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    Question Need help with choosing 144hz 2k gaming monitor for RTX 2080 upgrading from TV monitor

    Hi , I am upgrading my PC and the only remaining part is the monitor , I have RTX 2080 and I am looking for 144hz 1440p monitor the available options are : -LG 32GK650G-B (JOD 337): it is one of the cheapest/size but it is 5ms , do I will notice a difference compared to 1ms ? -MSI Optix...
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    Question What is the difference between Asus VG245HE, Asus VG245H and Asus VG245Q

    I want to buy a gaming monitor and i found that these monitors are good. When i checked the features, the only difference was the fact that Asus VG245Q also had a display port. Is there any difference expect this one that i should keep in mind and which is the best of them?
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    HDD problem ?

    I have a desktop with have this components : Cpu- amd a8 6600k gpu- asus radeon r7 250x 1gb ddr5 Ram- corsair 4gb 1600mhz psu-corsair vs550 HDD- seagate st3320310cs Sometimes he gets really slow surfing on internet when I was installing something or copying files , so I belive the problem is the...