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    Question Unusual cpu fan wiring in laptop

    Update: After getting the tool I needed I was able to remove the cover from my laptop fans and see their circuitboards. This let me see for certain that while the two GPU fans use three wires (power, ground and sense), the cpu fan is using power, ground and pwm, with the pwm wire plugged into...
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    [SOLVED] Laptop fan won't start, what can be done?

    One of the fans on my MSI gaming laptop starting making a very loud screeching sound so I replaced it with an identical fan. Once I put everything back together, the new fan won't start on boot up. I also tested with the old fan, but it also does not start. There's a working fan on the other...
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    Question What is the best cooling pad for Gaming Laptops ever?

    Hi, I'm looking for the best cooling pad I can buy, because I've just bought a new gaming laptop and I play some heavy games, so it warms up a lot... the price, the thickness, the LEDs and the adjustability don't matter, I need the best IN FACT OF COOLING. Thanks, R.
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    Question Laptop fan models interchangable?

    I'm looking to replace my broken msi fan model (n402) but i've found a much cheaper fan that is a different model (n366). Can I just buy the cheaper model? And would it work on my laptop? (Gv 62 8rd)
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    Could I run 3 moniters with 2 graphic cards on Dimension e521?

    On board graphics card:Nvidia GeForce 6150 LE Graphics card in pcie slot right now:GeForce GT 430 CPU:Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 4000+ Ram: 4GB OS:Windows XP Professional (Gonna get windows 7 soon ) Power supply: 305 watts