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  1. V

    Question Mice comparison help please

    PERFORMANCE AND BUILD QUALITY IS MY PRIMARY CONCERN. Corsair M55 pro rgb VS Steelseries rival 100 both cost almost the same for me This comparison is odd but i am vexed Logitech G603 Wireless VS Steelseries rival 310 these too cost the same for me between these..i am vexed whether for the...
  2. techflame700

    Question Looking for a new mouse

    I am currently looking for a new mouse that has a similar size/shape as my FL G52. The main reason I’m upgrading is to get a better sensor. Do you have any suggestions/recommendations? Thanks! FL G52 Specs:
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Steelseries Rival 110 thoughts?

    Yesterday I just bought a SteelSeries Rival 110 for 42 usd (converted from our currency to usd) I know its supposed to be 35 usd or something closer but It doesn't matter. I just wanna know if I made the right purchase. My concern here is double clicking. I want to ask previous users or from...
  4. Z

    [SOLVED] How to fix an issue with my mouse

    Hi. As the title says I have a problem with my mouse. It's a bloody V8M mouse and it's issue is it's right-click button doesn't do anything. It worked like a charm until yesterday. As of now, I'm using a standard mouse. I need to know if there's a way to fix it and thanks in advance. The mouse...
  5. A

    Question Good gaming mouse that will last long until it double clicks

    I currently have a G102 mouse from Logitech and I’ve read some similar issues regarding its double-clicking issue (single left click registers as double click or more, sometimes it doesn’t even register) despite its bad reviews online and one of my friend actually had it and said it double...
  6. warriorninja

    [SOLVED] Mouse jitter on plain surfaces

    Not too sure if this the the correct place to ask my question but I'm getting a little desperate. Recently my old mouse died, it was a very good mouse and I'm not sure what happened to it but I decided to move on. I took a look around my house and found one of my old gaming mouses (about 2 or 3...
  7. TruPlague

    [SOLVED] Looking for a good Membrane Gaming Keyboard

    So I need to find a good membrane or ergonomic keyboard for gaming right now I'm rockin the Red Imp Keyboard. Its good but 2 of the buttons are no longer responding I also need a new mouse. Suggestions please?
  8. z3r0_co0L

    [SOLVED] Logitech G300s Keeps disconnecting while using and shows Code 10 Error.

    I've Logitech G300s gaming mice, few days ago i started facing some issue with it. The issue is that- it keeps disconnecting from system while moving or lifting a little bit. when i checked for the error it says "Code 10 Error". I tried re-installing drivers but it didn't worked. Once i faced...
  9. T

    Question Need help buying budget keyboard and mouse combo for gift

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find an entry-level keyboard/mouse package as a gift for a nephew. I've only really dealt with higher end stuff, and I don't want to get him something expensive for his first setup. I've been looking at some packages and combinations, I'd like to keep it under $100 USD...
  10. B

    Question Can someone help me find a small gaming mouse?

    I have pretty small hands and I would like a new gaming mouse. My current one is wireless and 3.75 inches long. It is the perfect size for me but it is very old and has a tendency to die unexpectedly :( I am struggling to find a gaming mouse at or under 4 inches long. Does anyone know of any...
  11. C

    Question What mouse to buy for fps gaming?

    I am looking for a new fps mouse but I don't really know what mouse to buy. Hand size: Medium size Grip: Palm/Claw
  12. C

    Question Deathadder Elite or G502 Hero/Spectrum

    I don't know what mouse to buy for fps games it is because Deathadder Elite only has 6 buttons, but G502 is heavy
  13. K

    Question Is building a completely custom mouse possible?

    Hey guys, I've recently become interested in a "pen mouse" which looked interesting to try out. But that's far from a "gaming" mouse so I was looking into building custom mice (not a pen mouse right from the start). I found a good Pixart sensor for 13$ on Aliexpress but I have no idea if all...
  14. UmairRiamu

    [SOLVED] Mouse having Issues

    I have a Bloody A9A which worked the best for me but recently it is causing some issues. Whenever I try to connect it to any Laptop or PC the windows gives the USB POWER SURGE error basically telling me that my mouse needs more than the USB port can supply. I searched online and found out that I...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Can't download gaming mouse software.

    I just got a new Redragon cobra m711-fps gaming mouse and I wanted to set up some of the programmable keys, so I went on the Redragon software download page and tried to download the software for my mouse, however, every time that I attempt to download it...

    Question G302 WORTH it?

    I'm currently using g305 but the shape seems like doesn't suit the way i grab the mouse and i found out that g302's diamond shape is for claw grip which is the way how i grab . So , is it worth it to change from g305 which has a greater sensor to a mouse where the sensor isnt that superior than...
  17. K

    Question Razer Mamba 2012 has button issues

    So today I brought my laptop out of hibernation, like usual. Yesterday my mouse was working fine. Today the buttons on my Razer Mamba 2012 are behaving oddly. The right mouse button acts like the left mouse button, clicking the scroll wheel acts like the right mouse button, and the left mouse...
  18. C

    Question My gaming mouse wont use the correct buttons?

    Hello, I have a very strange issue that I cant wrap my head around. I had a Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse with buttons on the side that I had mapped to certain keys through the Logitech program years ago. After changing the profile and changing the keys, the mouse still gave me the keys I mapped...
  19. Z

    [SOLVED] Corsair Harpoon Wired or Logitech G300s ?

    Guys before I used logitech g500 for a long time but because of double click problem on the buttons I decided to get a new mouse. I fixed double click problem on g500 2-3 times by fixing the omron switch but now the metal piece in it is broken. And fixing is really annoying. Now I dont have...
  20. T

    corsair h115i rgb platinum

    Guys a silly question but i just want to make sure, i have a asus rog maximus xi formula motherboard and corsair h115i rgb platimun AIO. Must i connect the pump cable to the "cpu fan"" header or the "cpu opt" header or the dedicated "Aio pump" header on the motherboard?