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  1. Aman00700

    [SOLVED] Can anybody provide me with stock BIOS for MSI RTX 3080 Gaming Z trio LHR ?

    Hello eyeryone, I want stock BIOS for my MSI 3080 Gaming Z trio LHR. I changed my BIOS but I forgot to make a backup of stock bios. Help me guys, your help will be appreciated.
  2. K

    Question Does anyone have 3080 SUPRIM X LHR BIOS ?

    Hi! Looking for the BIOS from 3080 SUPRIM X LHR to flash on my Gaming Z Trio. Is anyone able to help or happens to have the card and shares a copy? I'm trying to fix the power limit and many fluctuations I face in mining. Tried the FTW3 BIOS but that makes the card draw way too much power. So...