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  1. Iver Hicarte

    Question Is there a gaming mouse that doesn't double click after years of usage?

    Greetings, I'm sure we PC gamers are familiar with the issue that most gaming mice experience, and that is double clicking after years of usage. Now I'm just looking for a new gaming mouse that will never ever have the double clicking issue in the long run (if possible), right now I have the...
  2. H

    [SOLVED] Will there be a new Logitech Pro Series mouse in 2022?

    Hello! Recently I've been considering upgrading to the Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT, despite it being an expensive mouse. However, on Logitech's website under the Pro Series they have 3 mice listed (excluding the League of Legends Edition mouse) that individually were released around 2 years...
  3. I

    Question Best mouse under 100$ for fingertip grip user ?

    For almost 2 years I've just been blowing air under G502 switches in order to temporary fix its infamous double click issue while playing FPS games and I finally can't take it anymore. I really want to get a mouse which isn't Logitech because of there use of this terrible switch and after...
  4. G

    [SOLVED] Gaming Mice suggestion

    Looking for a good budget palm grip mouse.Was looking at Razer Viper mini but some were saying that its not for palm grip.Then was looking at CoolerMaster MM711 ,but it was also being reviewed as a Claw grip mouse.Now I am looking at the g502 Hero. Brands like Roccat, fnatic are not present in...
  5. Uzi-Pie

    [SOLVED] Why my new Logitech G502 Hero gaming mouse feels oily and sticky? Any idea/fix :(

    Hi guys, I'd bought a new gaming mouse 2 weeks ago and after hardly using it for a week, it felt somewhat sticky from either side and the buttons as well which I found quite frustrating, I can still feel that weird stickiness now but in addition to being sticky in my hand, it also feels quite...
  6. A

    Question Logitech G102 or Razer Mouse ?

    Hi . I have no idea which mouse is better and good and have high lifespan I went looking and found Logitech g102 lightsync but I did read reviews that it has double click issues And I don't want to face that problem too or let's say don't want it for the 1st year Then I found again 3 more...
  7. L

    [SOLVED] Can i use a Razer Wireless Mousepad Charger for my Logitech G502

    I want to buy a Razer Firefly V2 but i also want to use teh Logitech G502 with it. Will they work together?
  8. amalts01

    [SOLVED] G Pro mouse vs G Pro Superlight mouse ?

    Hi, I have been using the G402 for more than 4 years and I am planning for an upgrade. I wanted to buy the G pro superlight but it is not available in India. The normal g pro costs around 10k and it is available in India. But I could get the superlight for the same price from the US which will...
  9. O

    Question is it my hardware failing or just my mouse?

    So for the past 2 days, my mouse has been disconnecting and reconnecting (sometimes causing most of my USB ports to go out) at first I thought it was a hardware problem so I tried updating my chipset drivers, updating BIOS, uninstalling, and reinstalling universal serial bus controllers...
  10. themiziko

    [SOLVED] Need help with choosing a new mouse!

    Hello! So currently I am using Steelseries sensei 310 and for the past couple of months I am dealing with wrist pain, thankfully not carpal tunnel, RSI, arthritis or some neck injury, but there is a slight inflammation on the pinky side of my wrist that doesn't disappear and I would prefer to...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] How to fix Cooler Master MM710 side mouse button?

    I was playing a game then when I pressed mouse button 4 it went inside the mouse. Images: View: And yes my mouse is pretty dirty, I haven't cleaned it for 3 months
  12. H

    [SOLVED] MSI Clutch GM08 Gaming Mouse?

    Hi guys, I want to get a new decent mouse for gaming, but also I'm low on budget, all available stuff here in my country are Chinese stuff, but i found this one (written on thread title), and wonder if its solid enough for gaming or not? I know that MSI is a decent brand, but need to know more...
  13. RahulMark42

    Question Any fix to this issue with Redgear A15 Gaming mouse software?

    So I recently bought this mouse from Amazon, and downloaded the manual and the software to change the dpi and color from the official website of Redgear. On opening the software, I get a popup saying "Finding the device" and clicking OK doesn't change anything. Unable to access the different...
  14. D

    Question Gaming Mouse That One Can Throw

    Hello All, I am that stereotypical angry gamer, and COD Warzone has claimed three Logitech G502s. I am wondering, if an incredibly sturdy mouse (think of the mouse equivalent of an Otterbox) exists? I don't need any extra buttons, just a mouse wheel and a shape similar to the G502, if...
  15. E

    Question I have a corsair sabre rgb mouse and middle click in scrollig wheel does not work

    Hi I have corsair Sabre rgb mouse. Everything was working perfect until the previous months but the latest days the scrolling wheel has strange behaviour. When I scroll down it sometimes jumps and scrolls up for a while and then again scrolls down. And the middle click does not work. What...
  16. mranimo

    Question Razer DeathAdder V2 vs Razer Mamba Elite

    I need a new mouse mostly for League of Legends. Which would be better and why? The razer deathadder V2 or the razer mamba elite?
  17. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] I am looking to get a new [gaming] mouse and I need some help...

    I have recently been playing valorant (due to some of my favourite creators also playing it) and have been needing an upgrade from my m90 logitech mouse. I have a medium sized hand , typically use palm/claw grip styles (depending on the game) and I don't care too much about fancy rgb lights or...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Reliable mouse for long term(around 2 years) usage suggestion

    Hi All, Hope everyone is fine. I have a logitech G102 mouse which started causing left button double click issue(on single click) after 3 months of usage (happens randomly on and off) . So please suggest me some good mouse in India within Rs.3000 range that doesn't show double click issue...
  19. mranimo

    Question I need a budget Gaming mouse!

    I have the Alienware aw958 mouse but it's so uncomfortable to me. I need a new Gaming mouse around 25-30$. What would be the best? I have a medium-sized hand and I prefer the claw grip. Would be the Rog Sica or the TUF m5 good? My friends recommend the MSI clutch gm30 mouse. Which is the best...
  20. H

    Question Gaming mouse with place for fingers

    Hi, I am looking for a new gaming mouse. I don't really look for anything high end, price range should be between 60-90 dollars (I am from Czech Republic, so that's between 1300-2000 czk). A would like it to be with wire and it should have place to lay all my fingers, I've found out that's it is...
  21. Y

    [SOLVED] My brand new Logitech G402 working in bios but not working when i boot windows

    So i did these solutions my os: win 64bit 1- i have tried all usb ports and plug and unplug the the cable hundred of times still not working 2- download logitech software mouse working well very in my laptop wimdows 7 32bit my previous mouse and keyboard are working mouse working in my pc...
  22. F

    [SOLVED] Need help finding gaming mouse for small hands with 4-7 side buttons and easy keybinding funtionality

    So basically I'm having trouble finding a mouse that meets 3 essential criteria: 1) More than 2 side buttons, ideally around 5? I'm playing MMOs a lot lately and need moar buttons, but a lot of the 12-button mice look crazybulky and I don't see myself using all 12. 2) for "small hands". IME a...
  23. Vishal_7

    Question Help with gaming mouse and keyboard

    I use a logitech b100 mouse and amkette multimedia keyboard for my gaming sessions. More than an average gamer yes. For me it has always been an issue with the mouse is that I have a big hand so small mouse never really work well. I tried some gaming mouse like havit etc but they are really big...
  24. H

    [SOLVED] Desperate to find the right mouse small hands, please help

    Hello, Lately i have very big issues with finding a gaming mouse that suits me. I mostly play FPS games, low sensitivity (cs go 800 dpi 1 ingame) My hand size is 17 cm, palm grip with i think a bit of tendencies sometimes to a palm-claw hybrid Here is my grip: View:
  25. V

    [SOLVED] Mice comparison help please

    PERFORMANCE AND BUILD QUALITY IS MY PRIMARY CONCERN. Corsair M55 pro rgb VS Steelseries rival 100 both cost almost the same for me This comparison is odd but i am vexed Logitech G603 Wireless VS Steelseries rival 310 these too cost the same for me between these..i am vexed whether for the...
  26. A

    [SOLVED] Steelseries Rival 110 thoughts?

    Yesterday I just bought a SteelSeries Rival 110 for 42 usd (converted from our currency to usd) I know its supposed to be 35 usd or something closer but It doesn't matter. I just wanna know if I made the right purchase. My concern here is double clicking. I want to ask previous users or from...
  27. Z

    [SOLVED] How to fix an issue with my mouse

    Hi. As the title says I have a problem with my mouse. It's a bloody V8M mouse and it's issue is it's right-click button doesn't do anything. It worked like a charm until yesterday. As of now, I'm using a standard mouse. I need to know if there's a way to fix it and thanks in advance. The mouse...
  28. A

    [SOLVED] Good gaming mouse that will last long until it double clicks

    I currently have a G102 mouse from Logitech and I’ve read some similar issues regarding its double-clicking issue (single left click registers as double click or more, sometimes it doesn’t even register) despite its bad reviews online and one of my friend actually had it and said it double...
  29. warriorninja

    [SOLVED] Mouse jitter on plain surfaces

    Not too sure if this the the correct place to ask my question but I'm getting a little desperate. Recently my old mouse died, it was a very good mouse and I'm not sure what happened to it but I decided to move on. I took a look around my house and found one of my old gaming mouses (about 2 or 3...
  30. TruPlague

    [SOLVED] Looking for a good Membrane Gaming Keyboard

    So I need to find a good membrane or ergonomic keyboard for gaming right now I'm rockin the Red Imp Keyboard. Its good but 2 of the buttons are no longer responding I also need a new mouse. Suggestions please?
  31. z3r0_co0L

    [SOLVED] Logitech G300s Keeps disconnecting while using and shows Code 10 Error.

    I've Logitech G300s gaming mice, few days ago i started facing some issue with it. The issue is that- it keeps disconnecting from system while moving or lifting a little bit. when i checked for the error it says "Code 10 Error". I tried re-installing drivers but it didn't worked. Once i faced...
  32. T

    Question Need help buying budget keyboard and mouse combo for gift

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find an entry-level keyboard/mouse package as a gift for a nephew. I've only really dealt with higher end stuff, and I don't want to get him something expensive for his first setup. I've been looking at some packages and combinations, I'd like to keep it under $100 USD...
  33. B

    Question Can someone help me find a small gaming mouse?

    I have pretty small hands and I would like a new gaming mouse. My current one is wireless and 3.75 inches long. It is the perfect size for me but it is very old and has a tendency to die unexpectedly :( I am struggling to find a gaming mouse at or under 4 inches long. Does anyone know of any...
  34. C

    Question What mouse to buy for fps gaming?

    I am looking for a new fps mouse but I don't really know what mouse to buy. Hand size: Medium size Grip: Palm/Claw
  35. C

    Question Deathadder Elite or G502 Hero/Spectrum

    I don't know what mouse to buy for fps games it is because Deathadder Elite only has 6 buttons, but G502 is heavy
  36. K

    Question Is building a completely custom mouse possible?

    Hey guys, I've recently become interested in a "pen mouse" which looked interesting to try out. But that's far from a "gaming" mouse so I was looking into building custom mice (not a pen mouse right from the start). I found a good Pixart sensor for 13$ on Aliexpress but I have no idea if all...
  37. UmairRiamu

    [SOLVED] Mouse having Issues

    I have a Bloody A9A which worked the best for me but recently it is causing some issues. Whenever I try to connect it to any Laptop or PC the windows gives the USB POWER SURGE error basically telling me that my mouse needs more than the USB port can supply. I searched online and found out that I...
  38. S

    [SOLVED] Can't download gaming mouse software.

    I just got a new Redragon cobra m711-fps gaming mouse and I wanted to set up some of the programmable keys, so I went on the Redragon software download page and tried to download the software for my mouse, however, every time that I attempt to download it...

    Question G302 WORTH it?

    I'm currently using g305 but the shape seems like doesn't suit the way i grab the mouse and i found out that g302's diamond shape is for claw grip which is the way how i grab . So , is it worth it to change from g305 which has a greater sensor to a mouse where the sensor isnt that superior than...
  40. K

    Question Razer Mamba 2012 has button issues

    So today I brought my laptop out of hibernation, like usual. Yesterday my mouse was working fine. Today the buttons on my Razer Mamba 2012 are behaving oddly. The right mouse button acts like the left mouse button, clicking the scroll wheel acts like the right mouse button, and the left mouse...