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  1. N

    Question Pc laging/stuttering when in game

    I just built this gaming pc last august.... and now when ever im gaming i get lag or stutter?sluggishness even if i alt tab out of the game the mouse is moving slugishly on the screen ( not choppy movement just really slow) im not over heating and my cpu shows it pinned at 100% and it shouldnt...
  2. A

    Question Is adding 4GB RAM worth on my i5-8250 notebook?

    Hi all! New here. I have HP Pavillion Gamming Laptop, I want to add 4GB RAM, to improve gamming performance .I bought it not long ago, I aimed to get something to run mainly Mortal Kombat X and Far Cry Primal, that’s what I got in mind when buying it, with the budged I had at that moment. It...
  3. H

    What Graphics Card Should I Buy?

    I’m looking for a graphics card that can run games at 1080p and ultra-medium settings with a solid framerate. I’m not interested in overclocking whatsoever. I just want a solid card under $400 with decent temps. If anyone could please get back to me with card names, I would truly appreciate it.
  4. B

    Is the 1070 compatible with my motherboard?

    Ignore this thread please it was an accident☹️☹️☹️ Ignore this thread please it was an accident☹️☹️☹️ Ignore this thread please it was an accident☹️☹️☹️ Ignore this thread please it was an accident☹️☹️☹️ Ignore this thread please it was an accident☹️☹️☹️ Ignore this thread please it was an...
  5. P

    Should i upgrade to a GTX 970 with this gaming pc? Currently have a gt 640 4GB

    So i've been thinking about upgrading my PC and buying something along the lines of a GTX 970 and a new PSU, since my current one doesn't own a 6 pin. I'd like to hear what would suite my budget. I'm not a 100% sure that my motherboard supports the needs but i'd like to know if it does. This...
  6. O

    graphics card recommendation for large tower dell optiplex 755.

    I need a recommendation for a new graphics card to go with my Dell OptiPlex 755. It has an Intel q9550 quad core 2.83ghz with a 12m cache and 4gb of ram. I did a fresh install of windows 7 home premium and it works very well. But, I need a graphics card to replace the integrated q35 express...
  7. K

    Asus GTX 980 STRIX OC edition coil whining

    hey guys ,i've built a new gamin rig ,but i'm experiencing some coil whining coming from my gpu because i've tested gmaing without the gpu on the same situations(same games) and there was no coin whining on the cpu , i have these specs : CPU I7 4790k GPU : Asus GTX 980 OC STRIX EDITION MB ...
  8. G

    Mobo swap with the exact same model.. Do I need to re-install windows?

    My asus motherboard sound stopped working and ncix is going good on the motherboard. Do I need to re-install windows when replacing the motherboard with the exact same one?
  9. SethJPC

    24 pin atx connector pin removal (sleeving)

    Hello, I've been sleeving my cables with Paracord and have come to a stop because the 24 pin MOBO connector pins simply refuse to come out. I've successfully sleeved my CPU, GPU and SATA power cables with no problem so I think my technique is correct. I don't want to pull the wires too hard for...
  10. F

    Best Exhaust/Intake Fans

    Hello guys,,i'm currently using a Corsair C70 case for my main rig.Unfortunately,the stock fan mounted on the rear seems to have stop spinning,in other words,it's broken.I guess it maybe due to a lot of power jumps that recurringly happen at my home.So could u guys give me the best alternative...
  11. H

    Second monitor settings have changed

    I use a second monitor everyday with my work laptop and have enjoyed the higher quality resolution on my second monitor with no trouble. For some reason, the settings have changed this morning and I can't get them reset. My second monitor stil works but the resolution is much poorer quality that...
  12. N

    Which upgrade path for 1080p 30 gaming? CPU or GPU first?

    I built an HTPC for my living room a couple of years ago using an AMD A8-3850 on a Gigabyte GA-A75M-UD2H motherboard. Since then I have started playing more games, mostly Dark Souls at the moment, but I have Skyrim yet to play and Dark Souls 2 in future. I have upgraded with a Sapphire...
  13. P

    How-To: Create multiple partitions on HD-PZU3 MiniStation

    I have a new Buffalo HD-PZU3 MiniStation and I would like to use it to back up several laptops. I can format the drive but I don't see where I can partition it (one segregated partition for each laptop). Do I need to use an external product (e.g. Partition Magic) to do this or is there a...