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  1. P

    [SOLVED] Which monitor has the best colours out of the box? The Asus VG248QG or the Acer XF240H?

    Hey everyone. Which of those two monitors has the best colours out of the box? Also can you recommend some good settings for both? I haven't got any of those monitors, I'm just asking because I'm planning to buy one of them but can't decide which one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Best G-Sync compatible monitor with 260 euros?

    Hello everyone. I'm looking to buy a g-sync compatible monitor. My budget is around 200-260 euros(not more than that). I need the monitor to have 1080p resolution, 144hz and 1ms response time. Can someone recommend the best one with my budget? Thanks in advance.
  3. Y.AYMAN

    Question I Have Weird Border Backlight Bleed Should I Return It?

    So i’ve just bought a Samsung C27FG73 which i really liked because of the vibrant colors of the quantum dot technology and something weird is with my monitor. The backlight bleed seems to be only at the borders of the monitor, I have attached an image for you guys to see. What is actually...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] Is the AOC C27G1 g sync compatible?

    Hello guys. So is this monitor g sync compatible. It doesn't appear in nvidia's website list but I was wondering if someone has tested it. Does it work? Thanks in advance.
  5. Ali_uae

    Question Gaming Monitor: 24" / 1080p / 120+hz / under 5ms

    Hi, I need suggestions for a monitor with below specs: 24 inch 1080p 120+hz less than 5ms TN Budget: under $300 Thank you.
  6. Thebro40

    Question Need help choosing a gaming monitor

    I want a 144hz 1-2 ms 1080p gaming monitor with good and not washed out colors on a tn or va panel. I have chosen some but not sure if they are worth it:
  7. J

    [SOLVED] in search of 49" G-sync ultra-wide

    Hi, I can easily find free-sync 49-inch ultra-wides but I can not find any G-sync 49" ultra-wides. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  8. A

    Question Which gaming monitor would you recommend?

    Recently I have bought brand-new PC rig (GTX 1070, Ryzen 2600, 16 gigs of RAM) and now I'm looking for new monitor. Currently, I'm using LG IPS234V and I think it's high time to switch it for something newer. I usually play CS Go, LoL, Apex etc. I need something that will last couple years of...
  9. nejc467

    Question 144hz monitor amd freesync

    hi guys i wonny buy this monitor( ) witch have amd freesync but i have nvidia gtx 960 oc 2gb. mostley i play cs:go and allready have more about 250fps... so will i got 144hz from monitor or not? tnx for answears ;)
  10. Review HP Omen X 65 Emperium Monitor Review: 65 Inches of Gaming Greatness

    In the world of premium gaming monitors, it doesn’t get bigger, better, or pricier than HP's 4K Omen X 65 Emperium, with HDR, G-Sync, 144Hz, and killer audio. Read more here. CHRISTIAN EBERLE @ceberle Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of...
  11. R

    Question What gaming monitor to upgrade to?

    Hey guys, I am a pretty competitive FPS gamer and would like to upgrade my Asus Mg248 because IMO the color quality after calibration is terrible (Ik tn panels don’t have the best picture quality). I have been eyeing the Dell Alienware Aw2518hf and the BenQ Xl2411p but can’t decide between them...
  12. F

    Best motherboard among these for overclocking.

    So I have a number of available options here for my 8600k to overclock to 5Ghz : 1: ASUS Strix Z370-H 2: Asus TUF Z370-PLUS GAMING 3: Asus Prime Z370-P 4: Aorus Z370 Gaming 3 5: Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming wifi
  13. F

    Using both Intel Integrated Graphics and a Graphics Card at the same time?

    Can you use Intel HD Integrated Graphics paired with another separate Graphics Card ? (GPU) - I am currently running an Intel I5 2500K @ 3.3 Ghz (Sandybridge) on a EVGA Z68 micro sli motherboard and a Nvidia GeForce GT 430. I have read that with Directx12 it is possible to do this to provide...
  14. R

    How to switch to desktop in Windows 10 while gaming

    How to switch to desktop in Windows 10 while gaming? I tried Alt+TAB but it doesn't working....that only shows the gaming
  15. S

    VS650 watt power supply. Is it safe?

    So ehm, I have ordered an R9 390 during the mining craze (so now) and I was reading about the minimum PSU required and apparently you could run the card on a lower PSU as long as it is good. Turns out my VS650 is a tier 4 (so bad). I can't return it now, so I'm wondering if it's dangerous to...
  16. C

    Acer aspire vn17 nitro fan always on 100%

    Hi guys, I got this laptop for 2 years last time it was cleaned was really a long time ago , but here what is happening now. As soon as i turn on the computer after no more then 1-2 min in windows the right fan on the note book start to spin at 100% I cannot see the % but its really loud like...
  17. C

    HP Elite 8300 SFF + 1050 Ti OC Will it Fit

    Hey there! I am planning to buy a Prebuilt HP Elite 8300 SFF and A 1050 TI OC not the Low Profile Will It Fit and Will It Work? Thanks
  18. R

    Help with beginner budget pc build

    Hello guys, I’m thinking about building a pc for games such as overwatch, diablo 3, path of exile, blade and soul and other online mmorpgs. The components in question are as follows : Pentium G4560 ASUS H110M-K Saphire RX 460 4GB 8GB of DDR4 Ram I’m really confused whether each component is...
  19. R

    PC Build Reccomendations

    Hi, I was thinking of building my first gaming PC soon and wanted to double check whether my parts list is sutaible/enough/compatible. If you have any recommendations about maybe changing certain components on my list that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks My PC parts list...
  20. nestlee65

    Cannot get a higher resolution

    I thought that installing a DVI-D cable would allow me to get a resolution of 2560 X 1440 (max for my monitor) but Windows 10 won't allow more than 1920 X 1080. What do I do?