k and r7 360

    Just forget the title, its just a joke lol.So this is a pc that im gonna build... it is a budget build because im only 10.. so with these specs can i play bf4 maxed out on a 1080P monitor as well as Crysis 3 on very high at a decent fps(45 is enough, im used to play minecraft, superflat, lowest...
  19. H

    message "Installing updates 1 from 1" does not vanish

    I have an Acer Notebook. I turned it on and the message "Installing updates 1 from 1, please do not switch out." is there for hours. In the meantime I switched it off and on but the message is still there... Any ideas?
  20. M

    How will my build perform? (First Time)

    Looking to play games like DayZ, H1Z1, CSGO, Battlefield. What do you think of the build? Getting the parts soon.
  21. Q

    600w Chieftec PSU enough for this?

    Hello. Will my PSU - 600w Chieftec A80-CTG be sufficient and ok for this system: i5-4460 (BOX cooler) 2x4 gb 1600 ram 1x asus gtx 760 dc2oc 2gb 1x regular harddisk 1 tb 3-4 fans in the case Thank you for your help and apologies for the rather beginner question.
  22. X

    Windows boot issue

    I have a computer I'm trying to get pics from, but I cannot get into windows screen, I get the following errors: startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically. Failed to save startup. This system cannot find the file specified (0x80070002) An error occurred while attempting to...
  23. Y

    I have maxed out my Core clock and Memory clock for 3 weeks now.. Any possible damage? Answers will be greatly appreciated

    My GPU is "ACUS DirectCU II OC" GTX760.. and one time while i was opening my game there are like bubble particles on my game and I am worried that there might be possible damage to my gpu.
  24. D

    Would like some feedback on a PC Build idea. Trying to put together a nice gaming pc and would like some feedback on the components i picked.