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  1. K

    New build, need video card install help

    Hey guys, My first build... I plugged it in only to find I have no video. HDD spinning, all fans on (including heatsink), everything seems to be fine... So I concluded it must be an issue with the auxilary cables to the video card. Unfortunately, my manual is not specific for the model (it is...
  2. deusex

    So WHAT'S going on currently?

    Hey Guys, I haven't posted on here for ages, and finally come summer, I have an opportunity to build a new rig (gaming/programming/music/movies/composing)...Last time I checked in January, the i7 920 was a killer CPU at $280. I was set on getting that with an X58 Gigabyte or Asus board, along...
  3. F

    I need help

    I wanna buy new desktop but i'm not sure about the spec. so, can you guys tell me? my friend suggest me this: 1. Graphic card : Gforce 9800 GX2 2. Sound card : PCi express X-FI X-Treme Audio sound blaster from creative. 3. Intel core 2 quad Q9650 4. RAM = 4G 5. Memory 500 GB/ 1 TB speed 7200. 6...
  4. G

    How do you connect 3 computers to a router connected to the modem?

    I do not want wireless. I want to connect a router to my modem and then connect 3 computers in my household to the router. How do I do this?
  5. D

    Random blocks occasionally appearing with HD 7870.

    I am currently having an issue with my graphics card where black blocks occasionally display when I am loading a browser page - though only occasionally. White blocks appear every time I open a File tab in Notepad++ while the application is fullscreened, which disappear after the menu turned...
  6. D

    PSU - Time to upgrade? Recent mods made

    Hopefully ya'll can help point me in the right direction. First off, here is my problem. When playing games, my computer will randomly shut down completely. Sitting idle all day and the computer does not shut down, only when I seem to excersize it. I had not problems before my upgrade but I...
  7. P

    good non-gaming vid card - max $60

    I'm am building my first computer and need a little help. Right now I am planning on a AMD Athlon x2 6000, 2 GB memory (dual channel), 200GB hard. I don't have a clue what video card would be good for this. I generally do internet, word processing, photos and maybe transfer home movies to...
  8. X

    Sonys laptop gforce Go 7600gt better than 7900gt??

    Okay my friend has been bragging that his new sony laptop will demolish my computer in terms of gaming. Is a geforce go 7600gt better than my 7900gt? can you explain or give links so that i can prove him wrong?
  9. H

    WTS or Trade 2 560 ti sc for $450-$500 or 1 for 250 via ebay or 5803gb

    i am selling these cards pm me if you are interested for trade will also sell one card for 250 BRAND NEW STILL IN BOX, 13375017947 is my phone number text me or pm me on ebay WILL ALSO TRADE ONE 560TI SUPERCLOCKED UNBOXED AND IPHONE 3GS 16 GB UNBOXED FOR...
  10. S

    Which Graphics Cards can be flashed ?

    Can anyone give me a quick list of the top of their head of which cheaper graphics cards can have their cards flashed to a better model ? I.E. ; 6200 (non TC) can be flashed to 6600 6800LE can be flashed to 6800GT X800GTO ^ 2 can be flashed to X850XT etc. Reason is im looking for a fairly...
  11. B

    Problem with New Build

    So I got all the parts for my new PC the other day. It's my first time building one. e2160, zotac 8800gt, p35 ds3l, corsair 450vx, seagate 250g sata hd, xms2 2gb ram, centurion 5 case. I put everything together, hooked it all up to the psu, switched the psu to the on position, hit the front...
  12. pengwin

    CPU cooler

    Zalman 7000b-Cu LED vs Scythe Katana Cu which is betteR? also i kno this is in the wrong section but the colers and heatsink section takes like 10 days to get 1 reply. and i need a reply fast since i will be ordering tomorow
  13. F

    Multi-Monitor Setup For Surround Gaming

    Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia (More info?) I am thinking of building a new machine for high end gaming using perhaps an Asus P5ND2-SLI motherboard and dual Asus EN6800GT video cards. This will supply 4 DVI adapters and should support as many as 4 LCD displays...
  14. mattcat

    FOR SALE: Custom PC GTX 560 TI - Intel i5 - 2500k

    I am selling my just over a year old gaming computer it works like new and has been kept in great condition while I have had it. I am selling because I don't use it like I used to because i don't have enough time to anymore. I am asking for $800 but that is negotiable - Extras - Original...
  15. B

    Frames per second

    Hi all my name is Wayne and I live in Australia, my system is as follows,AMD Athlon 2100 XP Palimino.256 mgb of Kingmax DDR 333.Asusa7v333 M/Bord with a via Kt266 chipset,40 gb Maxtor Viper H/Drive.GE-force 4 MX 440 with the latest nvidia driver version 40.72, operating system Windows Xp Pro. My...
  16. C


    I am looking for a cheap am2 board ddr2. I have Paypal
  17. G

    just a test

    Archived from groups: (More info?) test cl.
  18. A

    How to Fry a 1.4GHz Athlon in 4 seconds

    LOL! in 4 secs money down the drain, buy more AMD cpus because their stock is in the crapper! RMA's must be killing AMD, LOL! Roflmao! LOL, there's gotta be more stories like this out there. <A HREF="" target="_new">only morons find value in...
  19. G

    cannot go 3D

    Just installed nvidia TNT2 Ultra 32mb. My computer hangs whenever it goes into 3D mode. I tried reinstalling all versions of the video drivers and upgraded to DirectX 8.0 too. But still no fix found. I am going crazy so hopefully someone can help me out System : PIII 450 128mb SDRAM
  20. inanition02

    The $200 tablets cometh..

    Viewsonic gets in the game with a $200 7" - runs 2.3, but i might be in for the heck of it...anyone else?