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  1. E

    Question Help!! gpu issues

    Hi everyone, thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out with this issue! I'm sure ill get a lot of comments saying that my hardware its old and outdated... blah blah blah but please try to understand that its not about the hardware, but a fulfillment of my childhood.. haha THIS IS...
  2. C

    Question Bridging DSL phone Connection

    Scenario: DSL router mounted outside in a climate conditioned box. DSL phone connection is outside. Landline phone inside the house but do not want to run wires from outside to inside but rather create a wireless connection between the phone line outside and the land line phone inside. (NOT IP...
  3. H

    [SOLVED] Getting BSOD all the time after changing hardware

    Hello, I'm getting blue screens all over the place after I changed my motherboard, my gpu and put another ddr4 ram to enable dual channel. First, I swapped my motherboard and gpu, changed the drivers and tried, i was getting multiple bluescreens , so I thought the problem was some conflict with...
  4. H

    Question I have built my first PC and was hoping someone could have a look at the parts to let me know whether I have optimized

    Here's the link of my build: If you could let me know whether I've over-done it or some parts would be better compatible with other, I'd be really grateful. Thanks.
  5. Kingz57

    Question Pc lagging

    I bought a pre built pc and I’ve have to replace the psu to a rx-500 rx and replaced my rx580 t a 1060 because my rx580 got messed up somehow and so I recently bought the 1060 thinking everything was going to work correctly and it did for a little bit then everything started to be slow even out...
  6. Myronazz

    Question Need a way to allow certain devices to access the Internet at certain timeframes of the day

    Heyo! I've been looking into restricting certain devices in the network from accessing the Internet at a certain timeframe of the day, like a schedule! I've thought about getting a new AP and connecting those devices there, and using some kind of scheduling feature turn it off and on...
  7. losisco

    Build Advice My First Rebuild - Compaq Presario CQ5814

    Good Day, all! Longtime lurker, first-time poster. I've recently been gifted a Compaq Presario CQ5814 that has seen better days. I'm looking to improve it as best I can, but I'm afraid all I may have to work with is the case (maybe). Has anyone used a CQ5000 series as their starting point? Any...
  8. danc91

    Question hi guys how can I improve this? help

    UserBenchmarks: Game 26%, Desk 39%, Work 26% CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 860K - 50.9% GPU: AMD R7 360 - 24.9% HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 1TB - 94.3% RAM: Kingston 99U5584-005.A00LF 2x4GB - 37.1% MBD: MSI A68HM-P33 V2 (MS-7895)
  9. G

    [SOLVED] Is this Motherboard compatible?

    Good day! Is the MSI motherboard model MS-S0891 compatible with 1 Intel Xeon E5-2670?
  10. geilo109

    Question Where to connect aio connectors on my board

    Hey, Where do i need to connect my aio connections on my MSI Z170a Xpower Gaming titanium?
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Eclipse for win 10 64 bit.

    I have windows 10 64 bit, and I have properly installed the 64 bit version of Java. My problem is that whenever I install the 64 bit version of eclipse, I get the 32 bit version. Does anyone have a link to a 64 bit eclipse download, or a different solution to my problem? Thank you
  12. M

    Question MSI B450 Extreme System (not CPU) Temps - New Build

    Hi Just putting together a new p.c. Assembled without issue and powered up but when I entered the BIOS settings (prior to installing windows) I noticed that the SYSTEM temp reading was rocketing to 85c plus (and shutting down as a consequence) To be clear the CPU temp was fine (sat at 24c/25c)...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3 1200 or 2200g?

    I want to upgrade to Ryzen but I'm not sure if I should buy the Ryzen 1200 or the Ryzen 2200g (I currently have an fx 6300), I already have the graphics card, It's a "msi gtx 1050 aero itx 2g oc" whatever. Budget, about $380. I'll be bulding this new pc in June ideally (It'll be my first pc...
  14. M

    Question How to test Display inputs in monitor

    Is there a program for testing monitors ports using a PC? I need some way to save "results" showing that a monitor ports have been tested and worked
  15. V

    Question solved

    turns out i need to find a gpu that is supported by the G5 build to connect to as monitor
  16. J

    Upgrading GPU Help

    I Have a 1050 TI and it does good with my 1080p monitor for gaming and everyday work. I just got a lg 32ud59-b and its 4k 2160p at 60hz. Would a RTX 2070 be worth it to upgrade or will it lag like my 1050 ti? Current PC MSI H110 Gaming I5 6500 8 GB DDR4 ram 1050ti 1tb samsung evo ssd 750...
  17. C

    Gtx1070 vs. Rtx2070 1440P 144hz freesync monitor

    Looking to upgrade to the RTX 2070 but i need to see if it is worth the money. i have looked up you tube videos of comparisons and i cant justify spending the extra cash for 15-20 fps improvements am i wrong would like to have opinions about actual owners.
  18. C

    Help building a PC

    My brother is looking for a computer just for daily use, he doesn't game at all. He does a lot of fantasy sports and wants to build algorithm lineups really fast, but his cpu is slow for doing that. He also would like a lot of storage as well. Only thing else he needs is excel. Can someone help...
  19. K

    In-game performance issues whilst streaming. But stream looks perfectly fine?

    I'm trying to stream Sea Of Thieves at 720p 60FPS using SLOBS. I stream using 4000 bitrate, and the stream looks great on twitch, it runs smooth as it should. However, in game (on my screen) it has screen tear and feels laggy. It's borderline unplayable - yet the stream looks perfectly fine. I...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] Should I trust and buy this i3?

    they said its not powering up for their mobo “we're not able to power the processor up while testing it, photos show actual condition, most have bad cosmetic condition, oxidized surface, may lost capacitors. sell for parts or not working. Sorry no return on this item.” picture...