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  1. S

    I want to buy laptop and which is better for gaming?

    Hello people im bad at english so ill write shortly. I want to buy Laptop and they arent cheap in my country so i have 4 variants which i have money to buy. So can you please help me to decide which one is best for gaming. Packard Bell ENTV11 AMD Fusion A6-4400M Quad-Core (1M cache, 3.2 GHz)...
  2. D

    Want to download creata card on windows 7

    Hello, I wish to install creatacard 3 on windows 7
  3. P

    Sapphire Radeon 9600XT retail for sale

    I am selling my 3 month old sapphire radeon 9600XT retail. It has 128 MB ram and other details can be found on ATI's website. It is still under warranty, is in a perfect condition - no overclocking, tweaking, modding was done. Asking for $140 or o.b.o.+shipping + Tax if in WI Will include...
  4. S

    New laptop doesn't seem that great

    Hello, I just purchased a Dell Latitude with: AMD A8 3500M quad core processor with dual graphics the separate card is a 1GB Radeon 6450 8GB of Ram 750GB harddrive Cranked up cataclysm and still experienced jerkiness in the populated areas while my video was only on good rating. if i put it...
  5. M

    Ghosts in the Dell Laptop

    Hello, I have a Dell Studio 1735 Laptop. It is Constantly Making Noises all on it's own and sometimes it gets maddening. With the fingerprint recognition software. It begins to act as though a ghost is sitting next to me swiping his/her finger across the reader continuously....Each pop in the...
  6. M

    Dell E1705 Display artifacts then total meltdown even in bios

    Hello, I am a long time reader of this website, first time poster. I have never had a problem I couldnt fix myself with PC's, but this laptop is a little different story. I have a problem with my Dell E1705 laptop. I havnt had any problems with this laptop until last night. I was in the...
  7. B

    670 GTX SLI or 690 GTX AX 850 PSU enough? Add Smaller Supplement PSU?

    Hi I've been getting error messsages when I added a MSI 670 PE to my rig and wondering if that's because of my PSU. Question: 1. After looking at my rig below, do I need to uprade to 1000+W if I run 2 X 670. 2. How about if I have one 690 would my PSU be enough? 3. I've seen on Newegg that...
  8. G

    Tritton ax pro

    Hey..I was wondering if any of you guys could help me please.. I have bought a tritton ax pro from the usa, an need to know if it's 240v compitable with uk plugs? thanks for your time
  9. lijith321

    15 760 vs 13 3225

    guys plz help... choose me a processor... intel i5 -760 1st generation or i3-3225 ivy bridge for gaming??????
  10. G

    Alienware m15x vs hp envy 14 beats edition

    I want to get a gaming laptop with core i7 and a hard drive with 750 gb or 1 terabyte and 1 gb ati 5650 or 5850 and 6 gb ddr3 ram and a high battery with long hours and a good display with hd from 1500 $ :heink: to 2000 $
  11. M

    Solid State with Intel T9600 or 500GB at 7200 rpm HD with Core i7-720QM

    Hello, I need some help. I'm debating over the xps studio 16 with a SSD, T9600 processor, ati mobility 565v, and a xps studio 16 with a 500GB at 7200rpm HD, a core i7-720QM processor, ati mobility 5730. Which would you want or suggest? Main uses would be for gaming and multimedia in addition to...
  12. D

    Acer aspire x5400 new case?

    hey ive got an acer x5400 im not sure what my motherboard is does any one know? Think it might be miro atx, i want to get a new case maybee this one?
  13. E

    Serious laptop problem!!! Wont turn on!!!

    Ok, so i was installing combat arms on my Latitude D620, and left my computer while installing it. When i came back, the screen said something about a "System hault" and it looked like a blue screen of death, but with vertical black and blue stripes. So i turned the computer off using the power...
  14. S

    Time synchronization

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsnt.misc (More info?) Is there a way to setup NT Server so that when the workstations logon their time is set the same as the server's, if so how do you configure it.
  15. G

    can't format, partition old hard drive

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsnt.misc (More info?) I finally got one computer to work ok, but now I'm running into a similar problem with the 2nd one, and thought I had it figured out. I can't use the NT setup disks because the computer seemingly will not boot from the setup...
  16. C

    Next Upgrade?

    Hi all, my specs are listed below. I just upgraded to a 4GB EVGA GTX680 and found about a 20% improvement over my HD6870CF setup. My 3dDMARK11 score was 9053 which seems a bit low compared to others I've seen. -My question is, is it worthwhile to upgrade my board and processor? I might be able...
  17. E

    Case with cpu or without?

    hi guys. looking to build a new pc, quite like the look of this case I was going to pair it up with this...
  18. B

    Will Seasonic PSU fit HP Slimline s5227c?

    From the symptoms I see on my computer, very likely its PSU has burnt. (sudden freeze while running; sudden power off while running; not powering on at all). This is an HP Pavilion Slimline s5227c model. 2 years old. After serching internet I decided to go with Seasonic PSUs because of their...
  19. W

    General College Laptop Help

    Hey, I'll be going to college in a month and it's time to pick a laptop! I'm not a newb when it comes to computers, but I'm not exactly an expert either. I'll need a laptop that can allow me to run multiple programs at once smoothly, get all my college work done, run High Quality movies from...
  20. G

    Partition size?

    Hi all, Just a quick question, how much space should I allocate for a w2k pro partition with all service packs/updates etc? Thanx again.. <font color=orange>Beam</font color=orange><font color=red> me</font color=red><font color=green> up</font color=green><font color=blue> Scotty</font...